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Growing Anti-Nuclear Sentiment In Europe Clashes With Bush Energy Priorities


Despite European Union policy advisors reaching the same conclusion as President Bush that nuclear power is an important component to achieving energy security, many European countries are moving away from nuclear energy in search of alternative power sources that do not pollute the air.

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EPA Expected To Ease Discharge Rules On Offshore Drilling Throughout Gulf Of Mexico


EPA has cleared for public notification a Region VI proposal to modify its water discharge requirements to allow offshore oil and gas drilling rigs to release untreated synthetic fluids along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. The proposal, which will ease waste disposal costs for industry, is also expected to be adopted by Region IV and applied throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

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GAO To Investigate Bush Energy Task Force Over White House Objections

Congressional investigators are asserting their authority to investigate the Bush administration's energy task force amid allegations about undue influence by industry.

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GOP Senators Threaten Hold On Patients Bill Pending Action On Bush Energy Strategy


In what could be the first battle of political wills in the reshuffled Senate, Republicans have vowed to block a leading legislative priority for Democrats, a patients' bill of rights, until the new majority leader sets a definitive date for bringing to the floor a comprehensive energy bill. Republican Senators are pushing key elements of President Bush's energy strategy, which emphasizes boosting energy supplies, while Democrats and environmentalists have stressed a broader approach that favors more energy conservation measures.

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New York Democrats Attempt To Recast State's Electricity Debate

The Democratic members of the New York Assembly have upped the stakes in a political battle with Republican Gov. George Pataki over the state's energy policies. The lawmakers have introduced a package of ten bills that includes tough conservation measures, as well as a major restructuring of the state's Public Service Commission, which regulates electric utilities.

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Consumer Advocates Refute Bush Claims About Nuclear Power

In a direct challenge to the Bush administration's energy strategy, consumer advocates argue that nuclear power is the most expensive source of energy, with states relying on nuclear generation paying 25 percent higher electricity rates than states that have no nuclear power plants.

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House Appropriators Pose Challenge To Bush Energy, Environment Priorities

The House Appropriations Committee is expected to approve spending legislation this week that deals a serious blow to President Bush's energy and environment agenda. The Republican-led panel is expected to reject the administration's attempt to prevent future lawsuits to protect endangered species and restore proposed cuts to conservation and energy efficiency funds.

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Scientists Argue For Public Role In Nuclear Waste Siting Decisions

Federal researchers have concluded that the delays and difficulties that the U.S. has experienced in disposing nuclear waste could be avoided if the public were allowed a greater role in policy decisions. But the researchers fall short of echoing calls by anti-nuclear activists that local residents be granted veto power over siting decisions.

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California Officials Blast Bush Plan For Federal Takeover Of Hydropower Oversight


California regulators are challenging a potential federal takeover of environmental protection oversight of hydroelectric facilities in the state, which is proposed in the Bush administration's energy strategy. State officials believe that a takeover by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) could worsen water quality in the state by speeding up environmental reviews and mitigation plans associated with hydropower licensing.

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