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EDF Warns Senate Regulatory Reform Bill Would Undo Key TSCA Changes

An Environmental Defense Fund scientist is warning that a recently introduced Senate regulatory reform bill could undo multiple key revisions Congress made to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in last year's law overhauling the statute and impose new hurdles on the agency's ability to regulate new and existing chemicals.

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Chemical Sector, Environmentalists Spar Over Fate Of EPA Toxics Policies

Chemical sector officials and environmentalists are sparring over the fate of several major EPA toxics policies that the agency is reviewing as part of President Donald Trump's order on regulatory reform, with industry seeking to revise or repeal some Obama-era rules while environmentalists are pushing to defend the existing regulations.

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EPA Hears Competing Arguments Over Revisions To Lead Paint Program

EPA Office of Chemical Safety & Pollution Prevention (OCSSP) officials at a May 2 regulatory reform hearing heard competing arguments from industry representatives and environmentalists over whether to pursue revisions to the agency's lead paint renovation program as part of President Donald Trump's push for regulatory reform.

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Industry Seeks To Block, Alter EPA's IRIS Formaldehyde Risk Analysis

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is touting new findings and a new award for a 2015 study that raise doubts about EPA and other agencies' conclusions that exposure to formaldehyde can cause leukemias, as part of the industry group's latest efforts to alter EPA's analysis, while other trade groups seek to end it entirely.

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EPA Fights Environmentalists' New Legal Push To Force Chlorpyrifos Ban

EPA is urging a federal appeals court to reject environmentalists' new legal bid to force a ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos, with the agency saying its denial of a petition seeking a ban complied with a court order and that forcing a ban would inappropriately tie the Trump administration to Obama-era policies in favor of a prohibition.

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ACC, EDF Agree On Need To Implement TSCA But Split On 'Burden' Order

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) are both calling on the Trump EPA to push ahead with implementation of the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), but ACC says the agency must craft implementing rules that heed President Donald Trump's order on reducing regulatory “burdens.”

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Industry Pressing Trump To Repeal EPA Reporting Rule For Nanomaterials

Manufacturers that use nanomaterials in their products are urging the Trump administration to repeal the Obama EPA's Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) rule that requires reporting on their use of the materials, charging it is burdensome and unclear and appears inconsistent with the EPA's plans for allocating limited resources and assessing risks under the revised TSCA.

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Democrats seek IG review of EPA chlorpyrifos ban reversal

Democrats seek a “prompt and thorough” investigation of the Pruitt's reversal of the Obama-era EPA plan to ban use of the insecticide on food.

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States, Industry Raise Implementation Concerns Over Cyanotoxins Criteria

State regulators and publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) are raising implementation concerns about EPA's draft recreational water quality criteria for the cyanotoxins microcystins and cylindrospermopsin, including how states will use the criteria in discharge permits and monitoring for compliance, while questioning the science behind the criteria.

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New Trump order targets rules' burdens on farm sector

Trump targets rules on the agriculture sector in much the same way as he has the energy sector.

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