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ACC opposes Biden push for renewing Superfund taxes

The chemical industry is objecting to the Biden administration’s support for reinstating corporate Superfund taxes, part of the administration’s new $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

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States’ PFAS Monitoring, Discharge Rules Spur Regulated Entities’ Fears

States are beginning to require industrial facilities to monitor for and in some cases limit the discharge of some per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in stormwater and wastewater, prompting concern from regulated entities that states are moving ahead with differing policies even as EPA lacks any analytical methods for PFAS in wastewater.

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OIG faults EPA for poor inspection rates of closed hazardous waste units

EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is criticizing the agency’s policies for periodically inspecting closed hazardous waste units with waste still in place.

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Biden Infrastructure Plan Includes Billions For Water Utilities, Waste Sites

President Joe Biden’s massive $2 trillion infrastructure plan includes a $111 billion investment in water infrastructure and a total of $21 billion for cleaning up abandoned mines and energy wells as well as redeveloping brownfields and Superfund sites, drawing praise from water utilities and environmental groups.

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Environmentalists, Industry Split Over EPA Recycling Rate Measurement

Environmentalists, industry and states are split over how EPA should measure the recycling rate as the United States attempts to reach a 50 percent rate by 2030, with differences among environmentalists and the chemical industry over whether to include chemical recycling, incineration and other management methods when calculating rates.

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Bipartisan bill eyes EPA grants to improve residential recycling

New bipartisan recycling legislation aims to improve residential and community recycling programs through EPA grants, model recycling program toolkits.

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EPA Waste Office Eyeing Revisions To Superfund Lead Policies, Approach

EPA is weighing possible revisions to its policies and approaches for tackling lead at Superfund sites including improving cross-agency coordination on addressing multiple sources of lead and reviewing the existing lead level used in cleanups at such sites, says Carlton Waterhouse, the top Biden political appointee in the agency’s waste office.

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EPA’s Waterhouse Approaches Lead, Cleanups With Strong Focus On EJ

Carlton Waterhouse, an environmental justice (EJ) expert who is currently EPA’s top political appointee in the waste office, plans to apply his EJ knowledge throughout the waste program, citing as examples expected efforts on tackling lead contamination and ties between cleanup work and economic revival in overburdened communities.

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U.S. Argues Guam Win In Supreme Court Case Could Delay Site Cleanups

The U.S. government is asking the Supreme Court to uphold an appeals court decision that has blocked Guam from pursuing recovery of Superfund cleanup costs from the Navy, contending the territory’s arguments lack merit, misread the statute and could result in delaying contaminated site cleanups.

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Asarco Declines Response To ARCO’s High Court Superfund Petition

Asarco, a mining company that previously settled with the United States the largest environmental bankruptcy claims in the country, has chosen not to file a response to a petition by a major oil company asking the Supreme Court to accept, but put on hold, a Superfund case over statute of limitations issues.

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