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EPA Seeks Unusual Advice From SAB On Planned Risk Guide Update

EPA is seeking unusual advice from individual members of its Science Advisory Board (SAB), most of whom were appointed by the Trump administration, on how to revise the agency’s cancer and non-cancer risk assessment guidelines, asking a mixture of policy and scientific questions that appear to play to newer members’ de-regulatory interests.

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Industry groups meet with OMB before PBT rule deadline

While it is unclear what issues the companies’ representatives raised to OMB staff, they likely echoed concerns raised by industry groups that some of the substances have “critical uses” in commercial and defense aircraft.

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As EPA Readies Rules, Study Backs Stricter Limits On Facilities Emitting EtO

A long-awaited EPA risk analysis has found that cancer risks from emissions of ethylene oxide (EtO) from a now-shuttered sterilization plant in a Chicago suburb could be lowered if further controls are installed at the facility, findings that suggest upcoming agency air toxics rules governing EtO emissions could seek to strengthen current requirements.

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Citing Unintended Effects, Industry Sues Over EPA's Methylene Chloride Ban

A chemical industry trade association is suing EPA over its first-time Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) ban on consumer uses of paint-strippers containing methylene chloride, charging the measure goes too far by unintentionally limiting access to some commercial uses even though it does not intend to.

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Asbestos Group Cites OSHA In Seeking Strict TSCA Risk Evaluation

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Group (ADAO) is urging EPA to perform a strict assessment of asbestos’ human health risk, citing in part findings by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and others that there is no safe level of exposure to the toxic mineral as some fear EPA will soften its analysis.

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RMP Delay May Suggest Rollback Of Obama-Era Policy ‘Dead In The Water’

Environmentalists say the Trump administration’s just-announced monthslong delay of its self-imposed deadline for finalizing a rollback of an Obama-era rule tightening facility safety Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements may suggest the plan is “dead in the water” as it signals ongoing legal doubts about undoing the changes.

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EPA pulls approvals for pesticides blamed for harms to bees

EPA withdraws certain neonicotinoid pesticides and commits to reviewing risks of others in the class to listed species under a proposed agreement with environmentalists.

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EPA Proposes Perchlorate MCL But Weighs Withdrawing Determination

EPA is proposing a long-awaited health protective goal and drinking water standard for perchlorate of 56 micrograms per liter (ug/L) but is asking the public to comment on a variety of options including setting levels more and less stringent or not regulating the chemical at all in drinking water, given new information on occurrence levels.

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Agencies Appear Poised To Narrow Children's Health Research Grant Focus

EPA and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) are poised to end grant funding they have jointly provided for the past two decades to more than a dozen children's health research centers though officials say they will provide some funds for children's health issues though it is likely to be significantly less, and more narrowly focused, than in the past.

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EPA reminds companies that TSCA inventory rule is in effect

“No part of the rule has been vacated and that all requirements of the rule remain in effect,” EPA says in a notice.

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