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PEER Petitions EPA To Phase Out Refiners’ Use Of Hydrogen Fluoride

A government watchdog group is petitioning EPA to phase out the use of hydrogen fluoride (HF) at oil refining facilities under its Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and Clean Air Act (CAA) authorities, the latest in a series of actions to curb the use of the highly corrosive substance following several “near miss” incidents.

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Wyoming Lawmakers Suggest Appeal Of Landmark NEPA GHG Ruling

Wyoming’s congressional delegation is suggesting the Trump administration may need to appeal a landmark district court ruling that temporarily blocked oil and gas leasing in the state until officials completed a robust National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review of the proposed projects’ greenhouse gas impacts.

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USDA chief floats RFS options in wake of refiner waivers

Some of the options, like rescinding waivers, face “significant legal risk,” says Clearview Energy Partners, an independent research firm.

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GHG ‘Endangerment’ Questions Loom In Upcoming Oil & Gas NSPS Plan

Observers are closely watching how EPA will navigate the legal questions surrounding greenhouse gas “endangerment” in its forthcoming proposal to upend Obama-era oil and gas methane rules, including whether and to what degree it embraces industry claims that the rules omitted a required sector- or pollutant-specific risk review.

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Amid Court Losses, OMB Begins Review Of EPA Plan To Ease Utility ELG

The White House regulatory office has begun reviewing EPA’s draft proposal to ease aspects of the Obama EPA’s Clean Water Act (CWA) power plant effluent rule, though the plan’s rationale may be undercut by a series of court losses the agency has suffered over the effluent rule and a related waste rule governing coal ash.

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EPA Develops New Tool To Monetize Health Benefits Of Energy Efficiency

EPA has developed a first-time tool to estimate the range of public health benefits stemming from energy efficiency and renewable energy investments using a measure of the “benefits per kilowatt-hour” (BPK) values that monetize the benefits.

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EPA Backs West Virginia CWA 401 Changes, Clearing Path For Key Pipelines

EPA is endorsing changes West Virginia made to its Clean Water Act (CWA) water quality certification for an Army Corps of Engineers general permit allowing construction of two high-profile natural gas pipelines through the state, clearing the way for the Corps to reissue the permit after a federal appeals court vacated it last year.

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Court denies rehearing in Tennessee pipeline case

While the appellate court declined to hear the case, its decision will still provide a road map for future cases seeking to challenge FERC’s greenhouse gas reviews.

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Oil, Gas Industry Cautiously Welcomes EPA’s Novel Ozone Trading Plan

Oil and gas industry groups are cautiously welcoming EPA’s tentative plan to establish a novel emissions trading program for oil and gas drilling operations in Utah’s Uinta Basin to curb high ozone levels, but local leaders warn the plan should not distract from pursuing what they say are other urgent measures to reduce pollution.

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Trump praises Wheeler’s deregulatory efforts

“We have a man that knows how to break it up but he is also a great lover of the environment,” Trump said. “EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. He has done an incredible job.”

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