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House coalition pushes for PFAS measures

The bipartisan group is calling on House and Senate defense bill conferees to back a host of measures to advance numerous, and sometimes controversial, policies dealing with perfluorinated chemicals.

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DOE Offers EPA 11th-Hour Pitch To Sway Wheeler On Superfund Dispute

Just days before a high-level meeting, the Energy Department’s (DOE) top lawyer has, at the 11th-hour, detailed extensive arguments seeking to sway EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to back the department in a potentially precedent-setting argument that seeks to allow the department to skirt EPA’s strict Superfund cleanup levels.

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POTWs’ Legal Uncertainty Drives Fear Over PFAS Superfund Designation

As Congress weighs defense authorization legislation that would designate perfluorinated chemicals as hazardous substances under the Superfund law, wastewater utilities are opposing the language, fearing it would impose significant liability due to the presence of the chemicals in the biosolids they generate

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Industry Battle Brews Over Calls For Narrow PFAS Liability Waivers

Chemical manufacturers and other industrial waste generators are signaling they plan to fight efforts by water utilities, airport operators and other groups that are seeking narrow, sector-specific waivers from cleanup liability should policymakers list per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law.

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EPA Clarifies OTC Issues, Easing Logistics Fears Ahead Of Pharma Rule

EPA staff have clarified that under the agency’s new pharmaceutical waste rule, healthcare facilities can manage over-the-counter (OTC) medications as hazardous waste and send them to a reverse distributor, easing significant logistics issues that otherwise would likely have arisen for the facilities, according to an attorney tracking the issue.

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As EWG Details Industry’s PFAS Findings, DuPont Fortifies Cleanup Pledges

Environmentalists have compiled a suite of documents that could bolster a House Democrat’s suggestion that chemical companies continued to produce and sell per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances’ (PFAS) despite knowing the health risks just as one of those companies, DuPont, is strengthening its pledge to remediate any contamination and curb risks.

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Asarco charges trustee skirting cleanup obligations

The large mining company whose 2009 bankruptcy settlement paid for cleanup at numerous Superfund sites is asking a federal court to intervene in a dispute with a bankruptcy trustee over two sites.

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Fight Over California Plastic Recycling Bills Heats Up As Deadlines Near

The fight over landmark California legislation that would set a target of reducing plastic waste from single-use plastic containers 75 percent by 2030 is heating up as the end of the state’s 2019 legislative session nears, with business groups warning of substantial economic costs while environmentalists are ramping up grass-roots lobbying.

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ARCO urges high court to reverse Montana CERCLA ruling

Oil giant Atlantic Richfield Company argues in a new merits brief that a Montana state court decision will upend cleanups at massive Superfund sites by allowing state damages claims.

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Trump Critics Say NEPA Climate Guide Lets Agencies ‘Shirk’ Obligations

Democratic lawmakers and environmental groups are criticizing a draft White House guidance on analyzing greenhouse gases in environmental reviews for allowing agencies to bypass their responsibility to conduct robust studies of a project’s lifecycle emissions.

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