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EPA Urged To Model CERCLA Sediment Cleanups On Great Lakes Program

Groups representing liable parties and cleanup contractors are urging EPA to borrow concepts from its Great Lakes cleanup program and create a national public-private collaborative to speed cleanups at Superfund sediment mega-sites, a shift from the litigation-driven, polluter-pays concept though one that will likely require congressional action to advance.

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Utilities Warn CWA Groundwater Liability Undermines EPA RCRA Ash Rule

Utilities are warning that a district court ruling subjecting coal ash disposal sites to Clean Water Act (CWA) discharge permits for leaks into groundwater could subvert EPA's Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) rule governing ash disposal, an outcome they say could throw states' waste programs into “disarray.”

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4th Circuit rejects utility's bid to 'coordinate' CWA groundwater suits

The 4th Circuit will not coordinate two cases testing the limits of Clean Water Act authority over groundwater contamination, raising the possibility of contradictory rulings.

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Pruitt draws concern over top Superfund official's banking violations

“These [Superfund cleanup] funds should not be entrusted to someone who has been barred from working for every financial institution from credit unions to Wall Street banks,” Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) told the administrator.

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House Democrats fault EPA rollbacks in face of extreme weather

House Democrats argue Trump administration plans to slash EPA funding fly in the face of the need to secure contaminated sites against increasing risk of hurricanes and other disasters.

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Senate authorizes funding for military PFAS cleanups

The Senate has approved legislation authorizing the military to spend $62 million on remediating contamination from chemicals in firefighting foam.

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Bolstering Pruitt's Superfund Reforms, EPA Plans To Prioritize Regional Staff

After years of resisting calls to incorporate workload analysis into its resource allocations, EPA's waste office has agreed to prioritize most Superfund sites and assign personnel according to those priorities, though the agency is suggesting a “more measured approach” than what the agency's Inspector General (IG) originally sought.

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Colorado sues over lapses in post-closure care at Army site

Colorado is suing the two federal agencies over alleged lapses in cleanup requirements at a former Army site.

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EPA seeks stay of coal ash litigation

Litigation over the Obama-era coal ash rule is the latest suit that EPA has sought to put on hold while it reconsiders the underlying regulation.

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NRC Raises Jurisdictional Questions Over EPA Uranium Groundwater Rule

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff says EPA’s re-proposed groundwater protection rule for uranium in-situ recovery (ISR) mining reaches beyond the agency’s jurisdictional authorities, by encroaching on NRC’s authorities to regulate the activity and applying the wrong statutory authority in an attempt to protect potential future groundwater uses.

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