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Natural Gas

Democratic AGs Vow To Ignore ‘Unlawful’ EPA CWA Section 401 Guidance

Democratic attorneys general (AGs) from 14 states are urging EPA to withdraw a controversial guidance on how states can place water quality conditions on federally approved permits, arguing the guidance is contrary to the Clean Water Act (CWA) and case law and vowing to adhere instead to existing, binding requirements.

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EPA Faces Sharp Split Over Addressing Energy Sector’s ‘Produced’ Water

EPA is facing sharp differences among key groups about whether scientific data support the reuse of produced water outside of oil and gas drilling by easing regulatory restrictions and taking other steps, as the energy industry claims, or whether the agency should proceed with caution on any changes, as water utility groups and environmentalists insist.

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States Say EPA’s Assistance Vital For Goal Of Increasing Water Reuse

State water regulators are highlighting potential challenges facing the Trump administration’s push to encourage water recycling, urging EPA to focus on long-term coordination with state water programs in order to provide what they say are necessary tools and resources for states to continue their water reuse efforts.

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Court won’t rehear FERC GHG case, but new request filed

Appellate judges refused to consider a three-judge panel’s ruling in a high-profile challenge to a gas pipeline project, though the court is facing a similar request in a related case over a different project.

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ACE Backers Reach ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ Not To Raise Key CPP Claim

Industry and state supporters of EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule are expected to ignore a key argument they made against the Obama-era climate rule it is replacing, reaching a “gentlemen’s agreement” among themselves not to raise the issue in forthcoming litigation over the rule.

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Group projects massive GHGs from federal oil, gas drilling

The Trump administration is resisting calls to estimate the lifecycle GHGs from its leasing decisions, but one environmental group projects that leases approved since 2017 could generate 5.2 billion tons of emissions.

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CEI Urges DOE To Drop Carbon ‘Cost’ In Measuring Efficiency Benefits

A free-market group is urging the Energy Department (DOE) to drop its use of the social cost of carbon (SCC) when developing appliance efficiency standards, though opponents of the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda are already fighting agencies’ use of a narrowed approach to the SCC in court.

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EPA backs effort to scrap litigation over CPP

The agency says that state and industry petitioners have “secured the relief they sought in this lawsuit,” challenging the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which the Trump EPA has formally rescinded.

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Biomass Industry Appears Unlikely To Challenge Co-Firing Bar In ACE

The biomass industry appears unlikely to challenge EPA’s decision in its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule to remove co-firing with biomass as a compliance mechanism, even though the agency proposed to allow it and industry strongly supported it.

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Environmentalists Push Back Against Plan To Weaken Methane NSPS

Environmental groups are ramping up warnings of the climate and health damages from oil and gas industry methane emissions, just as the Trump EPA draws closer to issuing a proposal that is expected to seek to rescind an Obama-era policy directly regulating methane emissions from new and modified sources.

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