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House Kills Plan To Inform Public About Nuclear Waste Shipments

The Republican-led House defeated a provision that would have required the federal government to publicly release the possible transportation routes of radioactive waste headed for a propose national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Opponents to construction of the site, which includes environmentalists and leading Democrats, have argued that public resistance to shipments of wastes through neighborhoods throughout the country would effectively kill the project.

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Outline Of House GOP Energy Bill Includes Hike In CAFE

House Republicans have drafted an outline of upcoming energy legislation that includes a proposal to increase fuel economy standards for vehicles. The suggestion indicates a growing consensus among lawmakers that after years of opposing any change to corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards, some modification to boost conservation appears inevitable.

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House Ban On Great Lakes Drilling Sparks Conflict With Michigan Governor

Michigan Gov. John Engler (R) and federal lawmakers appear headed for a showdown over a House-approved ban on oil and gas drilling along the Great Lakes, with one source involved in the dispute expecting that it will likely have to be resolved in court.

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House GOP Retaliates Against Vote Banning Florida Drilling

House GOP leaders have retaliated against the congressional delegation of Florida for its successful campaign to ban offshore oil and gas drilling along the state's coastline out of concern for environmental damage. Republican leaders succeeded in pushing through the House an appropriations bill that kills a natural gas pipeline project intended to provide power-generation fuel to the state and is generally supported by Florida's lawmakers.

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Emergency Measures Offered By California Lawmakers Raise Environmental Concerns


California lawmakers are considering "special session" legislation to address the state's energy crisis by in part lifting environmental rules on power generation and proposing millions of dollars in subsidies for alternative energy, such as solar and wind projects. Air regulators and environmentalists have already raised concerns about the proposals.

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NAS Study On Fuel Economy Falls Behind Legislative Schedule On Energy


The release of a highly-anticipated study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on the effectiveness of fuel economy standards for vehicles is expected to slip to at least the end of July, sources say. The timing of the report is critical to an ongoing congressional debate on energy legislation, which lawmakers are increasingly anxious to push through during the summer months when energy demand is at its height.

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Nuclear Industry Seeks Permanent Renewal Of Accident Liability Coverage

Seeing their best opportunity in decades, the nuclear power industry is pressing the Senate energy committee to offer permanent renewal of a federal law that provides liability coverage for power plant accidents.

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House GOP Seeks Auto Industry Concessions On Raising CAFE Standards

Clearly feeling the weight of public opinion, congressional Republicans are reportedly pressing the auto industry to accept raising the fuel economy standards of light trucks, which include sport utility vehicles, to close the gap in requirements between the popular selling trucks and smaller passenger vehicles.

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Auto Makers Seek Tax Incentives If CAFE Standards Are Increased

The auto industry wants the government to provide consumer tax credits if lawmakers make good on suggestions of a possible hike in fuel economy standards. While the industry adamantly opposes any adjustment to the standard, the call for purchase incentives indicates an acknowledgement of an increasing interest by lawmakers to hike the decades-old requirement to address the nation's energy needs.

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NRC Action Pleases Environmentalists In Dispute Over Fueling Nuclear Reactors


Environmentalists are pleased by a recent request by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for additional information from an energy consortium that has applied for a license to convert weapons-grade plutonium into a fuel for commercial nuclear reactors at what would be a first-of-its-kind facility in the United States.

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