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Natural Gas

EPA Draws New Industry Challenges To ACE Rule As Court Deadline Looms

Multiple groups representing the coal, biomass and electric utility sectors are filing litigation over EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule governing power plant greenhouse gases ahead of a Sept. 6 deadline to submit legal challenges, though the groups appear likely to target different aspects of the regulation.

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Democrats’ Broad Climate Alignment Masks Implementation Disputes

Top Democrats angling to take over the White House in 2020 are expressing broad agreement on major climate change policy goals, though candidates are seeking to distinguish themselves by who would be best suited to implement an aggressive strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Environmentalists Slam EPA Basis For Cutting Oil & Gas Methane Limits

Environmental groups are pushing back hard against EPA’s claims that it can drop oil and gas methane standards because they are “redundant” due to limits on smog-forming emissions, arguing the move eliminates future standards for existing sources in the sector and would even boost emissions at some new facilities.

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Strict One-Year CWA Section 401 Deadline Faces Legal, Administrative Tests

Recent federal decisions seeking to set a strict one-year deadline for states to determine whether federally permitted projects comply with water quality standards are facing legal and administrative tests as the Trump administration is proposing to set narrow boundaries for the deadline and environmentalists are attempting to preserve a more flexible approach.

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5th Circuit Dismisses CWA Drilling Permit Suit Over Lack Of Standing

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has dismissed environmentalists’ challenge to a Clean Water Act (CWA) general permit for offshore oil and gas activities in the western Gulf of Mexico for lack of standing, an outcome that seemed all but certain given the questions judges raised at oral argument in April.

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EPA Plan Would Prevent Methane Limits For Existing Oil & Gas Sources

EPA’s just-issued proposal to scuttle Obama-era methane controls for new and modified oil and gas facilities argues that such standards are “redundant” because existing limits on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), an ozone precursor, also have the indirect effect of limiting methane.

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EPA Proposes To Drop Direct Methane Rules For Oil & Gas Sector

The Trump EPA is proposing to drop direct methane regulations for new sources in the oil and gas sector, reverting to a prior approach that relies on controlling smog-forming emissions and would also captures methane as a co-benefit.

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EPA Expected To Make Aggressive Push To Drop Oil & Gas Methane Rules

Despite public critiques from the world’s largest oil and gas producers, many observers expect EPA to make an aggressive push to finalize its looming proposal to upend or eliminate the Obama administration’s direct methane rules for drilling equipment -- driven in part by a goal of precluding efforts by a future Congress to block it.

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EPA Urges D.C. Circuit To Expedite Lawsuits Over ACE Utility GHG Rule

EPA is urging appellate judges to expedite their consideration of a host of suits challenging its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) utility greenhouse gas rule that replaces the broader Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP), with the agency hoping to resolve its initial legal defense of the rule before President Donald Trump’s first term ends.

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Wyoming Lawmakers Suggest Appeal Of Landmark NEPA GHG Ruling

Wyoming’s congressional delegation is suggesting the Trump administration may need to appeal a landmark district court ruling that temporarily blocked oil and gas leasing in the state until officials completed a robust National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review of the proposed projects’ greenhouse gas impacts.

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