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Natural Gas

EPA Cites Trump Order In Bid To Halt D.C. Circuit Utility GHG Rule Suits

EPA is asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to halt suits over the agency's climate rules for new and existing power plants, saying President Donald Trump's energy executive order (EO) means the agency will overhaul the rules and those changes could significantly alter the outcome of the suits.

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As Trump Order Looms, Groups Hint At 'Change' In EPA Stance In NSPS Suit

Parties in the litigation over EPA's greenhouse gas standards for new power plants are jointly submitting a proposed format for oral arguments in the suit scheduled for next month, though it hints that the Trump administration could soon formally change the agency's position in the case and disrupt the plan given an anticipated presidential directive to the agency to “rewrite” the rule.

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Draft Trump Executive Order Has Wide-Ranging Attacks On Climate Rules

President Donald Trump is weighing a wide-ranging executive order to target multiple Obama administration climate change measures, according to a draft version, which calls for a “rewrite” of EPA's greenhouse gas rules for new and existing power plants, while repealing numerous executive actions crafted by the prior administration.

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Analysis Says EPA Understates Methane From Power Plants, Refineries

EPA's greenhouse gas inventory is significantly underestimating methane emissions from natural gas power plants and petroleum refineries, according to a new study from Purdue University that suggests the categories “contribute significantly” to U.S. emissions and recommends further work -- including enhanced monitoring -- to understand and curb the emissions.

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EPA Opens Door To Consolidating ESPS Suits But Seeks Additional Parties

The Trump EPA is opening the door to an industry request to consolidate pending challenges over the Obama administration's denials of their administrative petitions concerning EPA's power plant greenhouse gas rule into the separate, already-argued cause on the rule's merits -- a move that would further delay a long-awaited ruling.

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Court asks Trump DOJ to weigh in on fracking rule defense

The court “is concerned that the briefing filed by the Federal Appellants in these cases may no longer reflect the position of the Federal Appellants,” the order says.

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Environmentalists Vow Strong Opposition To Trump Bid To End CPP Suit

Environmental groups say they intend to oppose any Trump administration request for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to remand or place in abeyance litigation over EPA's power plant greenhouse gas rule, saying it is important for the court to rule on many issues in the case regardless of whether the Trump EPA intends to scale back the rule.

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EPA grants more time for input on adding gas processors to TRI

EPA is extending the comment period on an Obama-era plan to add natural gas processing facilities to the Toxics Release Inventory.

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EPA Quickly Withdraws Oil & Gas Methane ICR After GOP State Criticisms

EPA has quickly withdrawn an Obama-era information collection request (ICR) seeking data on methane emissions from existing oil and gas operations -- an effort that could have formed the basis for a rule to limit those emissions -- less than a day after several GOP state officials urged the agency to scrap the ICR as burdensome and unnecessary.

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GOP States Call On Pruitt EPA To Scrap Obama-Era Oil & Gas Methane ICR

GOP state officials are calling on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to scrap an Obama-era information collection request (ICR) seeking data on oil and gas sector methane emissions to inform a potential rule to curb methane from existing drilling operations, with states saying the ICR is “harassment” and opposing such a regulation.

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