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Inhofe floats ‘skinny’ defense bill without PFAS measures

The bill is intended as a backup in the event lawmakers cannot agree on border wall funds but a group of House lawmakers say they have the votes to block any bill if it does not include PFAS provisions.

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Draft EPA Analysis Opens Door To New TSCA Rules On Methylene Chloride

EPA’s has released a draft risk evaluation that finds scores of methylene chloride uses can pose unreasonable risks to consumers, workers and bystanders, a finding that opens the door to the agency adopting new toxics rules months after issuing a controversial measure that regulated only consumer uses of paint strippers containing the chemical.

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Johnson threatens EPA with subpoena over withheld IRIS documents

The House science committee “is now prepared to issue subpoenas for the requested materials should the Agency fail to meet” a Nov. 5 deadline to provide them, the chairwoman tells EPA’s chief.

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AGs Cite New CSB Findings To Renew Push For EPA To Drop RMP Rollback

Thirteen Democratic state attorneys general (AGs) are citing preliminary investigation results from the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) on explosions at a Philadelphia refinery to reiterate their recent calls for EPA and the White House to “abandon” plans to roll back strict Obama-era Risk Management Plan (RMP) facility safety requirements.

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CCUS Measure May Hang In Balance Amid Broader Defense Bill Dispute

Bipartisan legislation that has cleared the Senate to encourage a suite of carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) technologies might hang in the balance of contentious ongoing conference negotiations over a broader defense policy bill to which the CCUS policy is attached.

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Local Officials Urge Texas To Coordinate With EPA Before Easing EtO Values

Fearing risks to sensitive groups, local officials in Texas are raising concerns over a state plan to adopt significantly weaker risk values than EPA’s for ethylene oxide (EtO), the controversial chemical used to sterilize medical devices among other uses, with some officials urging the state to coordinate with the federal agency before easing its values.

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FDA Caution Over Sterilization Plant Closures Bolsters Industry Fears On EtO

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that closures of sterilization facilities over concerns about the environmental risks posed by their release of ethylene oxide (EtO) is leading to shortages in medical equipment and devices, bolstering industry criticisms of an EPA risk assessment of the chemical that is driving some closures.

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Wheeler touts asbestos rule in response to criticism

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler in a letter to The New York Times is arguing that under his leadership the agency has regulated asbestos while two predecessors who have criticized his actions did not.

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House Group Sees Votes To Block ‘Skinny’ NDAA If It Lacks PFAS Policies

A group of 69 House lawmakers say they have the votes to scuttle efforts to pass a stripped-down defense bill if it lacks measures addressing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), though supporters say they are open to potential compromises on the PFAS measures, including a controversial Superfund law amendment.

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Critics Ask State Court To Block New Hampshire’s Landmark PFAS MCLs

New Hampshire’s landmark drinking water and groundwater standards for four per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which took effect Oct. 1, are facing a legal challenge by a major manufacturer of the chemical, as well as a local water and sewer district and a biosolids business, which are seeking to halt the rules’ implementation and enforcement.

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