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Beck Says EPA Required To Conduct Uncertainty Analysis In TSCA Studies

Nancy Beck, EPA's top toxics official, says the agency will seek to quantify scientific uncertainty in its evaluations required by the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), renewing a debate that has long plagued agency efforts to assess substances' risks and opening the door to risk ranges that could undercut regulators' use of single point estimates.

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Industry, States At Odds Over EPA Bid To Update TSCA Reporting Rules

Industry and state regulators are at odds over potential EPA revisions to its Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) chemical data reporting (CDR) rule, with industry arguing the recently-updated law requires the agency to reduce reporting burdens on inorganic byproducts, while states says any limits on data collection are contrary to the revised law.

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EPA Review Could Help Suit Over California's Glyphosate Cancer Finding

EPA is reiterating its conclusion that the world's most commonly-used herbicide, glyphosate, is not likely to cause human cancers, striking a blow to California's recent listing of the substance as a carcinogen under its Proposition 65 warning-label law and potentially aiding a pesticide industry lawsuit challenging the state's listing.

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EPA Reverses Obama-Era Finding Of Few Benefits From Neonicotinoids

EPA has reversed an Obama-era determination that seeds treated with commonly-used neonicotinoid insecticides bring little benefit to soybean production, a finding that spurred environmentalists' calls for restrictions on neonicotinoids to protect bees, and the agency also has found that neonicotinoids aid in the production of other crops.

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Sen. Udall faults EPA's plan to revise Obama pesticide rules

Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) is faulting EPA's plan to revise Obama-era pesticide rules, saying the change will create risks to farmworkers and waste agency resources.

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Observers Expect Another EPA Toxics Nominee, But Brace For Delays

Longtime agency observers anticipate the Trump administration will eventually nominate a new candidate to lead EPA's toxics office in the wake of Michael Dourson's withdrawn nomination, a key step that will be needed to implement the revised toxics law, but they doubt whether any new nominee can make it through the highly partisan confirmation process.

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EPA Revising Farmworker Protection Rule Despite Eased Industry Concerns

The Trump EPA has announced plans to significantly revise a pair of Obama-era rules aimed at protecting farmworkers from exposure to pesticides, despite pesticide industry and state regulators' recently tempering their criticism of the rules, saying new training materials had helped to assuage some of their biggest concerns.

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Dourson, Stalled EPA Toxics Nominee, Asks Trump To Withdraw Nomination

Michael Dourson, the Trump administration's stalled nominee to lead EPA's toxics office, is expected to soon ask President Trump to withdraw his nomination, an informed source tells Inside EPA.

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Environmentalists Urge EPA To 'Suspend' New Chemicals Plan Pending Comment

Environmentalists are urging EPA to “suspend” implementation of its proposed framework for reviewing “new” chemicals, at least until it has considered comments it receives in a still-open docket, charging that several approaches the agency is already implementing violate both the new Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

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EPA faces 'intense' workload for air toxics rule reviews

Despite dwindling resources, EPA is vowing to cope with an unprecedented air workload for undertaking a statutory mandate to review its air toxics rules.

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