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Environmentalists Seek Role In White House Group To Review Energy Projects


Environmentalists are planning to request a seat on a new White House task force on speeding up permit reviews for energy projects. But at the same time, industry officials oppose the move, arguing that broadening the group to include members of the public would interfere with the administration's internal decision-making process.

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DOE Avoids Standoff With South Carolina By Postponing Nuclear Waste Shipments


The governor of South Carolina has called off for now a showdown with the federal government over shipments of nuclear waste into the state.

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Labor Backing Of Senate Energy Bill Poses Major Challenge To Environmentalists


Environmentalists are facing a potentially bruising Senate loss at the hands of the nation's largest unions over the Bush administration's energy legislation, with the Teamsters, the United Auto Workers (UAW) and building trade unions backing arctic drilling and key fuel efficiency provisions in a Republican-backed plan that has been bitterly opposed by environmentalists and some Senate Democrats.

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EPA Considers Easing Air Act Burdens On Energy-Efficient Facilities

EPA is poised to take a series of steps to lessen the burden of its controversial clean air permitting requirements on cutting-edge energy producing operations at industrial facilities. The agency is expected to propose easing emission controls on industrial facilities that use "combined heat and power" (CHP) technology to produce electricity, and is poised to issue guidance indicating that energy-producing operations at industrial plants could be considered a separate source of air emissions that are governed by less stringent controls.

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DOE May Back Away From Regulations On Appliance Efficiency

The Department of Energy (DOE) is likely to emphasize voluntary approaches to improving the energy efficiency of appliances, rather than the mandatory standards suggested by the president's national energy strategy, according to a department source. The move may prompt outcry from environmentalists, but DOE sources say that setting new regulations could be impractical and put a heavy burden on the department.

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Newly Formed California Power Authority Stresses Environment, Renewables


Members of California's energy financing agency, which is intended to boost power production in the state, met for the first time on Aug. 24 and emphasized the need to ensure environmental protection and promote renewable fuels.

The five-member Consumer Power & Conservation Financing Authority -- authorized to dole out $5 billion to fund power projects over the next five years -- intends to boost state support for wind, solar and other renewable energy technology in its quest to build and sustain an expanded power reserve.

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Automakers Confident Bush Administration Will Ease Restrictions On Fuel-Efficiency Research Dollars


Auto industry officials say they are confident the Bush administration will overhaul a Clinton-era program intended to promote the development of fuel-efficient vehicles by allowing automakers to use federal assistance dollars on technological refinements to large, commercially successful vehicles, such as sport utility vehicles (SUVs). A key anticipated change will be abandoning the goal of creating an 80-miles-to-the-gallon car, which experts agree is not technologically feasibility for SUVs.

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Environment Concerns Fuel Freeze On Power Plant Construction

Citing air quality and water consumption concerns, Tennessee has joined Kentucky and Georgia in placing a hold on issuing any new environmental permits for "merchant" power plants. Environmental regulators in these states have become worried that the region will have to bear the burden of pollution caused by power plants that sell their electricity for use in faraway areas.

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Senators To Stress Transportation Concerns In Opposing Nuclear Waste Disposal Site


Senators opposed to the Department of Energy's (DOE) proposed construction of a national nuclear waste disposal facility in the state of Nevada are signaling a renewed focus in fighting the project by raising concerns about the shipment of radioactive wastes throughout the country to the facility.

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