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Coming Months Pose Test Of Trump EPA’s Criminal Enforcement Agenda

The next several months will reveal how much the Trump administration is prioritizing criminal environmental enforcement as the first cases started under this administration come to fruition, and will also see electronic compliance reporting continuing to increase, says a top EPA criminal enforcement official from the Obama administration.

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Researchers Debate Basing PFAS Replacement On Chemicals’ ‘Essentiality’

Researchers and other per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) experts at a recent National Academy of Sciences (NAS) workshop debated the concept of phasing out or replacing uses of PFAS based on how essential their use is, sparked by a publication that proposes the concept of separating PFAS into three categories of “essentiality.”

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Coal Ash Reuse Plan Draws Environmentalists’ Opposition At EPA Hearing

Environmentalists used an Oct. 10 EPA online hearing on the agency's proposal to revise coal ash disposal and reuse regulations to broadly criticize the plan, detailing potential arguments they are likely to make in a lawsuit if EPA finalizes the proposal -- which received no public backing in testimony at the event.

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EPA delays draft toxicity assessments for five PFAS

The agency’s Integrated Risk Information System program update shows the expected release of the draft assessments has slipped by three months but is still within the bounds of an “action plan” timeline.

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North Carolina Eyes Applying EPA PFAS Water Advisory To Groundwater

North Carolina regulators are proposing the state adopt EPA’s health advisory for two well-known per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals as a state groundwater standard and are asking the state’s science advisors for advice on the proposal, according to a presentation at the advisors’ most recent meeting.

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Novel RCRA Citizen Suits Rise As Federal Enforcement, Funding Decline

The number of citizen suits filed under the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) is rapidly increasing as citizens test novel theories including expanded endangerment claims and related unique arguments, taking the place of federal enforcement, regulation and funding that is declining, according to a private practice attorney.

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Critics of EO axing advisory panels urge Trump to rescind order

A wide-ranging collection of groups is arguing that President Donald Trump’s executive order requiring EPA and other agencies to eliminate advisory panels is “arbitrary,” “specious” and harmful.

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EPA Proposal To Forgo Power Sector CERCLA Rule Prompts Mixed Reaction

Industry groups are praising EPA’s proposal to forgo setting financial responsibility requirements under the Superfund law for the electric power generator sector, saying a recent court precedent backs the plan, but environmentalists argue EPA’s approach increases the risks of groundwater contamination from coal ash dump sites.

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EPA Stalls In Initial Push To Curb Impact Of Global Plastic Waste Limits

The United States in recent low-level talks within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) stalled in its attempt to gain support for a proposal that would effectively block limits that the group of the world’s wealthiest countries is considering on trade in plastic recyclables, says a source familiar with the talks.

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Appeals court refuses to reconsider waste rule decision

The order from a three-judge appeals court panel rejects environmentalists’ petition to reconsider a unanimous ruling that upheld EPA’s definition of solid waste rule.

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