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Judges Back EPA's Authority To Delay RMP, But Fault Pace Of Revisions

Appellate court judges appear to be backing the Trump administration's authority to delay the Obama-era rule strengthening EPA's facility accident prevention program, but some are questioning why the agency needs a two-year delay, suggesting it should quickly revise a controversial provision and allow other new protections to take effect.

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EPA Again Seeks To Delay Decision On Lead Rule For Commercial Buildings

Nearly a year after missing a court deadline, EPA is renewing its calls to indefinitely delay a decision on whether it must regulate lead-based paint in public and commercial (P&C) buildings, even as it faces a steep deadline later this month to propose a companion measure updating its standards for lead paint in residential buildings.

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EPA releases guides for expanded CBI categories under TSCA

The documents are intended to assist states, tribes, local governments, emergency responders and other health and environmental professionals who are now able to access CBI.

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Industry Struggles To Win Bill Setting Criteria For Local Chemical Label Rules

Chemical and other industry groups have launched a coalition to push back on what they see as a groundswell of state and local labeling mandates for products containing certain chemicals, but the groups have so far failed to advance legislation it is seeking that would set minimum federal criteria for local rules' chemical evaluations and provide a waiver for small exposures.

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Industry Officials Seeking Bill To Block Local Pesticide Restrictions

Citing states' implementation of EPA regulations, pesticide industry officials are gearing up to urge Congress to craft legislation preempting local governments from restricting the sale and use of pesticides, charging that localities lack scientific guidelines for crafting pesticide rules, which also create a patchwork of regulation for industry.

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EPA sends draft RMP revision rule for OMB review

EPA's submission of the draft proposed rule means the agency has less than a year to complete the rulemaking.

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EPA Seeks To Dismiss Suit Over Advisers' Policy, Citing Lack Of Standing

EPA is urging a federal district court to dismiss the first of several suits challenging its controversial policies and appointments on selecting advisory committee members, charging that EPA's ability to set those policies is “highly discretionary,” the plaintiffs lack standing because the alleged harms cannot be redressed and any suit is not yet ripe.

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EPA, Environmentalists Agree To Formaldehyde Rule Compliance Deadline

Seeking to avoid supply-chain disruptions, EPA and environmentalists have agreed to a June 1 deadline for enforcing an Obama-era rule setting emissions standards for formaldehyde from wood products after a federal court last month rejected the Trump administration's one-year delay, giving industry an additional six months from the rule's initial compliance date.

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EPA Warns Losing PRIA Funds Would Hamper Pesticide Review Process

EPA is warning in a analysis prepared for a Republican lawmaker that failing to renew the agency's Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) program, which allows EPA to collect industry fees to support pesticide reviews, would cost the agency dozens of staff and harm its ability to meet deadlines for reviewing new and existing pesticides.

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Pesticide Sector Claims Udall's PRIA Compromise Limits EPA's Discretion

Pesticide industry officials are faulting Senate Democrats' proposed compromise for resolving a months-long stalemate over whether to renew EPA's Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA), saying it would unrealistically require the agency to relinquish its discretion in whether to implement a previous administration's rules.

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