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EPA Groups Take Initial Steps To Bolster Recycling But Face Challenges

A wide-ranging group of stakeholders convened by EPA is moving ahead on initial steps to promote recycling and strengthen materials management infrastructure and secondary materials markets, even as they debate differences over how best to bolster the recycling system in light of major market impacts from China’s import restrictions.

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Returning Congress Expected To Weigh EPA Efforts On Municipal Recycling

When lawmakers return from their August recess, they appear likely to consider EPA efforts to bolster municipal recycling amid concerns over the impacts of China’s import restrictions on recyclable materials and calls from nearly four dozen House Democrats who are pressing EPA to develop a national strategy to aid domestic recycling programs.

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White House begins review of EPA-led coal ash permit program

EPA is seeking White House approval of its proposal for a nationwide permit program that would replace citizen suits as the primary way to enforce its coal ash disposal rule nationwide.

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EPA Calls PFAS Sampling Priority, But Rejects Jersey Push On Draft Levels

EPA Region 2 is effectively agreeing with New Jersey regulators that sampling for emerging contaminants, such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), at Superfund sites in the state “is a priority,” prompting concern from at least one industry attorney who questions whether EPA is requiring more sampling than is necessary.

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White House Objects To Senate’s Bipartisan PFAS Provisions

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is “strongly” objecting to numerous provisions in Senate-passed defense legislation that would require EPA to craft a series of new drinking water, toxics and reporting rules for perfluorinated chemicals and mandate that the Defense Department (DOD) mitigate its past use of the chemicals.

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EPA to track new metrics on improving Superfund program

As the agency winds down the work of its Superfund task force, it is creating a new set of performance metrics to track continued cleanup progress.

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Navy Seeks To End Landmark PFAS Monitoring Cases On Immunity Grounds

The Navy is urging a federal district court to dismiss claims from Pennsylvania residents seeking the military’s payment for medical monitoring to detect health issues that may develop after exposure to perfluorinated chemicals, after an appellate court, in a precedential decision, last year allowed the claims to proceed.

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New studies raise concerns about short-chain PFAS

The studies by a team of researchers at Auburn University and from the National Toxicology Program call into question industry claims about the risks of some short-chain perfluorinated chemicals.

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Touting TVA Pact, Environmentalists Aim To Drop High Court Coal Ash Suit

Environmentalists are asking the Supreme Court to dismiss their appeal of a ruling that rejected their suit seeking stricter closure mandates for a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) coal ash disposal site, saying they have reached a pact with TVA and state officials that sets strict cleanup requirements and could be a model for other ash site plaintiffs.

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Medical device makers press lawmakers to drop PFAS measures

The group says House amendments designating PFAS as “hazardous” would undermine development of life-saving medical devices which have been approved by the FDA.

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