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Federal Facilities

Navy Seeks To End Landmark PFAS Monitoring Cases On Immunity Grounds

The Navy is urging a federal district court to dismiss claims from Pennsylvania residents seeking the military’s payment for medical monitoring to detect health issues that may develop after exposure to perfluorinated chemicals, after an appellate court, in a precedential decision, last year allowed the claims to proceed.

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Medical device makers press lawmakers to drop PFAS measures

The group says House amendments designating PFAS as “hazardous” would undermine development of life-saving medical devices which have been approved by the FDA.

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EPA poised to repeal Obama-era water rule

EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers are poised to formally repeal the Obama administration’s rule defining when waterbodies are subject to Clean Water Act protections.

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DOE Offers EPA 11th-Hour Pitch To Sway Wheeler On Superfund Dispute

Just days before a high-level meeting, the Energy Department’s (DOE) top lawyer has, at the 11th-hour, detailed extensive arguments seeking to sway EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to back the department in a potentially precedent-setting argument that seeks to allow the department to skirt EPA’s strict Superfund cleanup levels.

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Industry Battle Brews Over Calls For Narrow PFAS Liability Waivers

Chemical manufacturers and other industrial waste generators are signaling they plan to fight efforts by water utilities, airport operators and other groups that are seeking narrow, sector-specific waivers from cleanup liability should policymakers list per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law.

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As EWG Details Industry’s PFAS Findings, DuPont Fortifies Cleanup Pledges

Environmentalists have compiled a suite of documents that could bolster a House Democrat’s suggestion that chemical companies continued to produce and sell per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances’ (PFAS) despite knowing the health risks just as one of those companies, DuPont, is strengthening its pledge to remediate any contamination and curb risks.

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Trump Critics Say NEPA Climate Guide Lets Agencies ‘Shirk’ Obligations

Democratic lawmakers and environmental groups are criticizing a draft White House guidance on analyzing greenhouse gases in environmental reviews for allowing agencies to bypass their responsibility to conduct robust studies of a project’s lifecycle emissions.

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California tightens PFOA, PFOS reporting guidelines

California is setting stricter notification levels for local water agencies to follow in detecting two commonly found perfluorinated chemicals and launching a process to craft enforceable standards.

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In First, Court Faults Obama-Era CWA Jurisdiction Rule, Orders Fixes

A federal court in Georgia has, for the first time, found the Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule violates several aspects of the water law and administrative law, but rather than vacating the rule, the court is ordering officials to continue their plans to revise the rule “in light of the serious defects identified in this Order while leaving this Court’s existing preliminary injunction in place.”

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Progressive Group Urges Congress To Hold Industry ‘Accountable’ On PFAS

Echoing a Democratic lawmaker, a network that links millions of local activists has gathered thousands of signatures for a petition urging Congress to “hold the chemical industry accountable” for the alleged damage it has caused by continuing to produce per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) even though manufacturers knew it was harmful.

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