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EPA rebuts environmentalists' challenge to waste rule

EPA is raising procedural and substantive defenses to environmentalists' attempt to challenge an exclusion that allows third-party recyclers of hazardous secondary material to avoid stringent regulation.

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BaP Risk Review Unlikely To Prompt Revised Cleanups At Many Sites

EPA is proposing to ease stringent sediment cleanup levels at a high-profile Oregon Superfund site due to an updated risk review for the chemical benzo(a)pyrene (BaP), but the risk revisions are unlikely to trigger modifications to cleanups at many other, if any, Superfund sites, according to an EPA official.

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EPA Suggests Applying Steep Permit Deadline To States, Raising Fears

EPA waste officials are suggesting that the agency may eventually apply its requirement setting a six-month deadline for all its permitting decisions to state-issued permits, prompting concerns from state officials who fear they would not be able to meet such a goal and fear it may undercut the quality of some permits.

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Facing Hurdles, EPA Steps Up Push For 'Good Samaritan' Mine Cleanups

EPA and other Trump administration officials are stepping up their efforts to secure more “Good Samaritan” voluntary cleanups at abandoned mine sites that have been difficult to advance because of strict legal liability that often dissuades such voluntary parties from signing up to remediate the sites.

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EPA Seeks Cleaner Municipal Waste Streams To Help Ease Recycling Woes

EPA is urging local governments and recycling companies to improve the quality of municipal waste materials slated for recycling by limiting food waste and other non-recyclable “contamination” in an effort to bolster the sagging domestic industry, which has hit major financial woes in the face of Chinese restrictions and tariffs on imports of U.S. material.

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Facing Suit, EPA Plans To Delay State Deadlines For Landfill Methane Rule

EPA is floating a proposal that would delay the existing deadline until mid-2019 for states to submit compliance plans for Obama-era methane rules for landfills, arguing the plan would align with its separate proposed power sector greenhouse gas rule that similarly extends state compliance deadlines.

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IG reviewing waste office communication on sites' health risks

The review seeks to determine whether the agency is adequately communicating indicators of human health risk at select EPA-led waste sites overseen by the Office of Land & Emergency Management.

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Environmentalists Aim To Limit 4th Circuit's Adverse Impact On Ash Suits

Environmentalists are trying to minimize the impact of an appellate ruling that coal ash ponds are not “point sources” subject to Clean Water Act (CWA) penalties for leaks, claiming it relied on details of Virginia’s permit programs and that it should not have any impact on leak liability suits they are pursuing in other states.

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District court weighs impact of rulings on Gold King Mine spill suit

The state and tribal plaintiffs suing over the Gold King spill, as well as EPA in its role as a defendant, are touting recent decisions from other courts to bolster their position in the case.

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Landfill owner seeks cost recovery in face of costly EPA remedy

Bridgeton Landfill, Inc. is suing a waste generator allegedly responsible for some contamination at the West Lake landfill site after EPA adopted a cleanup plan expected to cost more than $200 million.

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