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Draft Bill Seeks To Scrap ESA Pesticide Analysis As Trump Slows Reviews

Environmentalists are faulting draft legislation backed by the pesticide industry that would limit EPA's reviews of pesticides' harms to endangered species, while the Trump administration urges a federal court to delay by two years a deadline for completing the first reviews under an Obama-era process that industry is aiming to scrap.

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State farm groups, Monsanto sue to halt California listing of glyphosate

Organizations argue that the Proposition 65 listing of the popular herbicide violates several sections of the U.S. Constitution and could disrupt the nation's food production and processing supply chains.

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District court urged to scrap EPA's pesticide applicators rule delay

Ahead of a hearing next month, environmentalists want the court to undo EPA's delay of an Obama-era rule strengthening protections for applicators of certain pesticides.

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Sen. Collins 'leaning against' Dourson's EPA nomination

The Maine Republican senator on Nov. 16 confirmed she is a potential vote against the nomination of Michael Dourson to head EPA's toxics office.

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Dourson's EPA Nomination In Doubt With Two GOP Senators' Opposition

Michael Dourson's controversial nomination to head EPA's toxics office appears in doubt after GOP North Carolina Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis announced late Nov. 15 that they would oppose him, because along with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) as a likely no vote, Democrats can kill the nomination if they all vote against Dourson.

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CSB Backs Parts Of Obama EPA RMP Rule To Address Facility Flood Risks

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) is backing parts of the Obama EPA's facility safety prevention rule to help facilities better prepare for worsening risks from flooding, saying companies should reassess their emergency planning and coordination with first responders and communities to ensure adequate planning for extreme weather.

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Final defense authorization bill requires national PFAS study

The House and Senate have agreed to require a national study on the health effects of perfluorinated substances, focusing on at least eight military facilities.

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EPA Outlines Options To Prioritize Chemicals For TSCA Risk Analyses

EPA is proposing for public comment multiple approaches to prioritize existing chemicals to enter the pipeline for high- or low-priority designation and potential risk evaluation as part of its new responsibilities under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), with some of the proposals reflecting ideas that have enjoyed industry support in the past.

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Senate Democrats Float EPA Asbestos Ban Bill Due To Fears Over Dourson

Eight Senate Democrats have introduced a bill seeking to ban asbestos -- even as EPA is working on a precedential risk evaluation of the substance under new responsibilities in the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) -- in part because of concerns that President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the agency's toxics office wouldn't ban its use.

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North Carolina newspaper opposes EPA toxics office nominee

The newspaper is urging its readers to lobby the state's senators to oppose the Trump administration's nomination of Michael Dourson to be EPA toxics chief.

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