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Bush Would Ease Environmental Controls To Boost Power Generation

President-elect Bush is calling for a rolling back of environmental standards to address the power crisis in California, which some say may present the incoming administration with its first major policy test. "To the extent that we can help California maximize power production at its plants, we need to do so. If there's any environmental regulations, for example, that's preventing California from having 100 percent max output at their plants, like I understand there may be, then we need to relax those regulations," Bush told CNN on the opening night of his inaugural ceremonies.

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GOP Senator Suggests Redefining EPA Mission To Address Energy Crisis


A leading Senate Republican is suggesting legislation that would redefine EPA's mission to include energy security considerations. The suggestion is being made as part of a broader proposal by the senator to President-elect Bush to act swiftly in resolving the nation's energy crisis.

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Murkowski Energy Bill To Push Recycling Nuclear Waste

The chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is drafting legislation that will establish a federal office to study the possibility of recycling spent radioactive wastes from nuclear-powered utilities in an effort to address the country's mounting nuclear waste disposal problems, according to a Senate source. The proposal is part of a broader bill intended to resolve the nation's energy shortages, which is expected to be offered by Sen. Frank Murkowski (R-AK) in the next few weeks with the support of GOP Senate leader Trent Lott (R-MS).

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Power Crisis Poses Tough Environmental Choices For Senate GOP Energy Chief


Power shortages gripping California and other parts of the country are prompting some tough environmental choices for a key Republican lawmaker as he attempts to deliver on President-elect Bush's promise to boost energy supplies.

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Utilities Draft Industry-Wide Response To California Power Crisis

The electric utility industry has drafted a five-point national plan for addressing the power crisis in California that the industry says "poses a number of broad-based threats" to power generation. The plan calls for an increase in energy conservation efforts and investments in siting new power transmission facilities throughout most of the country.

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House Commerce Panel Combines Clean Air, Energy Jurisdictions

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has undergone a complete overhaul of its environmental subcommittees by adding clean air jurisdiction to the energy and power subcommittee and consolidating various environmental issues in an environment and hazardous materials subcommittee.

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Energy Crisis Solution Hinges On Availability Of Emission Credits

California's power crisis is likely to trigger a bidders' war over emission reduction credits (ERC) that may pose a significant problem for power plant construction in the state, according to informed sources. The prospect of skyrocketing ERC prices amid pressures for economic growth in the state was part of policy discussions at an energy and environment conference sponsored by EPA and the utility industry this week in Tucson, AZ.

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Power Shortages Prompt Call For Environmental Policies To Address Greater Use Of On-Site Generation


Power shortfalls throughout much of the country are likely to increase the use of on-site electricity generators, which one utility expert says will require the formation of a national policy to address the environmental consequences of the smaller power facilities.

Geoff Keith of M.J. Bradley and Associates told utility pollution control executives this week at a meeting sponsored by EPA and the utility industry in Tucson, AZ, that the prospect of electric power shortages will likely increase because of shrinking generation capacities.

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