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Warren presses Superfund reforms chief on banking violations

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) raises concerns that the head of EPA's Superfund reform efforts lacks environmental policy experience and his “troubled history in the banking industry."

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EPA Cites Future Suits In Bid To Consolidate Gold King Mine Spill Litigation

EPA is asking federal judges to combine all litigation over the 2015 Gold King Mine wastewater spill including potentially “hundreds” of future cases that victims of the spill might bring if their administrative claims for damages are denied, but plaintiffs in the current suits say the agency fails to meet the high bar for granting consolidation.

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House Lawmakers Weigh Superfund Fixes, Possible New State Authorities

House Republicans on the Energy & Commerce environment subcommittee are signaling interest in considering legislation to address frustrations over the slow pace of Superfund cleanups, including weighing potentially new authorities for states.

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Lead Dust Ruling May Open Door To Suits Forcing EPA Rulemaking Efforts

Environmentalists and industry lawyers say they expect a new wave of lawsuits against EPA and other agencies seeking deadlines for rule updates based on the recent appellate decision ordering EPA to craft new hazard standards for lead dust, though industry holds out hope that the precedent it set can be limited to that circuit.

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EPA defends 'Top 21' Superfund site list in response to GOP concerns

A top EPA waste official defended the list of sites the agency has identified for priority oversight by Administrator Scott Pruitt but sidestepped lawmakers concerns over lack of new funds.

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EPA Pushes Redevelopment At Superfund Sites, Sparking Industry Concern

EPA has released an initial list of 31 Superfund sites at which the agency plans to promote reuse opportunities for developers and businesses, an effort that may be aimed at overcoming difficulties the agency has previously faced getting cleanup sites "ready for anticipated use" due in part to difficulties implementing institutional controls.

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Industry Unnerved By Pruitt's Push For Excavation At Some Superfund Sites

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's close oversight of high-profile Superfund cleanup decisions, as well as strict remedies he has supported for some sites, is drawing concern among potentially responsible parties (PRPs) that the administrator is signaling plans to embrace costlier excavation remedies at some sites.

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PRPs Urge EPA To Avoid Broad Excavation At West Lake Landfill Site

Potentially responsible parties (PRPs) at the West Lake Landfill site in Bridgeton, MO, are urging EPA officials to avoid a broad excavation remedy as Administrator Scott Pruitt prepares to announce a cleanup remedy at the high-profile Superfund site.

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EPA Approval Of Oklahoma Ash Program May Set Marker For Other States

EPA is proposing to approve Oklahoma's plan for regulating coal ash disposal under a 2016 law that opened the door for the agency to delegate implementation of its first-time ash program, and the approval may set a marker for other states by suggesting swift approval if the plans adhere closely to the requirements in EPA's program.

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EPA Plans Response To Competing Views On Uranium Groundwater Rule

EPA plans to respond to both the head of the Senate environment committee and environmentalists over competing views on whether the agency should withdraw a draft groundwater protection rule for in-situ uranium mining and enter into an agreement with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to clarify limits on EPA's authority governing such standards.

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