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Federal Facilities

Critics Weigh Options To Challenge EPA's Final Methanol Risk Estimates

Industry groups are weighing options for challenging EPA's recently released final estimate of the noncancer health risks posed by methanol, such as a Data Quality Act (DQA) suit or a challenge to any future regulation that relies on the assessment's risk values.

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Waxman Stakes Out Tough Stances On TSCA Issues Ahead Of House Bill

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, seems to be staking out some tough stances on what he would like to see in any bill reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) ahead of what appears to be an effort by House lawmakers to introduce a bill reforming the law.

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Industry Questions EPA Planning Of New TSCA Risk Assessment Program

Industry officials are reiterating their criticism of EPA's new risk assessment process for numerous industrial chemicals, arguing that EPA failed to properly plan the new program, its analyses are unfit bases for regulation and that peer review charge questions fail to follow Information Quality Act (IQA) guidelines.

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States Admonish DOE Over Insufficient Funds For Nuclear Waste Sites

Washington state and South Carolina officials are pressuring the Energy Department (DOE) to fully fund cleanup of DOE's nuclear waste sites, criticizing the department for proposing a budget that insufficiently funds the largest sites in the DOE complex and warning of impacts on cleanup milestones and the potential for significant fines under enforceable agreements.

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EPA, Air Force Reach Landmark Cleanup Accord, After High-Level Dispute

EPA, the Air Force and the state of Florida Sept. 20 signed an enforceable federal facility agreement (FFA) governing the cleanup of a Florida Air Force base, after years of high-level disputes between EPA and the military service over the terms of the document, particularly its reach.

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Environmentalists, Veterans Plan Push For EPA's Dioxin Cancer Assessment

Environmental and veteran groups are preparing to petition EPA to finalize the agency's long-delayed assessment of the cancer risks of dioxin and are cultivating congressional support for the effort that could lead federal and state regulators to further strengthen cleanup goals for the contaminant at sites around the country.

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DOD Official Sees Reduced Energy Use Cutting Costs, Boosting Capabilities

Despite the ongoing push for reduced spending across the Defense Department (DOD), the Pentagon will continue to fund new technologies and innovations to curb military fuel consumption, according to DOD's top operational energy official, who says that reducing energy use could cut costs and bolster DOD's warfighting capabilities.

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Draft EPA Industrial Stormwater Permit Refines Universe Of Covered Facilities

EPA is seeking to refine the universe of facilities covered by its general permit for industrial stormwater discharges, clarifying in a draft general permit that some mining activities fall under the permit and limiting discharges to Superfund sites to prevent additional contamination of sediment.

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EPA Seeks NAS Advice On How To Assess Chemicals' Safer Alternatives

At EPA's request, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is launching a panel to provide the agency with advice on how it can better assess human health and/or ecological risks of alternatives to existing chemicals of concern, which could help the agency bolster its Design for the Environment program (DfE), which seeks to conduct such assessments.

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DOD, Regulators Re-Start Group To Address Munitions Cleanup Challenges

The Defense Department (DOD), EPA and states have launched a new version of a munitions cleanup dialogue group aimed at addressing policy and procedures affecting munitions responses, overcoming obstacles to cleanup and developing best practices for these sites, according to sources.

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