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New EPA Advisory Committees' Chairmen Have History Of Agency Criticism

The new chairmen of two influential EPA science advisory committees have a history of criticizing the agency's scientific analyses in ways fundamental to how EPA evaluates and seeks to support regulations to manage environmental risks, ranging from risk assessment approaches generally to specific air pollutants and chemicals.

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D.C. Circuit grants industries role in TSCA inventory suit

The court's order will allow several major industry groups to defend EPA's final rule establishing an inventory of chemicals for review under the revised federal toxics law.

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New Jersey Eyes DOJ's Input On EPCRA Defense Against Data Disclosure

New Jersey officials say the Department of Justice's (DOJ) input may be warranted after their criticism of an EPA-administered reporting law in the state's defense against environmentalist and labor groups' lawsuit seeking release of industrial facility data, in a case that could have broad implications for public disclosure of facility data.

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Sen. Inhofe urges EPA to complete glyphosate review

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is urging the Trump EPA to speed is registration review of glyphosate after a recent study found that exposure to the substance is not associated with certain cancers.

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Senate Democrats ask GAO to review new EPA advisors policy

Democratic Senators are asking the Government Accountability Office to expand its probe of EPA's new policies for choosing members of its advisory committees.

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EDF outlines issues for TSCA inventory rule suit

Environmentalists outline issues they plane to raise in litigation challenging EPA's inventory reset rule establishing universe of existing chemicals for review under the new toxics law.

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Environmentalists urge EPA's counsel to bar Beck from TSCA rules

At minimum, environmentalists are seeking Beck's recusal from any further action in three TSCA section 6(a) bans that the Obama administration proposed but the Trump EPA has not yet acted on.

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EPA's ORD Prioritizes PFAS Research Amid Growing Exposure Concerns

Leaders in EPA's research office are prioritizing work on assessing risks of perflouroalkyl substances, which they see as a major challenge for the agency in the short term as they face monitoring results that show an ever-widening spread of contamination from the substances, though EPA's water office is worried they will be harder to address under Trump administration toxics office rule changes.

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Critics Float Legal Theories To Challenge Pruitt's Science Advisor Policy

House Democrats and a Columbia University law professor are detailing possible legal arguments that could be used to challenge Administrator Scott Pruitt's controversial new directive barring scientists who are receiving an EPA research grant from serving on one of its scientific advisory committees.

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Former OSHA officials fault EPA's RMP delay

Former Obama officials are backing environmentalists' challenge to the Trump EPA's delay of the facility safety rule, arguing it will increase risks of chemical disasters and violates federal law.

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