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Natural Gas

Activists Fear Obama Order May Hamper Some EPA Fracking Policies

President Obama's recent executive order creating a broad interagency group to review federal research and rules for hydraulic fracturing is getting mixed reviews from environmentalists, with some concerned that it may hinder EPA's ability to craft timely regulations and others tentatively backing the move because it forces a broader look at fracking.

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EPA Weighs Clarifying Controversial Methane Data From Natural Gas Sector

EPA is weighing measures to clarify limitations associated with the data underlying its estimates of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG), from unconventional natural gas drilling -- a move aimed at quelling industry and GOP concerns that the data overstates emissions and is often used by critics to attack the sector's carbon footprint.

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EPA Grants Industry Bid To Delay Fracking Emissions Controls Until 2015

EPA’s final revised emissions rules for the oil and gas sector retain the agency’s proposed first-time “green completion” emissions controls for hydraulic fracturing wells and other gas operations, but at industry’s request the agency is delaying the effective date of the controls until 2015 rather than implementing them immediately.

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GOP Advances Bill Stalling EPA Fuel Rules With New Focus On Natural Gas

Republicans on a House Energy & Commerce Committee panel have passed a bill to delay EPA fuels, refinery and ozone rules until a multi-agency task force the bill creates has analyzed the rules' cumulative impact on gasoline and diesel prices, and -- in a change to the draft version of the measure -- natural gas prices.

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Industry Warns Planned TSCA Rule 'Inappropriate' For Fracking Chemicals

Chemical manufacturers and drillers are warning that EPA's plans to issue Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reporting rules for chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing would be "inappropriate" and would sap agency resources from higher-profile efforts to use TSCA authority to assess and potentially regulate chemicals of concern.

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Bid To Streamline Fracking Policies

President Obama in a new executive order is establishing an interagency working group, including EPA, that aims to better align federal research and rules for hydraulic fracturing and other aspects of unconventional natural gas development, including infrastructure.

The order appears to respond to numerous requests by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other industry officials for the White House to craft a more streamlined process to ensure fracking research and rules are not duplicative or unnecessary.

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Industry Appears Split Over Bid To Indefinitely Stall EPA Drilling Air Rules

Oil and gas industry groups appear split over whether EPA should indefinitely delay its imminent drilling sector air rules due next week, with some companies backing the rules' release but seeking a lengthy phase-in period while independent drillers want the agency to shelve the rules due to data quality concerns about EPA's emissions estimates.

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Activists Seek Strict Drilling Air Rules

Environmentalists are urging the White House to adequately protect public health by resisting industry pressure to soften imminent EPA emissions rules for the oil and gas drilling sector, while countering industry claims that the proposed version of the rules would stifle production.

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EPA Wins Additional Delay For Revising Diesel Fracking Permitting Policy

EPA has won industry's approval to again extend -- by 30 days -- a deadline in a settlement agreement with industry for amending its permitting policies for hydraulic fracturing operations using diesel fuels, with sources suggesting the delay could be due to EPA's struggles in how to define “diesel fuel” in a planned guidance on the policies.

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Activists Fear EPA Could Weaken Fracking Controls In Drilling Air Rules

Environmentalists fear that EPA appears increasingly likely to either soften or drop its proposal to mandate “green completion” emissions controls at new hydraulic fracturing operations and other drilling sites in pending air rules for the sector, with EPA facing major industry pressure to soften the controls ahead of the rule's imminent release.

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