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Natural Gas

Groups Say EPA Did Not Study Full Effect Of Nixing Oil & Gas Methane Rules

Environmental groups are alleging that EPA’s proposal to scuttle direct methane limits on new oil and gas sector is unlawful for a barrage of reasons, including the agency’s failure to quantify in detail the increased emissions that would be caused by the plan’s bar on regulation of existing facilities.

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Despite Tallying GHGs, Report Finds Agencies Don’t Find ‘Significant’ Levels

A new survey of how federal agencies address greenhouse gases in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews finds that they typically quantify direct and indirect emissions when considering fossil fuel projects, but that even if potential emissions are quite large the agencies dismiss the findings as not “significant.”

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SoCalGas Claims Energy Agency Flouts Law To Bolster Gas, Biomethane

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is charging that the California Energy Commission (CEC) is flouting a 2013 state law requiring the agency to adopt measures to bolster the use of natural gas and biomethane -- continuing battles over the state’s move to electrify homes, buildings and vehicles to combat climate change.

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CBD Sues EPA For Allowing Oil Waste Disposal Into California Aquifer

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is suing EPA over its approval of an exemption to Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requirements allowing for expanded injection of oil wastewater into a California aquifer, charging the move violates several federal environmental and endangered species statutes.

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State AG coalition slams EPA plan to scuttle oil & gas methane limits

A group of 20 Democratic-led states and several large cities are floating four legal arguments against EPA’s proposal to drop direct methane standards for new oil and gas facilities.

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California Restaurants’ Suit Over Berkeley Gas Ban Sparks Broader Debate

The California Restaurant Association (CRA) is suing the city of Berkeley over its ban on natural gas hookups at new residential and commercial buildings, elevating debate over a suite of state and local measures to phase out use of the fossil fuel and increase use of electrification as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Barrasso Touts Need For CWA 401 Changes But Lacks Timeline For Bill

Senate environment committee Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) is continuing to tout the need to reform the Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 certification process, holding a second hearing in as many years on the issue, but has yet to plan a markup of his bill to narrow the scope of impacts to water quality from federal permits states may consider.

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House Democrats add climate measures to pipeline safety bill

The bill would codify Obama EPA methane capture rules that Trump officials have proposed to rescind, while also extending methane standards to new equipment such as gathering lines.

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Groups Eye Suit To Enforce Ozone Guide Ahead Of Planned EPA Rollback

Two environmental groups are threatening litigation against EPA to force overdue implementation of control technology guidelines (CTGs) for curbing ozone precursor emissions from oil and gas facilities -- seizing on Obama-era guidelines that remain on the books despite Trump officials’ efforts to repeal them.

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DOJ Cites EPA Rulemaking To Urge High Court Rejection Of 401 Petition

The Justice Department (DOJ) is urging the Supreme Court to reject environmentalists’ petition to reverse an appellate decision limiting states’ ability to review Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 water quality certification requests, pointing to EPA’s ongoing rulemaking on the issue and the lack of judicial disagreement.

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