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EPA Advisors Call Mortality Risk Approach ‘Premature,’ Seek More Analysis

EPA’s chartered Science Advisory Board (SAB) in a final report to Administrator Scott Pruitt calls the results of the agency’s multi-year effort to update its measure of mortality risk, used in EPA’s risk-benefit calculations, “premature,” while encouraging EPA economists to continue their analysis.

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Tax reform group urges Ryan to back RMP repeal

Norquist's call bolsters chemical industry's efforts to advance the resolution, which has not been a priority for GOP leaders.

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Senators Eye Legislation Requiring Agencies To Use 'Best Available Science'

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee is weighing how to codify requirements in executive orders that EPA and other federal agencies utilize only the “best available science” in their regulatory decisionmaking, but is likely to take a different approach than EPA-specific science legislation in the House.

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NAS Urges EPA, Agencies To Increase Capacity For Biotech Risk Reviews

The National Academies of Sciences (NAS) in a new report is urging EPA and other federal agencies responsible for regulating biotechnology products to increase capacity for assessing risks of emerging products, such as genetically-modified crops, arguing that a glut of new products in the coming decade could overwhelm federal regulators.

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Researchers find potential link between Superfund sites, cancer clusters

"This work is novel because it is another piece of evidence to support an environmental cause of cancer," one of the study's authors says.

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Industry Asks Pruitt To 'Rescind' Obama EPA's RMP Rule Pending Litigation

A broad coalition of petrochemical, power and other industry groups are petitioning EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to “reconsider and rescind” the Obama administration's final rule overhauling the agency's industrial facility accident prevention program even as they prepare to file litigation that they hope will lead to the rule's elimination.

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House GOP seeks to address confidentiality issues in EPA science bill

The language appears aimed at addressing concerns that earlier versions of the bill would bar EPA from using a host of confidential data when assessing risks and setting standards.

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EPA grants more time for input on adding gas processors to TRI

EPA is extending the comment period on an Obama-era plan to add natural gas processing facilities to the Toxics Release Inventory.

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Former EPA Toxics Chief Points To Precedent To Assuage TSCA Concerns

A former EPA toxics chief is reminding chemical industry representatives concerned about the agency's implementation of the overhauled Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that the agency has previously worked through a major environmental statutory change and a presidential transition simultaneously.

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Judge Queries EPA Attacks On Standing In Species' Pesticide Risk Lawsuit

A federal appellate judge appeared skeptical at oral argument of EPA's claim that environmentalists lack standing to seek a judicial order requiring EPA to consult with federal wildlife officials on the risks of the pesticide cyantraniliprole to endangered species, though a second judge backed the agency's arguments that written public input can substitute for a public hearing.

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