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Updated EPA Agenda Targets March For Finalizing Obama Rule Rollbacks

EPA's just-updated Unified Agenda of pending regulations is targeting March for finalizing a host of controversial rollbacks of Obama-era regulations, including greenhouse gas standards for power plants and vehicles as well as the 2015 Clean Water Act (CWA) standard -- decisions that will face lawsuits as soon as they are issued.

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Environmentalists Pressure EPA On Ash Rule Changes In Lieu Of Lawsuits

Environmentalists plan to pressure EPA to revise and tighten its coal ash rule in line with a federal appeals court mandate issued Oct. 15 that formally vacates portions of the Obama-era regulation, in lieu of pursuing waste law enforcement actions against utilities that they claim are now violating the law as a result of the mandate.

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EPA Criticizes Navy's Lack Of Transparency In Hunters Point CERCLA Review

EPA Region 9 is criticizing the Navy's management of re-sampling and cleanup work at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, CA, saying the Navy fails in a review of the high-profile cleanup to be upfront about the falsified radiological data sampling that a cleanup contractor was found to have done throughout the site.

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4th Circuit Lets Stand CWA Coal Ash Ruling, Bolstering Industry Defenses

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit is letting stand a panel decision that says leaking coal ash disposal sites are not “point sources” subject to Clean Water Act (CWA) liability, rejecting environmentalists' claim that the precedential ruling undercuts limits on other facilities and bolstering industry in many pending district-level CWA suits.

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EPA Stresses Adhering To Timelines In Federal Facility Cleanup Disputes

EPA's enforcement and acting waste office chiefs have issued guidance to regional staff reinforcing the importance of adhering to established timelines for disputes with federal facilities over cleanups, responding to Superfund reforms that EPA leadership adopted last year to speed cleanups and ensure disputes between federal parties do not slow work.

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EPA touts record Superfund NPL deletions in fiscal year 2018

The agency is hailing the removal of 18 full sites and four partial sites from the National Priorities List, a significant boost over the three deletions in fiscal year 2016.

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Wheeler launches new staff reporting tool for environmental risks

EPA staff can use the web-based tool to notify senior management when concerns they raise to supervisors about significant environmental risks go unaddressed.

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'Non-Delegation' Cases Offer Chance For High Court To Limit EPA Powers

The pending Supreme Court petition over environmental limits on a border wall, along with a just-argued case on sex offender registries, could give the justices an opportunity to limit EPA's rulemaking discretion by strengthening a little-used doctrine that bars Congress from giving the executive branch “unbounded” discretion to regulate.

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Senate GOP Eyes 'Secret Science' Bill To Adopt Policy In EPA's Proposal

Senate environment committee Republicans are suggesting they will try in the next Congress to move legislation that largely adopts a controversial EPA proposal to bar the agency in rulemaking from relying on scientific data that is not publicly available, with a GOP staffer saying lawmakers' preference is to enact such policies through statute.

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Congress backs PFAS alternatives for airports

Both the House and Senate have approved legislation requiring the Federal Aviation Administration to coordinate with EPA to eliminate a requirement for airports to use PFAS-containing firefighting foam.

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