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Top Official Doubts Call To Address Scientific Controversies In IRIS Analyses

The new chief of EPA's influential risk analysis program is downplaying calls from some agency science advisers to acknowledge scientific controversies around substances' hazards in its assessments, saying doing so would bring more criticism on the program due to its heated political position.

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9th Circuit urged to reject EPA push to reject chlorpyrifos case

Environmentalists are fighting EPA's motion to dismiss a federal appeals court lawsuit challenging Pruitt's reversal of an Obama-era plan to ban chlorpyrifos.

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Despite Lead Model's Promise, Doubts Remain Over EPA's Use In Water Rule

The recent publication of a pair of linked EPA models on lead exposure is drawing praise for the approach's potential to provide critical information on how children are exposed to the potent neurotoxin, but doubts remain about the viability of EPA using the complicated approach to establish a household action level in an upcoming drinking water rule revision.

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Appellate court sets briefing in challenge to RMP delay

The case is expected to test EPA's authority to delay rules under the Clean Air Act.

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Environmentalists Urge 9th Circuit To Hear All Suits Over EPA TSCA Rules

Environmentalists are urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to consolidate and hear lawsuits filed in several circuits challenging EPA's initial rules for implementing the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), after avoiding filing any cases in the D.C. Circuit out of concern the court might be more sympathetic to EPA.

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EPA Seeks To Dismiss Fluoride Suit, Defending Stance On TSCA 'Uses' Issue

EPA is urging a federal court to dismiss environmentalists' suit challenging its rejection of their petition seeking to ban the practice of fluoridating water under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), with the agency defending its views on the key issue of which chemical uses must be considered in TSCA assessments and possible future regulation.

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IRIS Launches Three New Assessments As Leaders Pledge 'Paradigm Shift'

EPA's influential but controversial Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) risk assessment program is starting three new chemical assessments just as its leaders are pledging a "paradigm shift," including faster assessment times and greater relevance to internal and state partners.

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California chlorpyrifos plan ignores EPA health studies, groups say

Environmentalists point to EPA's current health risk levels that are many times more stringent than the state's proposal.

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EPA urges court to reject pesticide applicators rule suit

EPA says environmentalists' appellate suit should be dismissed because they concede their case should be heard by a district court.

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Suit Over Rejected Fluoride Petition Could Test EPA's Stance On TCSA 'Uses'

EPA is poised to respond to environmentalists' suit challenging the agency's rejection of their petition seeking to ban the practice of fluoridating water under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), but the case could test EPA's stance on which chemical uses it must consider in its risk analyses as it has taken a different position on the issue in recently issued TSCA rules.

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