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Markey Previews Pruitt Hearing Questions Over Climate, Toxics, Spending

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is peppering EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt with numerous queries -- on topics including climate change, vehicle rules, toxics and the agency's spending practices -- previewing concerns he and other Democrats are likely to air at a Senate environment committee hearing with Pruitt later this month.

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Industry Urges EPA To Defer To OSHA's Worker Limits For New Chemicals

A chemical industry coalition is urging EPA to forgo regulating new chemicals' risks to workers and use new authority under the revised toxics law to instead inform the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) enforcement, an approach environmentalists say is “patently illegal” and would undermine worker protections due to OSHA's limited reach and resources.

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D.C. Circuit sets oral argument in RMP delay case

The appellate court will hear arguments March 16 in litigation over EPA's almost two-year delay of Obama-era updates to facility safety rules.

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House Republicans target NIEHS chief

The lawmakers say that Linda Birnbaum's call for “engaged citizens . . . to ensure our government officials pass health-protective policies” violates prohibitions on lobbying by federal officials.

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Lead Dust Ruling May Open Door To Suits Forcing EPA Rulemaking Efforts

Environmentalists and industry lawyers say they expect a new wave of lawsuits against EPA and other agencies seeking deadlines for rule updates based on the recent appellate decision ordering EPA to craft new hazard standards for lead dust, though industry holds out hope that the precedent it set can be limited to that circuit.

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Industry Readies Options For EPA To Speed TSCA New Chemical Reviews

Industry attorneys are backing EPA plans to streamline its process for reviewing new chemicals under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), but they are crafting comments that will offer additional options, including improved pre-submission consultations, new data guidelines and consideration of existing rules before regulating new chemicals and their uses.

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Attorneys Urge More Industry Engagement On TSCA In Face Of Citizen Suits

Attorneys are urging industry groups to more closely track and engage with environmentalists' litigation under the new Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), saying initial suits could set important precedents that will determine how the new law is ultimately implemented.

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Michigan sets enforceable standard for PFAS at EPA level

The standards will allow the state to enforce EPA's non-enforceable health advisory levels set in 2016 for the two PFAS compounds.

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House panel backs bipartisan radiation research bill

Supporters say the bill could help EPA and other agencies set safe exposure thresholds for low doses of radiation, which could help advance nuclear energy.

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Environmentalists cite BiOp in push for EPA species protections

Environmentalists are urging EPA to implement endangered species protections after federal wildlife officials, using an Obama-era assessment process for the first time, found three pesticides posed risks.

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