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Dischargers Back EPA Groundwater Policy But Urge Formal Rulemaking

Groups representing a variety of industry sectors subject to Clean Water Act (CWA) discharge permits are backing EPA’s recent policy statement declaring that pollution releases to groundwater should never be subject to permit limits, though many of them also urge the agency to strengthen the policy through a formal rulemaking.

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EPA Proposal To Back Georgia Ash Program Sets Model For Strict State Plans

EPA is formally proposing to approve Georgia’s coal ash disposal permit program, which would make the Peach State the second to win federal permission to regulate ash disposal after Oklahoma and the first to go further than EPA’s ash standards by incorporating a 2018 appellate court ruling that ordered the agency to strengthen its nationwide ash rule.

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OMB ‘Tight-Lipped’ On Ash Reuse Sector’s Requests For EPA Rule Rewrite

White House officials are staying “tight-lipped” on the content of EPA’s pending “phase two” proposal to overhaul the Obama-era coal ash disposal rule undergoing pre-publication review, after ash reuse industry representatives met with administration officials and urged them to address several flaws in the rule through the proposal.

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IG finds transparency could have alleviated Superfund report concerns

The Inspector General says EPA should have better explained the role of agency staff in developing the report, but the agency properly followed federal records law.

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Water Utilities Fight PFAS Superfund Listing, Fearing Waste Disposal Liability

Wastewater and drinking water utilities are raising concerns about some lawmakers’ efforts to force EPA to list a whole class of perfluorinated chemicals as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law, saying it could create cleanup liability for systems that have land-applied their biosolids or disposed of waste from drinking water treatment.

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Retail Industry Urges EPA To Withdraw ‘Unlawful’ Liquid Waste Proposal

The retail industry is urging EPA to withdraw its plan to codify a policy exclusion for liquid waste from the definition of “ignitable” hazardous waste, calling the proposal “unlawfully ambiguous” and saying that parts of it would effectively repeal or are inconsistent with existing agency waste regulations.

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Senators ‘Hopeful’ Defense Bill Will Include Superfund PFAS Measure

A bipartisan group of senators say they remain hopeful that legislative language requiring EPA to designate perfluorinated compounds as “hazardous substances” subject to liability under the Superfund law will eventually be included in the fiscal year 2020 defense authorization bill, which is slated for consideration later this week.

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Utilities Provide Cautious Response To Senate PFAS Bill Ahead Of Markup

Drinking water utilities are declining to take a position on bipartisan Senate legislation addressing contamination from perfluorinated chemicals through a variety of environmental laws, though they are concerned that the measure, slated for markup June 19, could set an adverse precedent by preempting EPA’s statutory process for setting standards.

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EPA Eyes Guide On ‘Look First’ Approach For Transferring Cleanup Duties

EPA says it may provide guidance to its regions on facilitating the use of what has been a little-used “look first” approach -- where regulators first pursue third parties, such as environmental remediation contractors or real estate investors, after potentially responsible parties (PRPs) transfer their cleanup obligations to them in settlements.

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EPA Defends Vapor Intrusion Site Listing Against Legal Challenge

The Justice Department is defending the scoring method EPA used to justify one of the agency’s first listings of a site to the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) based solely on the presence of vapor intrusion, rejecting a lawsuit by industry groups that could determine the parameters for such listings.

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