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Methylene Chloride Suit Marks First Test Of EPA's TSCA Responsibilities

Environmentalists are suing EPA over its failure to ban paint-stripping uses of methylene chloride after finding that it does not meet the Toxic Substances Control Act's (TSCA) risk standard, marking one of the first legal tests of the agency's responsibilities to regulate toxic substances under the law since Congress revised it in 2016.

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Environmentalists urge court to preserve lead paint rule suit

Environmentalists are urging an appellate court not to “administratively terminate” their suit over EPA's failure to determine whether it must regulate lead paint in public and commercial buildings.

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Scotched Senate nomination deal kills key EPA regulatory pledges

A Democrat's demand for a recorded vote on EPA's waste nominee killed pledges to revise its science rule, advance the long-sought assessment of formaldehyde and list two PFAS as “hazardous substances.”

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CBD petitions agencies for ESA pesticide restrictions

“If the EPA isn’t going to do what’s needed to protect America’s endangered species from pesticides, federal wildlife agencies need to step in,” one environmentalist says.

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House Democrat urges key GOP senator to back CFATS extension

A top House Democrat urges his GOP counterpart in the Senate to put off debate on revising DHS' chemical facility security plan and back a House-passed two-year extension of the expiring program.

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EPA Training Program Hints At Retreat From Obama-Era Paint Stripper Ban

Environmentalists fear a proposed EPA training program to limit commercial exposures to methylene chloride in paint strippers hints at a retreat from an Obama-era plan to prohibit the use outright, suggesting the agency will instead finalize a scaled-back ban that will allow some paint-stripping uses of the chemical despite potential risks to workers.

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To Win Dunn's Confirmation, EPA Vows To Revise Key TSCA Programs

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has pledged to review and in some cases revise key programs governing new and existing chemicals the agency is seeking to create under the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), commitments that helped win 11th-hour Senate confirmation for the agency toxics chief, Alexandra Dunn.

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Democrats Seek PRIA Passage After EPA Vows To Preserve Pesticide Rules

Senate Democrats are calling for Congress to renew EPA's authority to collect industry fees to support timely pesticide reviews after the agency pledged to preserve Obama-era rules protecting farmworkers in exchange for toxics chief Alexandra Dunn's confirmation -- though the government shutdown still looms over the program.

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House poised to vote on extending CFATS amid shutdown

The House is set to vote on extending DHS' existing facility security rules, rejecting both GOP and Democrats' calls to revise the program.

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Senate Confirms Two EPA Nominees, But Waste Office Pick Stalls

The Senate unanimously confirmed President Donald Trump's nominees to lead EPA's toxics and international offices in the final hours of the 115th Congress, but his nominee to lead EPA's waste office remains stalled after Democrats reportedly sought a recorded vote.

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