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Natural Gas

Appellate Court Backs States' 'Broad' Discretion In Setting CWA 401 Criteria

A federal appellate court has upheld Virginia's Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 certification approving a federally permitted natural gas pipeline and emphasized states' “broad discretion when developing the criteria” for such certifications, a ruling that could undermine efforts by GOP policymakers to limit states' discretion.

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New GHG Findings Clash With Industry Defense Of Gas As Climate Strategy

New findings of a sharp spike in domestic greenhouse gas emission levels are clashing with the oil and gas sector's argument that increased use of natural gas, a lower carbon fuel source than coal, is an effective climate strategy, an argument that Trump administration officials have generally echoed.

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Some Oil & Gas States Urge EPA To Limit Rollback Of Methane Rule

Some oil- and gas-heavy states are pushing back on aspects of EPA's proposal to roll back Obama-era methane standards for new oil and gas equipment, particularly on the key issue of how frequently operators must check for emissions leaks at wells.

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Extending Pause, D.C. Circuit Rejects Calls To Issue Merits Ruling In CPP Suit

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is rejecting calls by backers of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) utility greenhouse gas rule to issue a decision on the merits in the long-paused litigation over the rule, and is instead continuing to hold the case in abeyance while the Trump EPA crafts its narrow replacement policy.

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Subtle Industry Split Emerges Over Scope Of EPA Methane Rule Rollback

A subtle split is emerging in the oil and gas sector over the scope of EPA's efforts to roll back Obama-era methane standards for the industry, with smaller producers arguing the plan does not go far enough and should indefinitely defer rules for low-production wells while larger firms are embracing some level of regulation for existing equipment.

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States, Utilities Seek EPA Certainty On Approvable ACE Compliance Plans

States and the utility industry are urging EPA to outline the elements of an approvable compliance plan for its proposed Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power sector greenhouse gas rule as it aims to finalize the measure early next year, saying certainty on acceptable state plans is vital to address fears they could include competing measures.

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Despite Few Real-World Impacts, NSPS Coal Proposal To Face Challenges

EPA is acknowledging that its new proposal to weaken greenhouse gas limits for new coal plants will have few real-world effects because no new domestic coal plants are planned, though environmentalists are strongly opposing the measure anyway in part because it could allow a dangerous precedent of setting lax Clean Air Act standards.

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Wheeler Gives Uncertain Defense Of CO2 Levels In Power Plant NSPS Rollback

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is offering a relatively uncertain defense of the carbon dioxide standards in the agency's just-proposed rollback of Obama-era requirements for new coal plants, telling reporters that the proposed limits might be tightened in response to comments on the plan.

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Senate confirms McNamee for open FERC slot

The nominee was confirmed on a party-line vote with even Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), a strong coal supporter, voting against the nominee due to concerns that he does not take climate science seriously.

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EPA's New Coal Plant Rollback Proposes Significant Increase In CO2 Rate

The Trump administration's imminent proposal to roll back the Obama administration's greenhouse gas rule for new coal-fired power plants will dramatically raise the allowable emissions rate of carbon dioxide by almost 60 percent for some units, a move that will end the current rule's implied mandate for partial carbon capture, according to an EPA statement obtained by Inside EPA.

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