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EPA seeks industry help in eliminating PMN backlog

EPA asks the chemicals sector to swiftly reply to agency risk determinations to help eliminate the backlog of pending PMN reviews.

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Court Rejects Environmentalists' Push To Block EPA Chlopryrifos Reversal

A federal appeals court has rejected an environmentalist lawsuit seeking to block EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's reversal of an Obama administration plan to ban the widely-used pesticide chlorpyrifos, ordering petitioners to administratively appeal the agency's action, though environmentalists have another pending suit seeking to block the action on the merits.

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Cleland-Hamnett, acting OCSPP chief, to retire in August

Her departure means the loss of an experienced career staffer during an intense time of transition in the office.

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EPA's Early TSCA Rules Ripe For Suits From Environmentalists, Industries

EPA's suite of early rules and guidance under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) appear ripe for a number of legal challenges from environmentalists, the chemical industry and other sectors, sources say, due to initial divided reaction to the rules and the massive scope of regulatory provisions in the complex policies.

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NAS Panel Expected To Advise EPA On Developing Low-Dose Toxicity Tests

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will release next week a report on the health effects that some chemicals may cause at low exposure levels, or doses -- a situation that NAS will say EPA's existing regulatory toxicology testing approaches does not address, though the Trump administration budget sought to eliminate one such program.

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EPA releases first SNURs since TSCA reform enactment

EPA's release of significant new use rules for 29 chemicals is part of an effort to cut the backlog of new chemical reviews since last year's overhaul of the federal toxics law.

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Environmentalists Petition EPA For Rules Requiring Pesticide Mixture Data

Environmentalists are petitioning EPA to issue rules revising federal pesticide regulations to protect against risks from product formulations rather than individual active ingredients, arguing that EPA has long recognized risks of such mixtures and that Congress intended for the agency to protect against the full range of products' risks.

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Environmentalists fault Pruitt's 'closed mind' to attack RMP delay

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's past opposition to facility safety rule revisions undermines his lengthy stay of the regulatory changes, according to environmentalists.

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EPA Cites Public Input To Justify Air Law Authority For RMP Policy Delay

EPA is claiming broad Clean Air Act authority for its final rule that significantly delays implementation of Obama-era revisions to the agency's facility safety policy, saying its decision to first seek public comment on the delay shields it from the legal uncertainty that led an appellate court to recently vacate a stay of an unrelated air rule.

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TSCA Reform Supporters Tout Fee Rule To Help Offset EPA Budget Cuts

EPA's acting toxics chief and supporters of the agency's efforts to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) say the pending draft rule imposing fees on the chemical sector could help to offset proposed EPA funding cuts in fiscal year 2018 that environmentalists and others have warned might risk hindering implementation of the law.

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