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Bush Energy Strategy To Promote Multi-Pollutant Bill Minus CO2

The Bush energy task force will recommend legislation on controlling multiple air pollutants from combustion, while excluding carbon dioxide emissions, according to congressional staff briefed by the White House. The proposal is likely to narrow the scope of debate in Congress, which has been working since last year on a plan to control releases of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and possibly CO2 from power plants.

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Democrats Accuse White House Energy Group Of Industry Favoritism


House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt is asking Vice President Cheney to meet with Democrats from western states that have been hit hardest by rising energy prices before the White House releases its strategy for dealing with the nation's energy crunch. The request, if it goes unanswered, may foreshadow Democratic plans to portray the upcoming strategy as a package of special interest giveaways that benefit industry, without fully taking into account the energy needs of local residents.

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House Panel Approves California Energy Bill, Puts Off Environment Debate


The House Energy & Air Quality Subcommittee approved a bill to address California's power crisis, but put off debate on several contentious environmental provisions which are likely to return when the bill is taken up by the full Energy & Commerce Committee.

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Environmentalists Claim Public Opposition To Bush Energy Proposals

Environmentalists have compiled polling data that show public opposition to a number of key energy initiatives expected to be part of an energy strategy being developed by the Bush White House. In a memo released by the Sierra Club, the Mellman Group found strong voter opposition to relaxing clean air standards, drilling in vulnerable wilderness areas and building more coal-fired power plants.

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White House Initiates Multi-Agency Review Of Clean Air Enforcement

The Bush administration's upcoming energy policy will likely ask several key government agencies to begin a comprehensive review of EPA's clean air enforcement program that will examine both the effect of ongoing litigation against utilities and refiners on energy supply. Some industry observers are suggesting that the anticipated report shows that EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman may have succeeded in forestalling an immediate reversal of EPA's new source review enforcement policy. But other sources suggest the energy plan will kick off a new round of debate on the program.

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Barton Pares Back Clean Air Act Waivers In California Energy Bill

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) has dropped from his bill on the California energy crisis a provision that would have allowed the state governor to waive air pollution requirements on new power plants, though Barton has added to the bill new environmental waivers for natural gas generators.

Barton has also stripped from the bill a section that would have reduced the environmental restrictions on hydropower generation at federal dams in the Northwest.

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Bush Expected To Reject 'Lifestyle' Changes To Conserve Energy

The upcoming White House blueprint for a national energy strategy will include incentives for conservation, but President Bush does not intend to ask Americans to change their lifestyle to reduce energy consumption, White House press Secretary Ari Fleischer said May 7.

Asked by a reporter whether Bush believes "we need to correct our lifestyles to address the energy problem," Fleischer said, "That's a big 'No,'" and added, " We have a bounty of resources in this country. What we need to do is make certain that we're able to get those resources in an efficient way."

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DOE Report Says EPA Diesel Sulfur Rule Will Cause Fuel Shortages

Department of Energy report claims that implementation of EPA's "ultra-low diesel fuel standard" will result in short-term fuel shortages. "Only more aggressive investment scenarios or lower demand scenarios show adequate supply to meet estimated demand," according to the study. The report was compiled a the request of the House Science Committee after the Clinton administration issued the controversial standard during its final weeks in office. The standard is intended to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions.

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Military To Reduce Peak Energy Use To Free Up Power In California

The Defense Department last week outlined a three-pronged initiative to reduce energy use at its facilities in California, as part of the Bush administration's plan to alleviate electricity shortages in the West. The effort focuses on energy conservation, with additional attention on power generation and investments in efficiency.

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Cheney Group To Seek Reexamination Of EPA Clean Air Enforcement Policy, Further Study On Tightening CAFE Standard

FE Standard

Vice President Cheney said the White House has asked EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman to review the agency's enforcement policy under the "new source review" provisions of the Clean Air Act, which the electric utility and oil refining industries allege are preventing construction of new facilities and stifling an expansion of energy production capabilities.

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