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Natural Gas

House Democrats urge Trump to 'cancel' methane rule rollbacks

More than 70 House Democrats charge that EPA and BLM's methane rollbacks ignore public health threats, abuse taxpayer resources and undermine efforts to combat climate change.

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4th Circuit blocks construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline

The per curiam decision from the appellate court agrees with environmentalists that the Army Corps of Engineers lacked the authority to change a construction requirement in a streamlined Clean Water Act permit.

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Backers, Critics Of EPA's ACE Plan Spar Over Role Of Low-GHG Market Shift

Supporters and opponents of EPA's newly proposed power sector greenhouse gas rule are sparring over how any new measure should interact with market trends toward lower-carbon generation, with environmentalists arguing EPA should strengthen its rule to bolster such trends while industry is praising the plan for largely relying on such shifts.

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Judges' Questions Suggest Mixed Prospects For Mid-Atlantic Pipelines

RICHMOND -- Companies seeking to complete construction of key natural gas pipelines in the Mid-Atlantic region are facing mixed prospects after oral arguments where appellate judges suggested they are likely to back state approval for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) but raised doubts about federal permitting for both the ACP and the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

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Arguments Highlight Crucial Tests For Environmentalists, Pipeline Industry

A federal appellate court is poised to hear oral arguments Sept. 28 in a series of pending environmental law cases seeking to halt construction of two natural gas pipelines in Virginia and West Virginia, cases that could highlight crucial tests for environmentalists bringing the suits as well as the pipeline developers defending against them.

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Low-lying Delaware to host 'listening session' on EPA's ACE rule

State environmental officials are chiding EPA for only planning a single public hearing on its power plant GHG rule, while adding that the lowest-lying state is “witnessing first-hand the impacts of climate change.”

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States Renew Fears Over CWA 401 Changes, Dimming Senate Bill's Prospects

Western governors and other state officials are reiterating their opposition to legislation that would curtail their authority to limit federal actions that could violate state water quality standards, dimming prospects that senators who are reaching out to states to address their concerns will be able to reach a deal on the issue anytime soon.

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Oil & gas group adopts strict new methane target

Environmentalists welcomed the new target but said the companies “will need to adopt more robust measurement protocols than the estimates widely used today.”

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CPP Backers Aggressively Push For D.C. Circuit To Issue Merits Decision

States and environmental groups that support the Obama EPA's Clean Power Plan (CPP) are aggressively urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to rule on the merits of the power plant greenhouse gas rule in the long-pending lawsuit, strongly pushing back against EPA and other opponents' arguments that the case is moot.

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Climate Summit Sparks Hope For Political Shift Amid Federal Inaction

California Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) last week spurred a variety of pledges by countries, states and local governments to reduce greenhouse gases, though a report released at the summit shows the pledges are not likely to counter the impact of the Trump administration's inaction on climate issues.

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