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Top Democrats Launch Investigation Of Bush Energy Task Force

Two top House Democrats have launched a federal investigation of the White House Energy Task Force, suggesting that by meeting in private the group may be violating the federal law governing advisory committees.

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U.S. Pushes International Community To Abandon Kyoto Treaty, Plot New Course


NEW YORK -- An international State Department communiqué indicates that the Bush administration is trying to head off international talks on the Kyoto Protocol this summer and instead convince other nations to pursue a voluntary, market-based approach to global warming.

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Members of Congress Seek Boost in DOE 'Clean Cities' Budget

Two members of Congress are trying to generate support on Capitol Hill for a substantial increasing funding for the Department of Energy Clean Cities program, which is facing a 35% cut in President Bush's first budget.

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California Energy Officials May Consider First-Ever Power Export Ban


California energy officials may consider next week approval of a license for two reactivated power plant units in Huntington Beach that prohibits the power company from selling the electricity outside of California. The California Energy Commission (CEC) committee decided last week to amend an emergency certification for the 450-megawatt project to ensure that the new electricity stays in the state to ease the power crisis. Sources said the special restriction is unprecedented for a merchant power plant in the state.

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Debate at BP Raises New Questions About Protest Rights of U.S. Investors


A decision by British oil giant BP to head off a shareholder resolution proposed by environmentalists on oil exploration in the Arctic is raising new questions about the ability of U.S. advocacy organizations to use such resolutions -- already a familiar tactic on the domestic front -- to protest policies of international companies.

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Lawmakers Seek to Reverse Bush Cut in DOE Cleanup Funding

A bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers is pressing to significantly increase the Department of Energy's (DOE) fiscal year 2002 cleanup budget in the wake of the Bush administration's proposal to cut the department's environmental management (EM) program by $354 million. The lawmakers and state officials are warning that the cuts will prompt lawsuits from states over the department's failure to meet legally binding cleanup requirements at DOE nuclear waste sites.

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Panel, Including Bush Confidants, Endorses Energy Conservation

A 51-member panel of industry, political, and academic energy experts -- including several close to the Bush administration -- has called on the White House to increase energy conservation measures including a renewed emphasis on efficiency, along with a call for better supply-side policies, most notably infrastructure improvements.

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Dingell Presses Bush Administration To Take Stance On California Energy Legislation


The senior Democrat on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, Rep. John Dingell (MI), is pressing the Bush administration to take a position on "emergency" legislation to address California's energy crisis before Congress moves on a bill that is likely to be formally introduced next week.

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Rep. Dingell Challenges EPA To Defend Use Of Air Act Waivers To Boost Energy Supplies


A senior Democrat in the House is challenging EPA to provide evidence that a GOP "emergency" energy bill that proposes short-term Clean Air Act waivers for power plants would actually help California generate more electricity this summer.

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Bush Energy Advisors Urge Streamlining Environmental Requirements

A panel of energy policy experts with connections to the Bush administration has issued a call for reexamining and possibly streamlining environmental regulations to minimize their impact on energy prices. The recommendations are laid out in a major report that offers a comprehensive national energy strategy.

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