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CEQ sends final NEPA update for OMB review

Critics and others have warned that the proposed changes are unlawful and will only delay projects further due to increased litigation.

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EPA Warns On Disinfectant Device Claims, Rejects Call For Standards

EPA is warning manufacturers and others not to make claims about the effectiveness of pesticidal devices, such as ozone generators and UV lights, in addressing the coronavirus, though the agency is also rejecting calls from industry groups to craft efficacy standards for the products given uncertainty about their regulatory status.

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EPA Retains Strict EtO Risk Value But Waters Down Controls In MON Rule

EPA’s just-released air toxics rule for the miscellaneous organic chemical manufacturing (MON) sector retains the agency’s strict risk values for the carcinogenic solvent ethylene oxide (EtO) while rejecting, for now, Texas’ weaker values, but the rule still weakens air control mandates and expected cuts in EtO emissions that it earlier proposed.

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EPA says CDR ‘small’ business rule yields broader waivers

EPA “lost a greater [number] of submitters” by using the definition based on sales rather than “a different type of definition,” one official said.

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SACC Weighs Urging EPA To Redo Key Pieces Of Draft Perc Evaluation

EPA science advisors are raising concerns about the agency’s human health hazard assessment in its draft risk evaluation of the common solvent perchloroethylene (perc or PCE), with some suggesting the panel could recommend the agency re-analyze key portions of the agency’s cancer and non-cancer evaluations.

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Critics renew call for Congress to ban asbestos after EPA review

EPA’s “discredited” approach under TSCA to the asbestos risk assessment is “a giant step backward from the high quality science in previous assessments,” one environmentalist charged.

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Upcoming Air Rule Fails To Quell SACC’s Concerns Over Perc Evaluation

EPA science advisors appeared skeptical of agency claims that it reasonably precluded from its draft evaluation of perchloroethylene (perc or PCE) consumers’ and bystanders’ chronic exposures to the chemical from drycleaners co-located in residential buildings because an air toxics rule that takes effect later this year bars such scenarios.

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EPA Fails To Resolve IG’s Calls To Bolster OECA’s Role In TSCA 5(e) Orders

EPA has failed to resolve calls from its Office of Inspector General (OIG) to bolster the role its enforcement office plays in reviewing consent orders crafted by its toxics office under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) for addressing risks from new chemicals, prompting a new standoff between the agency and its watchdog.

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EPA sends final perchlorate rule to OMB for review

The agency has already signaled that the final rule will conclude that EPA will not regulate the presences of the rocket fuel ingredient in drinking water.

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Critics Question Trump’s Deregulatory EO, But Backers Tout ‘Fairness’

Critics of President Donald Trump’s latest deregulatory executive order (EO) are questioning whether it will drive significant new EPA rollbacks without encountering major legal problems, though supporters are highlighting another aspect that imposes a series of principles designed to ensure “fairness” in enforcement actions.

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