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Natural Gas

OMB clears EPA's plan to withdraw oil & gas guide

Environmental groups had urged EPA to preserve the guidelines for limiting emissions of ozone-forming pollution, a policy that also limits emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane.

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BLM Methane Rollback Plan Cites NSPS Duplication But Ignores EPA Review

A long-awaited Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed rule to scrap several provisions of an Obama-era methane rule for oil and gas facilities on federal lands relies heavily on claims that the provisions duplicate EPA requirements for all new oil and gas activity, but fails to address an EPA effort to review and possibly repeal that rule.

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States ask EPA for more time to comment on CPP ANPR

Many states led by conservative governors are asking EPA to extend the Feb. 26 deadline to at least April 27, allowing them more time to review the possible approaches to replace the Clean Power Plan.

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EPA seeks stay of CPP litigation until agency finalizes repeal

EPA says a federal appeals court should keep litigation over the Obama-era Clean Power Plan on hold until the agency finalizes its repeal of the rule.

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Ongoing Power Sector GHG Cuts Could Frustrate Pruitt's CPP Agenda

New EPA data shows the power sector is three-quarters of the way toward meeting the greenhouse gas targets of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) -- over a decade ahead of the rule's 2030 deadline and just three years after it was issued -- a development that could frustrate the Trump administration's plans to revoke the rule and replace it with a much narrower version.

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Environmental Groups Press OMB To Retain EPA Oil And Gas Guidelines

Environmental groups are pushing back against Trump EPA plans to rescind control techniques guidelines (CTG) for emissions of ozone-forming pollutants from the oil and gas sector, arguing in recent White House meetings that the guidelines represent an efficient route for both industry and states to manage the emissions.

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EPA leaves gas industrial flare 'emission factor' unchanged

EPA is leaving a key “emission factor” for flares used in natural gas production unchanged, but has issued some new factors to assist regulators in estimating air pollution from the sector.

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Exxon details 'elements' of preferred methane rules

The energy giant's natural gas subsidiary XTO Energy says that despite some companies' voluntary pledges to cut emissions, the “correct mix of policies and regulations could help the entire industry raise the bar.”

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EPA Hedges On Changes To Carbon Cost, Health Benefits In CPP Analysis

Despite making many significant departures from Obama EPA cost-benefit analysis used to justify the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the Trump EPA's analysis of its proposed CPP repeal hedges on some key issues, including possibly using Obama-era estimates for the social cost of carbon (SCC) due to “uncertainty.”

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D.C. Circuit rejects FERC request to retain pipeline permits

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit had vacated key permits for a natural gas pipeline after faulting federal energy regulators for not analyzing the project's downstream greenhouse gas emissions.

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