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DOE Urges Weakening EPA Water Intake Rule To Protect Drilling

The Department of Energy (DOE) is pressing EPA to roll back its controversial proposal for regulating cooling water intakes, charging that the plan contradicts key elements of the president's energy strategy for promoting offshore oil and gas drilling. DOE says EPA has underestimated the energy implications of the rule, and the department has developed its own modeling which challenges the agency's assessment process, an issue that is likely to reemerge in other upcoming regulations.

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GOP Drops Hold On Patients Bill Despite No Concessions On Energy Legislation


Senate Republicans have abandoned efforts to block a leading Democratic legislative priority, the patients' bill of rights, even though the new majority refused to offer concessions on passing comprehensive energy legislation. The energy bill is intended to enact key elements of President Bush's national strategy, which has been criticized by environmentalists and some Democrats for relying too heavily on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

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Congressional Democrats Mount Campaign To Block New Drilling On the Great Lakes


Key Democratic members of Congress from Michigan have initiated what amounts to a public relations campaign against the state's governor to pressure him to hold off on approving oil and gas drilling along Great Lakes. The Democrats have introduced legislation in both the House and Senate that sources concede is not likely to reach the president's desk, but is intended to raise a national debate on the water quality dangers of drilling in the Great Lakes.

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Congress Poised To Substantially Increase Renewable Energy Funding

Advocates of alternative energy sources are confident they have enough votes in the House to restore and even increase research funds proposed for cuts by President Bush. The advocates have criticized the president for targeting funding cuts on alternative energy sources that could improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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House 'Blue Dogs' Draft Energy Bill That Includes Alaska Drilling

Conservative Democrats in the House have drafted energy legislation that includes oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is key element of President Bush's energy strategy and staunchly opposed by environmentalists and other key Democratic lawmakers.

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GOP Makes Good On Threat To Block Patients Bill Until Democrats Concede On Energy Legislation


Leading Republicans have followed through on a threat to block a leading legislative priority of Senate Democrats, the patients' bill of rights, until the new majority agrees to set a date for action on a comprehensive energy bill based on President Bush's national strategy, which environmentalists and some Democrats have attacked as relying too heavily of fossil-fuel expansions and a revived nuclear industry.

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House Democrats Push Tougher Price Controls To Discourage Use Of Dirtier Power Plants


House Democrats are vowing to continue their push for electricity price caps in western states, saying that price controls imposed by federal regulators earlier this week encourages electricity wholesalers to use their dirtiest power plants the most.

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Lawsuit Over Efficiency Standards Signals Broad Attack On Bush Reg Review


State attorneys general and environmentalists have filed the first in a series of lawsuits aimed at challenging the Bush administration's efforts to delay and revise environmental rules originally approved under the Clinton administration. The groups charge in their suits that the White House unlawfully altered a rule that set energy efficiency standards for air conditioners that the Clinton administration had already finalized.

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House GOP Creates Task Force To Push Bush Energy Plan

The House Republican leadership has organized a 20-member "energy action team" to move legislative pieces of President Bush's energy strategy and to blunt Democratic efforts to defeat it. House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX), who is the administration's designated point man on energy legislation, organized the team, and sources say they hope to have most of the administration's energy proposals on the floor by July 16, and voted on by the August recess.

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House Republicans Block Energy Price Caps, Blame Environmental Extremism For California Crisis


Republican lawmakers defeated a Democratic attempt to impose price controls on California electricity rates, claiming that environmental extremism was in part to blame for skyrocketing energy costs in the West. The Democrats had attempted to attach a price cap amendment to a government-wide supplemental spending bill approved June 14 by the House Appropriations Committee.

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