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EPA adds new drift controls as it extends dicamba approval

Environmentalists argue that EPA's two-year extension of its approval of dicamba for use on GM crops supports their pending lawsuit against the original approval.

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EPA Eyes Logistical Requirements For Expanded Drinking Water Monitoring

EPA has begun exploring how best to implement a new statutory requirement to expand the universe of drinking water systems that are required to monitor for emerging, unregulated contaminants, data the agency uses to determine if new enforceable drinking water standards are needed.

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Environmentalists threaten suit to force methylene chloride ban

If and when EPA finalizes a ban, it would mark the fist time since Congress amended TSCA in 2016 that the agency has exercised its authority to prohibit uses of existing chemicals.

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Democrats Seek Broad Agenda From EPA To Curb Ethylene Oxide Risks

Democratic lawmakers from Illinois are pressing EPA to take a series of actions to limit risks of exposure to ethylene oxide (EtO), a known carcinogen, in the wake of local concerns that a Chicago-area sterilizing plant has released high levels of the substance in an area with already high cancer risks.

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Years After IRIS' TCE Analysis, Acute Action Levels Remain Controversial

North Carolina regulators are asking their science advisors to review a guide developed with EPA for those working to limit short-term exposures to vapor intrusion at sites contaminated with the common solvent trichloroethylene (TCE), amid ongoing controversy with EPA's 2011 assessment of TCE risks, which formed the basis for this and other such guides.

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EPA skirts perchlorate rule deadline

EPA's recent request for a federal court to extend the Oct. 31 deadline by 6 months results in an automatic three-month extension or until the judge rules.

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Chlorpyrifos opponents seek EPA ban on all OP pesticides

As the Trump administration fights a court order to ban chlorpyrifos, advocates are urging EPA to expand the ban to other organophosphate pesticides.

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Concern On North Carolina's GenX Level Previews Response To EPA Study

Public concerns from both industry and environmentalists on North Carolina's estimated risk standard for the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) chemical GenX are a likely preview to reaction EPA will receive after it releases its own draft risk analysis and estimate for the same chemical, slated for release in the coming weeks.

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EDF backs TSCA CBI notice, but maintains suit over broader policy

EDF says EPA’s policy on “unique identifiers” for chemicals with a confidentiality claim is welcome, but falls short of addressing its claims that the rules governing confidential information are unlawful.

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IG reviewing waste office communication on sites' health risks

The review seeks to determine whether the agency is adequately communicating indicators of human health risk at select EPA-led waste sites overseen by the Office of Land & Emergency Management.

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