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Environmentalists Seek Coal Ash Removal In Landmark Georgia Program

Environmentalists are urging EPA to force Georgia to adopt strict requirements removing all stored coal ash from disposal sites when shutting them down and prohibit “closure in place” of such sites before it approves the state’s landmark bid to establish an otherwise stricter alternative to the agency’s ash regulatory regime.

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EPA Cites OSHA Hazardous Material Training In Bid To Evade Spill Liability

EPA is claiming immunity from dozens of pending tort claims over its role in a 2015 wastewater spill because its employees went through OSHA’s training program for hazardous-waste handling, teeing up a district court ruling on how much training federal employees must receive to protect their agencies from liability should a disaster occur.

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California tightens PFOA, PFOS reporting guidelines

California is setting stricter notification levels for local water agencies to follow in detecting two commonly found perfluorinated chemicals and launching a process to craft enforceable standards.

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EPA Proposes Flexible Landfill Methane Plan, But Delays Compliance Dates

EPA in a new proposed rule outlines flexible compliance options for states and industry to follow in a federal plan for limiting methane emissions from municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills, but the rule may prove moot given the agency’s recent extensions of compliance dates for states to issue their own plans or face direct federal standards.

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New York Sues EPA, Challenging Hudson River PCB Cleanup Certification

New York has sued EPA over its decision to certify that General Electric (GE) had completed cleanup of sediment in the upper Hudson River contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) even though EPA withheld a finding that the cleanup remedy is protective under a related review.

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Progressive Group Urges Congress To Hold Industry ‘Accountable’ On PFAS

Echoing a Democratic lawmaker, a network that links millions of local activists has gathered thousands of signatures for a petition urging Congress to “hold the chemical industry accountable” for the alleged damage it has caused by continuing to produce per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) even though manufacturers knew it was harmful.

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Former EPA Toxics Nominee Sparks Debate On Novel PFOA Risk Method

A recent conference seeking to develop a research strategy on per- and polyfluoroalkyls (PFAS), the broad class of chemicals drawing increasing public attention, sparked debate over a plan from Michael Dourson, a one-time Trump nominee to lead EPA’s toxics office, who renewed his push for a novel method for assessing the risks of PFOA, the most-studied of the chemicals.

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House Democrats Query EPA On Draft EAB Policy, Enforcement Effects

Key House Democrats are raising concerns about EPA’s draft plan to limit the role of the Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) in permit reviews as a way to speed permitting, demanding information on the issue, including whether EAB’s work reviewing enforcement matters will continue despite the planned policy changes.

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EPA’s ban on sewering pharmaceutical waste takes effect

The agency’s prohibition on flushing hazardous waste pharmaceuticals at a wide range of healthcare facilities takes effect Aug. 21 as part of a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act rule.

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Environmentalists ask court to rehear waste rule challenge

The groups want the panel to reconsider its unanimous ruling rejecting their challenge to an EPA rule that exempts third-party recyclers of hazardous secondary materials from strict waste rule requirements.

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