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In RMP Delay Suit, Court Seeks List Of Pre-Trump EPA Regulatory Delays

Appellate judges hearing litigation over EPA's two-year delay of Obama-era revisions to the agency's facility safety rule are demanding that the Trump administration provide a list of all federal agency rules prior to 2017 where effective dates of existing rules were changed solely to allow time for a potential reconsideration of those regulations.

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EPA expands TSCA advisory panel

The new appointees include several from industry groups, as well as several representing states, a federal agency, environmentalists and others.

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District Judge Scraps EPA Pesticide Worker Rule Delay For Violating APA

A federal district court judge has vacated the Trump administration's delay of an Obama-era rule bolstering training requirements for applicators of certain pesticides, holding that EPA violated the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) in delaying the rule without seeking public input and that farmworker groups face harms from the delay.

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Agencies form group to improve responder notifications

EPA, OSHA and DHS will convene a “Chemical Facility Security and Safety Working Group” to “coordinate strategies, activities, policies and communication across governmental entities.”

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EPA seeks an extra 90 days to propose lead dust rule update

“While it is important for the proposed rule to be issued expeditiously, it is also important for EPA to have a clear and reasonable timetable,” EPA says.

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In IRIS Comments, DOD Queries Study EPA Uses To Set Uranium Policies

The Defense Department (DOD) is querying whether a 1998 study EPA is considering using in its upcoming Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) assessment of uranium -- a study that is also the basis for several strict regulatory policies -- is appropriate, or whether the agency should instead use a 1949 study that could result in weaker limits.

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Amidst Uncertainty, EPA Expects To Miss Deadline For Lead Hazard Rule

Government lawyers have told a federal appellate court that EPA will miss a 90-day deadline -- expected to kick in as soon as March 27 -- for proposing updates to its lead hazard standard for residential structures though the lawyers are asking the court to clarify the deadline after the judges failed to issue an expected mandate that would have made the order final.

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EPA plans state meeting on PFAS

EPA is planning a meeting with states on the ubiquitous class of chemicals but it is not clear whether it will ensure the consistent risk values that state drinking water regulators are seeking.

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Bolstering EPA Rules, New Study Details Risks Of Lead Exposure In Adults

A new study linking low-level lead exposure with increased risk of adult deaths from cardiovascular disease could help EPA strengthen its cost-benefit analyses and drive new or updated rules to address the metal, including a measure addressing lead paint in public and commercial (P&C) buildings where the agency is struggling to assess risks to adults.'

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Democrats seek to preserve EPA research center

Fifteen senators have signed a letter seeking to preserve an EPA center that researches the effects of chemicals on children's health and other issues.

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