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Natural Gas

EPA Said To Cut PM Benefits In Final ACE Rule To Reduce Premature Deaths

EPA in its final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule is expected to include a controversial projection of far fewer benefits tied to reductions in particulate matter (PM), according to a news report, a decision that would significantly lower the estimated number of additional premature deaths compared to a calculation in the proposed version of the rule.

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EPA Report Could Open Door To Allowing Oil, Gas Wastewater Discharges

EPA in a draft report is floating the possibility of regulatory changes to allow discharges of oil and gas extraction wastewaters to surface waters as a way to encourage greater reuse of the water, although it details several environmental and permitting concerns about the discharges raised by some states, environmentalists and industry representatives.

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House Democrats offer bill to reverse EPA, BLM methane rollbacks

The bill would codify the Obama EPA’s methane rules for new oil and gas equipment, while also reinstating Obama BLM methane limits for operations on federal land.

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Texas rules raise questions on benefits, harm from oil and gas sector

“If we're going to see change, it has to be a new rule,” Bo Vizcaino, an engineering tech with the Texas Railroad Commission, said at a recent discussion about drilling in the Permian Basin.

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Environmentalists to appeal adverse pipeline NEPA ruling

A local environmental group says it will seek rehearing of the D.C. Circuit’s decision to scrap its case on standing grounds, charging the decision is “erroneous.”

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Seeking Broad Support, Democrats Float CES To Achieve Utility Carbon Cuts

Supporters of the new clean energy standard (CES) proposal in Congress say it is a politically achievable roadmap for major power sector greenhouse gas cuts, and that the plan could get a political boost by building on numerous similar state programs and by including support for a broad suite of low-carbon technologies.

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Court Rejects Key Pipeline GHG Suit But NEPA Policy Remains Vulnerable

A federal court has dismissed on standing grounds a challenge to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) climate review of a New York natural gas pipeline approval, effectively upholding for the first time FERC’s narrow review policy though sources say the approach remains vulnerable in a pending case over a Tennessee pipeline.

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EIP seeks stricter SO2 air permits, monitoring for Texas drilling

Oil and gas drilling in West Texas is creating dangerously high levels of sulfur dioxide emissions that justify stricter air controls from the state and EPA, the Environmental Integrity Project says.

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Colorado environmentalists sue oil & gas drillers over permit dispute

WildEarth Guardians argues that oil and gas companies have unlawfully begun operations without going through the permitting process during a 90-day “grace period.”

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Former Obama EPA Adviser Offers Blueprint for Post-2020 Climate Agenda

A new climate change policy blueprint from a top former Obama EPA official prioritizes a post-2020 push on cap-and-trade legislation for power plants and various industrial sectors over new Clean Air Act regulations, while recommending other administrative and legislative policies for an “ambitious but achievable” agenda.

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