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Gov. Davis Cites Soaring Gas Prices In New Plea To Bush For Clean-Fuels Waiver


In an apparent attempt to recast the debate over California's request for a waiver from EPA's clean-fuels requirement, Gov. Gray Davis is arguing that granting the waiver would help bring down gasoline prices.

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Nuclear Industry Leader Downplays Impact Of Senate Shift

A leader in the nuclear power industry is downplaying the impact that a shift in Senate leadership will have on the industry's efforts to push legislation to bring 50,000 megawatts of nuclear generation online by 2020, a move that is vehemently opposed by environmentalists.

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Environment Weighs Into Jeffords' Decision To Bolt GOP

Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont cited energy and environment concerns as among the reasons for his decision to leave the Republican Party, a move that shifts control to the Democrats. The senator's statement is likely a reference to major differences between Jeffords and the GOP and the White House in the upcoming debate on a national energy strategy, which will include legislation to impose air emission controls on power plants. Transcript of Jeffords' Statement

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Rep. Barton Says Environment Provisions Off the Table In Talks On California Energy Bill


The chairman of a House subcommittee responsible for writing emergency energy legislation told Inside EPA that provisions in the bill to ease environmental controls on power plants are not open to negotiations with Democrats.

The chairman made the remarks as he was going into talks with Democrats after the House Energy and Commerce Committee postponed markup on the bill. Some Democrats on the committee have opposed the provisions, and are threatening to offer an amendment that would strip them out of the bill.

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Groups Protest Davis Plan To Pay Companies For Backup Diesel Power

Environmental groups are blasting an anticipated plan by California Gov. Gray Davis to pay businesses to fire up backup diesel generators in emergency power alerts this summer to avoid blackouts. According to the groups, Davis is expected to issue an executive order to pay companies 35 cents per kilowatt hour to ease demand on the state's power grid by running backup diesel generators during "stage three alerts."

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Babbit Urges Nuclear Industry To Press Bush For CO2 Controls

Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit told the nuclear industry that it must lobby the Bush administration to accept carbon dioxide controls as a way for the industry to gain some level of acceptance from environmentalists on expanded use of nuclear power.

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Sen. Thurmond Pushes Plan To Construct Nuclear Power Plants On Federal Facilities


A senior Senate Republican has introduced a bill aimed at speeding the licensing and construction of nuclear power plants by building privately-owned reactors on Department of Energy property. The measure is intended to avoid protracted battles with local communities and environmentalists about the siting of new nuclear plants by constructing them in areas are already used to the presence of a nuclear facility.

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Change In Senate Energy Chairmanship Poses Challenge To Bush Strategy

A shift in Senate leadership will likely scuttle key elements of President Bush's energy strategy, such as drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and increasing power production from existing nuclear power plants. Control of the Senate by Democrats will put Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) in line for chairmanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and the senator has already offered his own energy proposal which includes caps on gasoline consumption and boosting conservation measures, which are measures supported by environmentalists.

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Cheney Targets Key Steps For Reviving Nuclear Power Industry

Vice President Cheney told the nuclear energy industry that the administration is committed to streamlining the licensing requirements of nuclear power plants and resolving a decade-old battle over constructing a national nuclear waste repository for the final disposal of commercial nuclear wastes.

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