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Natural Gas

North Dakota outlines appeal of oil, gas waste ruling

North Dakota is urging a federal appellate court to overturn a lower court's decision that denied the state had standing to intervene in an EPA settlement with environmentalists that outlines how the agency will re-examine its waste rules for the oil and gas sector.

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Mindful Of CPP Stay, Groups Spar Over Possible D.C. Circuit Rule Remand

Supporters and opponents of EPA's power sector greenhouse gas rules are clashing over whether a federal appellate court should pause litigation over the rules or remand them to the agency as it mulls whether to revise or rescind the regulations, a question that could determine whether the Supreme Court's stay of the rule remains in place.

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Energy Industry Opposes Adding Some Natural Gas Facilities To EPA's TRI

Energy groups are opposing an Obama EPA proposal to expand the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) environmental release reporting program to include some natural gas processing facilities, saying the rule would be at odds with President Donald Trump's executive order (EO) that aims to limit the number of new rules agencies issue.

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D.C. Circuit's Pause Of Power Plant GHG Suits May Ease EPA Rule Rewrites

The federal appellate court ruling pausing litigation over EPA's high-profile power plant greenhouse gas rules for 60 days signals that the court is unlikely to issue a ruling on the Obama administration's signature climate change policy, potentially giving the Trump EPA more leeway as it seeks to scrap or substantially weaken the rules.

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Oklahoma Report Urges States To Speed Permits For Produced Water Reuse

Oklahoma's full report examining reuse of produced water from oil and gas extraction, seen by other states as a potential guide to their own efforts, urges states to speed Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting of discharges of purified produced water and potentially seek to expand the permit powers that EPA delegates to state regulators.

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EPA Grants Request to Reconsider Methane NSPS Amid Abeyance Fight

EPA has granted petitions from energy industry groups to delay initial compliance dates for the Obama-era rule regulating methane emissions from new oil and gas sources and to reconsider aspects of the rule -- consistent with a request for relief industry had underscored in a recent filing backing an agency motion to pause litigation over the rule.

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States Eye Oklahoma Report To Guide Research On Produced Water Reuse

States weighing options for reusing produced water from oil and gas drilling operations are eyeing the imminent release of Oklahoma's study on the practice to inform their own research and regulatory efforts, but environmentalists and industry officials are warning that more research is still needed to assess and mitigate risks from the practice.

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Democratic senators question Pruitt's methane ICR withdrawl

The senators suggest the data Pruitt reviewed to reach his decision “may have consisted entirely” of GOP officials' claims that the ICR was an 'unnecessary and onerous burden on oil and gas producers.'”

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Environmentalists oppose pausing oil & gas methane rule suit

Environmentalists say that although they oppose abeyance, they would not oppose a 90-day extension of the deadline for parties to submit proposed briefing schedules in the case.

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Stressing Deference, EPA Argues Court Ruling Would 'Prejudice' CPP Review

EPA says any move by an appellate court to proceed with litigation over the Obama administration's power plant greenhouse gas rules would compromise and “prejudice” the agency's ongoing administrative review of those rules, emphasizing courts' traditional deference to EPA's Clean Air Act interpretations.

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