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EPA issues draft ESA framework revising Obama-era pesticide reviews

EPA is seeking public comment on draft revisions to an Obama-era process for assessing pesticides’ risks to endangered species, though environmentalists say the agency's efforts fail to protect species.

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House, Senate lawmakers introduce flurry of PFAS bills

The bipartisan bills from House and Senate lawmakers attempt to mandate toxic release reporting and federal facility cleanups of the chemicals and bar incineration of PFAS waste.

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EPA Seeks CHPAC's Help With Crafting Health Risk Communication Policy

EPA is asking its Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee (CHPAC) to help with crafting a policy to ensure the agency communicates consistently about environmental and public health risks, prompting mixed reactions from committee members who say the Trump administration is still failing to take full advantage of the panel's expertise.

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Republicans See Possibility Of Compromise On Bill Restricting Asbestos

Top House Republicans say they could agree to a compromise with Democrats on a bill to limit asbestos risks, though they say any deal will have to address concerns that a bill does not unduly limit production of chlorine used to treat drinking water and does not impose infeasible testing and other requirements on EPA.

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Democrats Grill Toxics Chief Over EPA's Narrowed TSCA Review Of Asbestos

House Democrats grilled EPA toxics chief Alexandra Dunn over the agency's narrow approach to addressing risks of asbestos, though Dunn declined comment on a pair of leaked internal memos regional staff wrote raising concerns about the agency's approaches and underscoring concerns raised by environmentalists and others.

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California announces plan to ban chlorpyrifos

Once in place, California’s ban will end as much as 20 percent of the chemical’s domestic use.

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New findings show jump in sites with PFAS contamination

EWG's latest analysis of public data finds 610 sites contaminated with perfluorinated compounds, an increase from 172 sites identified last year.

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EPA Expands Asbestos SNUR While Curbing Risk Evaluation, Irking Critics

EPA's recently finalized rule regulating renewed uses of asbestos expanded the number of applications subject to regulation but cut some of those applications from a related risk evaluation of existing uses, angering critics who say the agency is further narrowing any future toxics rule on existing uses and shows why a total ban on asbestos is needed.

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Industry Raises Fears Over EPA's Asbestos Shift But Largely Backs SNUR

Industry lawyers who represent chemical and other industries are generally backing EPA's recently expanded significant new use rule (SNUR) governing legacy uses of asbestos, though like environmentalists, some industry attorneys are raising concerns that EPA has shifted certain uses from a related evaluation of ongoing uses to the SNUR.

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Attorneys Warn Firms On California Bill To Tighten Green Chemistry Program

Industry attorneys are warning companies across the country that make, distribute and sell consumer products about pending California legislation that would accelerate and expand the state’s green chemistry program, saying it will result in restrictions or bans on numerous chemicals and impose costly and onerous new compliance requirements.

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