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Bingaman Energy Bill Would Institute Clinton Efficiency Standard

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) has proposed to force the Department of Energy (DOE) to institute a Clinton administration efficiency standard for air conditioners, as part of a wide-ranging bill intended as a counterpart to energy policy legislation approved last month by the Republican-controlled House. The provision could be viewed as a challenge to the Bush administration, which has scaled backed the efficiency rule issued during the final days of the Clinton presidency.

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White House Defies GAO, Risks Court Battle Over Energy Task Force

Vice President Cheney has left congressional investigators no choice but to go to court to obtain internal records about how the administration developed its national energy strategy. But a decision about whether to take the unprecedented step of filing a lawsuit will in part depend on the advice of two senior Democratic members of the House to the General Accounting Office (GAO), which is investigating the White House's energy task force.

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Alaskan Drilling Poses Major Challenge For Senate Energy Chairman

Senate energy committee chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) faces the awkward prospect of having his committee approve legislation that would allow drilling in the Alaska wildlife, which has already attracted filibuster threats from prominent members of his own party.

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Europeans Avoid MTBE Tangle While Looking At Ways To Boost Ethanol Use


Efforts by a European Union (EU) committee to promote the use renewable fuels for transportation have avoided the political pitfalls of a similar debate in the U.S. because the European move is not clouded by concerns about groundwater contamination from underground tanks.

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EPA Pressed To Offer Emission Reduction Credits Under Energy Star

Industry officials are pressing EPA to quantify pollution reduction credits for products and facilities that qualify for the agency's Energy Star program, arguing that the move would increase participation in the highly touted energy-efficiency program, which is a stated goal of the Bush administration's national energy strategy.

Some industry officials say they would like to use the credits in meeting federal smog-reduction requirement laid out in state implementation plans (SIP).

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New California Power Authority Faces Showdown With Federal Regulators


A new California energy commission which has identified the promotion of renewable and clean-energy sources as top priorities is planning to defy efforts by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to exercise broad jurisdiction over the power authority, setting up a clear confrontation between federal regulators and the Consumer Power & Conservation Financing Authority (CPCFA), sources say.

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U.S. Ethanol Producers Eye Fuels Market In China

Two major U.S. ethanol producers are discussing possible partnerships with fuel makers in China, which has started to produce the gasoline additive and is becoming increasingly interested in its use as a means of reducing the country's air-pollution problems before the 2008 Olympic games are held in Beijing.

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California Officials To Visit Midwest To Assess Adequacy Of Ethanol Supplies


A delegation of top officials from California's environment and energy agencies are planning within the next two weeks to visit several ethanol-producing states in the Midwest to assess the industry's ability to meet the state's growing demand for the fuel additive.

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