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Environmentalists Push Back Against EPA Defense Of RMP Rule Delay

Environmental and labor groups are renewing their arguments aimed at vacating the Trump administration's lengthy delay of an Obama-era update to the agency's Risk Management Plan (RMP) facility safety rule, charging the delay violates the Clean Air Act and faulting EPA's claim that seeking public input allows for lengthy reconsideration of final rules.

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Exclusion Of 'Legacy' Uses From TSCA May Limit Cleanups, Critics Tell EPA

EPA is drawing criticism from its children's health advisors and a Region 9 official over its decision to preclude legacy uses of chemicals, such as asbestos, in finished products from review under the new Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), bolstering criticisms from environmentalists who say they may sue the agency over its approach.

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EPA's Top Economist Seeks To Enhance Certainty Of Cost-Benefit Analyses

As the Trump administration prepares to overhaul EPA and other agencies' cost-benefit analyses, EPA's top economist, Al McGartland, says he is working to enhance the certainty of EPA's studies for regulatory decisions, telling Inside EPA that the "explosion" of tools in the nascent era of big data provides both challenges and opportunities.

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North Carolina governor presses EPA on GenX regulation

Among other things, Cooper urged Pruitt to quickly complete an EPA health study and set a drinking water standard.

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NAS Urges EPA To Create New Surveillance Program For Low-Dose Effects

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is urging EPA in a new report to set up a new surveillance program to monitor scientific literature and new studies about health effects occurring at low exposures to endocrine disrupting chemicals, in part because of concern that EPA's existing regulatory testing methods might miss these effects by not regularly testing at lower dose levels.

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Trump's Pick For EPA Toxics Chief Draws Criticism Over Industry Ties

President Donald Trump's nomination of Michael Dourson, a risk assessor who left the agency in the 1990s, to be the agency's next toxics chief is drawing criticism from environmentalists, who charge he is the latest nominee for the office with close industry connections that raise doubts about implementation of the new Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

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EPA seeks industry help in eliminating PMN backlog

EPA asks the chemicals sector to swiftly reply to agency risk determinations to help eliminate the backlog of pending PMN reviews.

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Court Rejects Environmentalists' Push To Block EPA Chlopryrifos Reversal

A federal appeals court has rejected an environmentalist lawsuit seeking to block EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's reversal of an Obama administration plan to ban the widely-used pesticide chlorpyrifos, ordering petitioners to administratively appeal the agency's action, though environmentalists have another pending suit seeking to block the action on the merits.

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Cleland-Hamnett, acting OCSPP chief, to retire in August

Her departure means the loss of an experienced career staffer during an intense time of transition in the office.

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EPA's Early TSCA Rules Ripe For Suits From Environmentalists, Industries

EPA's suite of early rules and guidance under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) appear ripe for a number of legal challenges from environmentalists, the chemical industry and other sectors, sources say, due to initial divided reaction to the rules and the massive scope of regulatory provisions in the complex policies.

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