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Environmentalists Urge Court To Allow Broad TSCA Review Of Fluoride Risks

Environmental and public health groups are urging a federal judge to allow a broad de novo review when it hears arguments in their pending litigation challenging EPA's denial of their Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) petition, pushing back against agency claims that any risk review is limited to data in the agency's administrative record.

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EPA opposes push to vacate pesticide registrations

EPA and the pesticide industry are urging a federal court to remand, rather than vacate, dozens of pesticide registrations that the court found violated the Endangered Species Act.

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Former EPA Staff Blast Legal Rationale For Repealing 'Glider' GHG Limits

A group of former agency officials is pushing back hard against EPA's proposal to repeal restrictions on production of “glider” trucks that combine new chassis with rebuilt engines, arguing the agency ignored clear statutory authority to regulate the vehicles and failed to account for damaging implications on the environment and industry.

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Fluoride Case Ruling May Open Door To More TSCA Petitions, Attorneys Say

The recent federal court ruling allowing environmentalists to sue EPA for rejecting their petition seeking Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) rules on fluoridation could open the door to new citizen petitions to the agency under section 21 of the law seeking rules on other substances.

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Failing To End TSCA Fluoridation Suit, EPA Now Seeks To Limit Its Scope

Having failed to end environmentalists' suit challenging EPA's denial of their petition to ban drinking water fluoridation, the agency is now seeking to limit the scope of the court's review by arguing that any review should be based on the administrative record rather than the broader de novo review the plaintiffs are seeking.

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NRDC says Pruitt plans to shift IRIS to toxics office

The group is urging Congress to stop an expected Trump administration plan to shift EPA's IRIS program to the agency's toxics office.

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Administration completes novel ESA pesticide BiOps

The administration has forwarded to EPA final biological opinions on the first three pesticides to undergo a novel Obama-era ESA assessment process.

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New Hampshire eyes tighter lead paint requirements

New Hampshire lawmakers are poised to vote on legislation to reduce lead dust hazards following a federal appellate court's mandate for EPA to update the agency's lead standard.

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Environmentalist attorney says EPA can meet lead dust rule deadline

An Earthjustice attorney says EPA should face little difficulty proposing new lead dust hazard standards within 90 days, since the process of setting a new limit “is just math.”

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Environmentalists say EPA rule delay slows firms' TCE replacement

Environmentalists are blaming the Trump EPA's slow-walking of two rules the Obama EPA proposed to ban certain uses of the common solvent chemical tricholorethylene with industries' ponderous efforts to replace the chemical in their facilities.

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