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Natural Gas

California Lawmakers’ Bills Aim To Boost Natural Gas Under Fuel Programs

Several California Democratic lawmakers are pushing bills to boost natural gas and propane under the state’s low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) and a major alternative fuel and vehicle fund, following criticism that the programs unfairly focus on subsidizing electricity and hydrogen while ignoring other fuels that can cut greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

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Environmentalists seek rehearing of CWA 401 ruling

Environmentalists say the D.C. Circuit's ruling that states have a strict one-year limit to make decisions about water quality certifications creates a split among appeals courts that affects numerous energy projects.

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Wheeler promotes 'cleaner' US fossil fuel exports

The EPA chief says the United States produces fossil fuels “in a more environmentally conscious manner than anywhere else in the world,” though critics are pointing to numerous Trump EPA environmental rollbacks.

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As Politics Shift, Colorado Energy Sector Faces Emboldened Opposition

Colorado’s new Democratic-controlled legislature is advancing a sweeping bill that would restrict oil and gas development by affirming public health as the state’s top priority instead of energy production, while the sector faces twin pressures in the form of planned environmentalist lawsuits arguing state drilling permits are too weak.

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Report flags GHG, health effects of six Trump rollbacks

A new report from New York University's State Energy and Environmental Impact Center details a combined 200 million tons of additional carbon emissions from six Trump administration climate rule rollbacks.

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FERC Considers Direct GHGs For LNG Projects, Omits Broader Analysis

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in a new order says it must consider the direct greenhouse gas emissions from liquified natural gas (LNG) export projects under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), but that it need not assess broader upstream and downstream GHG emissions as it must do for certain gas pipelines.

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D.C. Circuit dismisses NEPA pipeline claim

One consulting firm warns that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission may face worse odds of success in two upcoming NEPA-related challenges to its gas pipeline approvals.

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As EPA Preps ACE Rule, Data Shows Slight Power Sector CO2 Rise In 2018

After years of declines, new EPA data shows that power plants' carbon dioxide emissions increased in 2018, potentially complicating the agency's message just as it is preparing to finalize its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, a major rollback to Obama-era greenhouse gas standards for the sector.

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Pitting Sectors, API Urges EPA To ‘Leverage’ Gas In Coal Plant GHG Rule

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is urging EPA to “leverage” natural gas in its proposed replacement greenhouse gas rule for new coal plants -- pitting “clean, reliable, and affordable natural gas” against coal, which the plan seeks to bolster by easing standards for new plants, even though no new coal plants are being planned.

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Free-Market Groups Back Off Need To Repeal GHG Endangerment Finding

Conservative and free-market groups that have long urged EPA to repeal its finding that greenhouse gases are a public endangerment -- because they say that is the only way to prevent the agency from having to regulate GHGs -- are backing away from that stance and now say it may be good enough for EPA to not strictly enforce the finding.

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