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EAB Case Tests Scope Of EPA's Equity Reviews For UIC Permit Decisions

A new EPA Environmental Appeals Board case contesting an agency-issued underground injection control (UIC) permit aims to force the agency to give greater weight to environmental justice (EJ) concerns and drinking water impacts when it considers Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) permits for oil extraction, waste disposal and other uses.

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EPA urged to list Alabama waste site after bribery convictions

Birmingham's mayor calls for a waste site in the city to be added to the Superfund list after a former PRP official and his lawyer engaged in a “a massive public misinformation campaign and bribery” to block the listing.

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Navajo Nation residents join suits over EPA Gold King mine spill

A group of 290 farmers and ranchers from the Navajo Nation have filed a fresh complaint over EPA's role in the 2015 Gold King Mine wastewater spill.

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Water Utilities Seek EPA Focus On Research, Source Control To Address PFAS

Wastewater utilities are urging EPA to focus its work on perfluorinated chemicals on research to better understand the fate, transport and toxicity of the chemicals and then to use “heightened source control efforts and certain, specifically tailored regulatory standards,” to remove the constituents from the environment.

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Environmentalists threaten suit over EPA guide for state ash permits

Environmentalists say EPA has a statutory mandate to craft a binding rule governing the terms of public participation in state coal ash permit programs, but has only issued a guidance on the subject.

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New Mexico Democrats renew calls for EPA Gold King payments

Three Democrats are urging acting EPA head Andrew Wheeler to voluntarily admit fault by the agency in the 2015 Gold King wastewater spill and commit to paying damages to residents.

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6th Circuit Judges Seek To Avoid Broad CWA Groundwater Liability Ruling

Appellate judges hearing two groundwater contamination suits against coal ash disposal sites appear to be seeking options to resolve the litigation on narrow grounds without issuing a broad ruling on the contested issue of whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) covers leaks to groundwater, despite calls from all sides in the suits for such a ruling.

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Senate EPW approves EPA waste, international office nominees

All 11 Senate environment committee Republicans voted in favor of President Donald Trump's nominees to head EPA's waste and international offices, while all 10 Democrats voted against the nominees.

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EPA 'Lean' efforts may aid waste rules' implementation

The agency's Inspector General says EPA's 'Lean' management efforts will help better track states' efforts to obtain authorization for federal hazardous waste rules.

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ARCO Rebuts Citizens' Arguments Over CERCLA Pre-Enforcement Review

Oil giant Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) is renewing its effort to have the U.S. Supreme Court review and overturn a Montana high court decision that the company says upsets the long-standing bar to lawsuits interfering with Superfund cleanup decisions, rebutting local citizen arguments that the court should decline review.

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