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EPA seeks OMB approval for notice on coal ash reuse rulemaking

EPA “plans to seek additional information” on how to rework regulation of coal ash reuse after a 2019 proposal was rejected by industry and environmental groups alike.

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EPA Asks Court To Dismiss Suit Seeking Live Coal Ash Rule Hearings

EPA is asking a federal district court to dismiss environmentalists’ suit seeking new hearings on its newest rule governing coal ash disposal, arguing there is no “non-discretionary duty” to hold in-person hearings on proposed waste rules and that only appellate courts can hear litigation over the ash rule now that it is final.

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EPA touts NPL deletions amid criticism of Superfund metric

EPA is touting that for the third year in a row it has deleted a historically high number of Superfund sites from the National Priorities List (NPL), although critics have questioned the adequacy of the metric.

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EPA unveils draft strategy to boost domestic recycling

The strategy focuses on reducing contamination in waste streams, boosting processing efficiency and bolstering markets for recycled material, but offers few specifics on how it could achieve those goals.

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Environmentalists fear historic designation will void NASA cleanup

The “Native American artifact” designation NASA is seeking for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a cloaked effort to exempt the entire site from a federal-state cleanup accord, critics say.

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In ‘Legacy’ Coal Ash Site Notice, EPA Eyes Options To Avoid Regulation

EPA is weighing options for how to address “legacy” coal ash impoundments at closed power plants by issuing a request for data on the universe of such sites that includes a suggestion the agency might lack authority over the facilities, drawing criticism from environmentalists who cite a court order for the agency to regulate the sites.

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States Likely To See First Tests Of PFAS Rules As EPA Eyes Limited Steps

States are likely to be at the center of the first battles that the regulated community might wage over per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) rulemakings, as states continue their lead role on pushing through regulatory measures while EPA eyes only limited steps without approving broad new regulatory or policy measures.

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ACC pushes back against Massachusetts’ PFAS limit for six compounds

“We disagree with the approach used by [Massachusetts’ environment department] of grouping these substances together under a single standard,” says an American Chemistry Council spokeswoman.

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Judge allows bulk of CLF’s novel climate suit against Shell to continue

While federal district court Judge William E. Smith dismissed to aspects of the suit, he rejected the bulk of Shell’s arguments for ending the case and is allowing the litigation to continue.

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EPA, OIG at odds over improving protections for OSCs during pandemic

EPA’s Office of Inspector General is suggesting ways to better protect the agency’s on-scene coordinators when they conduct emergency responses during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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