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EPA's Fee Rule Takes Effect Without Suit, A First For TSCA Framework

EPA's rule setting user fees for chemical manufacturers and processors to fund agency actions under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) has taken effect without a challenge from environmentalists or other parties, marking the only one of the agency's four TSCA framework rules to take effect without facing a lawsuit.

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Environmentalists tout Trump's 'abysmal' deregulatory court record

“The untold story of President Donald Trump’s environmental agenda is that he’s losing,” says a report by the group Earthjustice, touting its victories in blocking the administration's environmental rollbacks.

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Trump renominates Wright to lead EPA waste office

The Senate will have a second opportunity to consider former Dow Co. lawyer Peter Wright to lead EPA's waste office.

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Lawmakers agree to CFATS extension

House and Senate lawmakers appear to have agreed to a one-year extension for the DHS program and plan to use the time to debate potential legislative changes.

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Grappling With MCL, EPA Eyes SDWA Emergency Power To Address PFAS

EPA is weighing its rarely used emergency powers under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to address perfluorinated compounds, a potential alternative authority the agency could use to quickly require cleanups of the chemicals at local hot spots given its reticence to craft national cleanup standards.

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New Hampshire's Proposed PFAS Levels Underscore Patchwork Approach

New Hampshire's recently proposed safe drinking water standards for several perfluorinated compounds at levels somewhat less stringent than other recent state proposals underscore the continuing patchwork of safety levels states are creating for the emerging contaminants in the absence of federal drinking water standards.

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Wheeler Acknowledges Slight Delays In EPA Work From Ongoing Shutdown

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is acknowledging that the government shutdown is slowing or threatening to slow a number of major EPA rules or policies, including publication of a proposed mercury rule and issuance of plans to manage perflourinated compounds, authorize summertime ethanol blends and address a toxic paint stripper chemical.

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Democrats, GOP retain key Energy & Commerce leadership slots

The committee's environment and energy panels will see the same top Democratic and Republican lawmakers as the prior Congress.

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After EPA Vow, House Group Intensifies Push For PFAS Superfund Listing

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers from Michigan is intensifying its push for EPA to list all per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law, a step that would give the agency authority to compel cleanups, weeks after EPA agreed to list two of the most common PFAS substances.

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Environmentalists Expand Push For State PFAS Technology Standards

Environmentalists are petitioning officials in Michigan -- a state with extensive contamination from perfluorinated compounds -- to adopt technology-based drinking water standards for the entire class of chemicals, expanding on a campaign that has so-far focused on Northeast states.

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