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Groups seek to preserve challenge to applicators rule delay

Farmworker groups aim to preserve challenge to Trump administration delay of Obama EPA rule seeking to bolster protections for applicators of certain pesticides.

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House Democrats fault EPA rollbacks in face of extreme weather

House Democrats argue Trump administration plans to slash EPA funding fly in the face of the need to secure contaminated sites against increasing risk of hurricanes and other disasters.

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Industry Eyes Novel TSCA Analysis For Siloxanes But Doubts Need For Rules

The chemical industry is preparing a risk evaluation of a siloxane, one of a class of chemicals used to produce a host of industrial and consumer products, which will likely be one of the first that EPA receives under a provision of the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that allows third parties to submit such evaluations to EPA for its consideration.

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Senate authorizes funding for military PFAS cleanups

The Senate has approved legislation authorizing the military to spend $62 million on remediating contamination from chemicals in firefighting foam.

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EPA Preparing Guidance To Help Address States' Uncertainty Over WPS

EPA is preparing guidance to help address states' uncertainty over whether and how to enforce the Obama-era rule strengthening the agency's farmworker protection standards (WPS) given Trump administration commitments to enforce the measure even as officials take steps to delay compliance with, and potentially revise, the regulation.

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EPA Sidesteps State Request For Update On ESA Pesticide Framework

EPA is sidestepping calls from state regulators who are pressing the agency on whether it will meet a year-end court deadline for completing the first three consultations under a new federal framework for assessing pesticides' risks to endangered species after industry groups earlier this year urged the agency to scrap the process, calling it overly conservative and unrealistic.

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EPA Seeks To Move TSCA Prioritization Rule Suit From 9th To 4th Circuit

EPA is urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to transfer to the 4th Circuit environmentalists' challenges to the agency's rule for prioritizing chemicals for review under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), arguing the 4th Circuit is already hearing a case over a related rule and moving it there could conserve resources.

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EPA seeks comments on perchlorate materials, peer reviewers

The action is unlikely to help ensure the agency meets a court-ordered deadline for completing its review.

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EWG Presses EPA To Add Consumer Uses To Scope Of Dioxane Review

Environmentalists are urging EPA to expand the scope of its Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) review of 1,4-dioxane to consider potential exposures from consumer uses of personal care and cleaning products, after releasing data that shows widespread occurrence of the substance in drinking water locations around the country.

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TSCA Reporting Rule Negotiations Collapse, Forcing EPA To Begin Again

Even before a final meeting slated for October, a negotiated rulemaking panel convened to inform a future EPA rule to reduce reporting burdens for certain chemicals' uses has broken down after members agreed they would not reach a required consensus recommendation.

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