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Industries Point To EPA Permitting Dispute To Argue For Changes In Clean Air Requirements


The electric utility and oil refining industries are pointing to an EPA crackdown last year on proposed modifications to a Midwest power plant to support their claims that the agency's clean air permit program prevents existing facilities from expanding energy production to meet current demand.

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House Democrats Launch Preemptive Strike On National Energy Strategy

House Democrats have launched a counter-offensive against the Bush administration's upcoming energy policy report by releasing a set of "principles" they intend to uphold as the debate continues.

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Hydropower Lobbyists See Building Momentum To Reduce EPA Authority Over Dams


Hydroelectric lobbyists are optimistic that legislation will pass this year that would substantially reduce the authority of EPA and other federal agencies to impose environmental conditions on dam operations. The legislation is part of a broader effort to streamline the relicensing of hydroelectric dams by granting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) sole oversight of the process, which is expected to be endorsed by the Bush administration's upcoming energy strategy.

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Administration Launches Talks With Auto Makers To Ease Fuel Efficiency Goals Of Joint Research Project


The Bush administration plans to enter formal negotiations with the auto industry on easing the goals of a Clinton-created program for developing super fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Boost In Nuclear Power May Increase U.S. Reliance On Foreign Uranium Supplies


Nuclear power industry and labor officials are raising concerns that efforts by the Bush administration and Congress to boost nuclear energy may run up against President Bush's stated goal of increasing U.S. independence from foreign energy supplies.

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Democrats Argue Bush Energy Plan Ignores Consumers

Senate Democrats are attempting to frame the debate over the Bush administration's anticipated energy strategy by arguing that it will fail to address the immediate needs of ordinary Americans. The Democrats claim the strategy will ignore two critical issues that are at the heart of the nation's energy crisis: wholesale electricity prices in California and gasoline prices throughout the country.

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Refiners Draft Legislative Plan For Overhauling EPA Reformulated Gasoline Requirements


Oil refiners have drafted a legislative plan for stripping out of the Clean Air Act a federal mandate that cleaner-burning gasoline must contain two percent oxygenate. The plan was developed in response to a request by the Senate energy committee chairman, who is looking into possible fuel supply shortages caused by the requirement.

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Bill Touts Fusion As Non-Waste Alternative To Traditional Nuclear Power

A member of Congress from California is pushing commercial development of nuclear fusion technology to address the nation's energy crisis. The lawmaker claims that the promising technology offers a source of nuclear power that does not produce radioactive waste.

Efforts to boost nuclear power have come to the forefront of the energy debate, with the nuclear industry and Vice President Cheney touting construction of nuclear power plants as a zero-emission source of energy.

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Environmentalists Threaten Legal Challenge To Bush Energy Task Force

Environmentalists are threatening legal action against the Bush administration's energy task force, arguing that the group's closed-door meetings undermine public confidence in the task force's efforts. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is seeking documentation from the group on its meetings with parties both inside and outside the administration in developing a national energy strategy.

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