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NAS Praises EPA's Efforts To Improve IRIS, Underscoring Congress' Action

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is praising EPA's efforts to improve its influential but controversial risk analysis program, the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), and even backs supporters' efforts to keep Republicans from consolidating the program with EPA's toxics office, underscoring steps Congress took in EPA's recent budget bill.

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EPA Details Plan To Craft Lead Dust Rule, Bolstering Environmentalists

EPA has detailed a lengthy list of actions it plans to take to update its policies addressing lead paint, actions that leave one environmentalist cautiously optimistic about the changes EPA is expected to make its lead-paint dust standard for when renovators in residential buildings must conduct abatement by a new court-ordered deadline.

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IG plans review of EPA's implementation of 2-for-1 order

The investigation marks the second in two days the IG has launched into issues related to Samantha Dravis, who recently resigned as head of EPA's policy office.

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EPA adopts new non-animal skin test for toxics, pesticides

The new method marks the first time that EPA's pesticides and toxics office have agreed to use the same non-animal test when approving new substances.

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Former EPA official 'gloomy' on ESA pesticide deal

“Each side has to make some serious compromises,” said Bill Jordan, a former deputy director of EPA's pesticides office.

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NRDC Urges EPA To Craft Perchlorate Limit After Review Backs Model

Environmentalists are renewing their calls for EPA to craft a drinking water standard for the rocket fuel ingredient perchlorate after a peer review panel found that the latest version of the agency's model to inform development of a health goal for the substance is "fit for purpose."

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Dow Suit Over Pesticide ESA Review Echoes Attacks On Obama BiOp Plan

Dow AgroSciences and other pesticide producers are suing to vacate the first federal wildlife agency biological opinion (BiOp) conducted with EPA under a novel Obama-era process for assessing the substances' risks to endangered species, part of a broader industry attack on the BiOp process that companies want the Trump administration to scrap.

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EPA overhauls OPPT leadership

The leadership changes come as the toxics office is in the midst of a reorganization that officials say is needed to meet the ambitious deadlines Congress set for implementing the revised TSCA.

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EPA Debates TSCA's Reach To Address Chemicals' Already Regulated Uses

Leaders in EPA's toxics office are debating whether their upcoming assessments of the first 10 existing chemicals slated for review under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) should address the substances' other regulated uses or whether to remove those overlapping uses from the scope of the TSCA analyses.

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EPA Cites Dozens Of Past Rule Delays To Justify Postponing RMP Update

EPA is touting a list of more than two dozen federal rules from 1983 to 2013 in which agencies have delayed existing regulations while weighing revisions to those policies, in response to an appellate court order to provide the list in a suit testing EPA's delay of an Obama-era facility safety rule while the agency reconsiders the regulation.

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