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Federal Facilities

Senate Democrats Press Wheeler For PFAS Cleanup Plans At 180 Sites

Senate Democrats are pressing EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to provide details on cleanup plans and contamination levels at the 180 Superfund sites the agency says are contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as well as pushing for clarity on the agency’s cleanup authorities for these chemicals.

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DOD fights suit seeking to block PFAS incineration

DOD says the suit must be transferred to a judicial district where incineration is occurring and some claims must be dropped because the defense law at issue does not apply retroactively to existing contracts.

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EPA agrees to bolster scientific integrity policies after IG findings

EPA completed two of the corrective actions the IG recommended and has indicated it will complete the remaining 10 corrective actions by June 2022.

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Citing Virus’ Economic Effects, Trump Launches New Deregulatory Push

President Donald Trump is ordering EPA and other agencies to launch a new deregulatory push to help drive an economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic, issuing an executive order that urges agency heads to scale back existing rules, make permanent temporary waivers, and take other steps that may bolster employment and recovery.

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States Seek National Injunction To Stop ‘Harm’ From Trump WOTUS Policy

California, New York and 15 other states are urging a federal district court to issue a preliminary national injunction blocking implementation of the Trump administration’s revised narrower “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) jurisdiction policy, warning the injunction is vital to “prevent widespread harm to national water quality.”

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Maui Ruling Could Shape Supreme Court Consideration Of WOTUS Suits

The Supreme Court’s consideration of hydrology in its recent decision finding Clean Water Act (CWA) permits may be necessary for discharges of pollutants that travel through groundwater could lead the court to reject the Trump administration’s definition of waters of the United States (WOTUS) for failing to reflect science, says one legal scholar.

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EPA Suggests Dropping Plan To Regulate Perchlorate In Drinking Water

EPA is signaling that it will likely pull back from regulating perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel and munitions, in drinking water -- an unsurprising action given the views of utility officials who have long indicated that state standards have reduced exposures and made it difficult for the agency to meet legal criteria for regulating.

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Coalition of 17 state AGs joins challenges to 2020 WOTUS rule

Led by California, attorneys general from 17 states the District of Columbia argue in new litigation the Clean Water Act rule violates judicial precedent, ignores science and fails to meet statutory objectives.

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Environmentalists Seek To Halt DOD’s PFAS Incineration, Study Alternatives

Environmental groups are gearing up to press Congress to require the Defense Department (DOD) to halt its continuing incineration of its stockpile of legacy firefighting foam containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as they are frustrated with DOD’s alleged flouting of legislative restrictions on incineration passed late last year.

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EPA’s Draft Perc Evaluation Finds Risks, Sets Review Despite SACC Concerns

EPA is moving ahead with a planned peer review of its just-released draft evaluation of the common solvent perclorothylene (perc or PCE), which finds multiple uses that present unreasonable risk to workers, consumers and the environment, though it is unclear if advisors will have a quorum to be available to review it.

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