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Environmentalists seek more time for science rule comments

“The 30-day comment period proposed by EPA is entirely insufficient to accommodate a discussion of this importance,” NRDC said.

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Draft Science Rule Targets EPA's Use Of Strict Default Linear 'Dose' Models

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's plan to require EPA regulatory decisions be based on publicly available data targets the agency's long-time use of strict, default linear dose-response models, a criticism of Republicans and industry groups who say the agency's use of such conservative approaches -- such as in its guidelines for assessing cancer risks -- result in stricter rules than are needed.

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ENRD report highlights Trump administration priorities

The Justice Department is touting its work supporting the Trump administration's regulatory reform efforts.

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RMP Rule Unlikely To Grant Industry Call To Scrap Obama EPA Revisions

EPA's looming proposed rule reconsidering an Obama-era policy strengthening the agency's facility accident prevention program -- which cleared White House review April 27 -- is unlikely to grant industry groups' call to scrap the changes entirely and instead moderate some of the January 2017 updates, an industry source says.

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EPA extends comment deadline for new TSCA test methods plan

EPA granted the extension to give environmentalists time to consider an analysis by an animal welfare group showing a ten-fold increase in animal testing mandates since Congress reformed TSCA.

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Cal Dooley, ACC's longtime president, retiring

The former Democratic lawmaker led the chemical industry group during Congress' passage of bipartisan reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act.

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Expecting New TSCA Resources, OPPT Proposes New Reorganization Plan

Responding to staff concerns, EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) has delayed its ongoing reorganization effort to propose a revised plan that relies on OPPT leadership being able to hire sufficient number of new scientists to fill a second risk analysis division to bolster chemical assessments required by the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

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House Lawmakers Seek Expedited EPA Rulemaking For PFAS Standard

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers, whose districts are affected by drinking water contaminants such as perfluorinated chemicals, is urging appropriators to adopt report language that requires EPA to conduct an expedited rulemaking to craft a standard for the substances, pushing back on agency concerns that such an effort could drag on for years.

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Facing Legal Hurdles, EPA's 'Secret Science' Plan Punts On Key Issues

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has signed a long-promised plan barring the agency's use of any information in decision-making that is not publicly available, but the proposed rule punts on a host of tricky legal and implementation issues, including statutory mandates to use the best available science and how to address confidential trade secrets and medically protected data.

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California court upholds state's Prop. 65 glyphosate listing

While the state court rejected industry arguments, a federal court has blocked the state from requiring the pesticide be labeled as a carcinogen.

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