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EPA Courts State Support To Defend Pesticide Rule Against Trump Review

EPA staff is courting support from state regulators to preserve the Obama EPA's final rule strengthening training requirements for applicators of certain pesticides, calling the rule's development an example of the "cooperative federalism" the new administration backs and asking state officials to voice their support for the final rule in writing.

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Dow defends push to scrap EPA pesticide review process

“EPA did not follow many of the NAS recommendations,” Dow says in a statement.

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Industry Urges Trump EPA To Scrap Process For ESA Pesticide Reviews

Pesticide producers, including chemical giant Dow AgroSciences, are targeting the Obama EPA's process for assessing risks of pesticides to endangered species, arguing to the Trump administration that the process unveiled in 2013 is “fundamentally flawed and should be set aside,” and asking to halt the first three reviews conducted under the process.

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Conflict of interest for EPA's toxics office hire?

An EDF scientist says “any reasonable person would see a conflict” having the American Chemistry Council's Nancy Beck as a top EPA toxics official.

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As EPA Seeks To Delay RMP, First Responders Push To Speed Adoption

Even as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt seeks to delay implementation of the Obama-era facility safety rule, a coalition of local emergency planners is urging the agency to quickly implement provisions of the rule, arguing new requirements for coordinating with and disclosing data to local planners protect first responders and will not cause the broad public disclosure industry fears.

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Suit Over EPA's Rejection Of Fluoride Ban Claims TSCA Misinterpretation

Environmentalists and public health groups are suing EPA over its rejection of a petition seeking a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) ban on drinking water fluoridation, arguing the agency's denial “erroneously interpreted” language in the overhauled TSCA by placing unwieldy burdens on petitioners to justify their request for a ban.

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Retired generals fault Trump rollback of EPA's RMP rule

If Trump can act to deter chemical weapons use in Syria, why should EPA be able to roll back a rule preventing similar harms from industrial accidents?

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'Secret Science' Bill Will Cause TSCA To 'Grind To A Halt,' EPA Analysis Says

An EPA staff analysis of the House's recently approved "secret science" bill warns that H.R. 1430 would "prevent implementation" of the recently amended Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), while also failing to protect companies' trade secret information and limiting its use in EPA chemical, pesticide and other decisions.

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ACC Urges Commerce Department To Target Obama-Era EPA's TCE Policy

Chemical manufacturers are pointing to a Trump administration deregulatory memo to urge the Commerce Department (DOC) to curtail Obama-era EPA guidance for assessing sites contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE) for risks of cardiac birth defects, arguing the guidance unnecessarily raises cleanup costs and is scientifically unjustified.

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Water Utilities, Environmentalists Criticize EPA Household Lead Level Plan

EPA's plan to develop a "health-based benchmark" to assess the relationship between drinking water lead levels and blood lead levels in children is drawing criticism from drinking water utilities, some environmentalists and the state of Texas, which each raise varying concerns about whether the effort will succeed in better protecting children from lead risks.

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