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DOJ seeks to pause suit over EPA oil & gas methane rollback

The Trump EPA’s September rule at issue in the case scrapped direct methane standards for new oil and gas sources, though the Biden administration has signaled it hopes to reverse the policy.

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New Mexico Seeks To Move Air Force PFAS Suit From MDL To Trial Court

New Mexico is urging a federal appellate court to remove its suit against the Air Force over per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination from a massive multi-district litigation (MDL) case and transfer it back to a federal trial court in New Mexico, opening the door for other states to seek similar actions.

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EPA Aims To Issue Long-Delayed Federal Landfill Methane Plan By May

EPA is notifying a federal appeals court that it intends to issue in May a long-delayed federal plan implementing landfill methane limits in the vast majority of states, and the agency is also asking that oral arguments scheduled for Feb. 22 over a Trump EPA rule delaying the deadlines for the federal plan be postponed due to the pending action.

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States Oppose DOJ Bid To Halt Suit Over State Vehicle GHG Programs

A coalition of a dozen Republican attorneys general (AGs) is objecting to the Biden administration’s bid to halt litigation over the Trump EPA’s efforts to block state vehicle greenhouse gas programs in order to review a potential change in policy, creating a possible legal roadblock for an expected effort to reverse the Trump policy.

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DOJ Seeks To Halt State Vehicle GHG Suit As Automakers Vow Talks

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has requested that a federal appeals court suspend litigation filed by California and others over the Trump EPA’s efforts to prohibit state vehicle greenhouse gas programs that are more stringent than federal rules, in order to allow the Biden administration to reconsider the policy.

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Fertilizer industry defends legal standing in radioactive byproduct case

The Fertilizer Institute is defending its legal right to intervene in environmentalists’ suit over EPA’s decision to allow the use of a radioactive byproduct from fertilizer production in federal road construction.

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DOJ Settlement Including SEP Signals Biden Could Reverse Trump Ban

One of the first legal settlements the Biden Justice Department (DOJ) has signed includes a supplemental environmental project (SEP), a popular tool that had long enjoyed bipartisan support until the Trump administration largely banned them last year, signaling a potential reversal of that ban.

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Environmentalists’ Lawsuits Target Trump EPA TSCA Evaluations

Federal appeals courts are weighing a growing series of lawsuits filed by environmentalists and public health groups over the Trump EPA’s TSCA chemical evaluations, setting the stage for opponents of the last administration to push the agency to tighten those assessments both on its own initiative and through litigation.

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Refiners, Biofuels Groups Battle Over EPA’s 2020 RFS Production Goals

Refiners and biofuels groups are sparring in legal briefs over whether the Trump EPA’s renewable fuel standard (RFS) production goals for 2020 were too low or too high, in a case that poses significant implications for the Biden administration’s approach to setting RFS volumes for future compliance years.

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NRDC sues EPA over missed SDWA rule deadline

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) wants a federal court to force EPA to update drinking water utility public disclosure requirements after the agency missed a statutory deadline to do so.

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