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Despite Senators' Frustration, EPA Expects PFAS Actions To Take Years

EPA's top official leading efforts to address perfluorinated chemicals appeared to do little to ameliorate senators' concerns over the slow pace of agency action on the issue, telling lawmakers at a Sept. 26 hearing that if the agency decides to regulate the substances under various environmental laws, it would take years to complete.

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EPA Sets Excavation Remedy At Nuclear Site But Draws Rare Legal Threat

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler Sept. 27 signed a final cleanup plan for the West Lake Landfill Superfund site, a high-profile, long-debated radioactive site in Bridgeton, MO, continuing a path his predecessor set to support costly excavation cleanups, though the plan is drawing a rare legal threat from one of the site's responsible parties.

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Industry Seeks To Ease EPA Rules To Address Ocean Plastic Pollution

The chemical industry is calling for policymakers to ease EPA's rules to address the growing problem of ocean plastics, including scaling back hazardous waste permitting requirements for thermochemical and gasification processes that convert plastics into fuels and chemicals and to grant renewable fuel credits to fuels derived from plastic waste.

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Sierra Club says CWA coal ash decision undercuts CAFO rules

Environmentalists say the 4th Circuit ruling exempting leaking coal ash disposal sites from CWA liability creates a loophole in the law for animal feedlots and other facilities.

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Citing New Study, Environmentalists Urge Senate To Address PFAS At Bases

Charging that EPA is “not doing nearly enough,” environmentalists are urging the Senate to require the Trump administration to quickly take a series of steps to address water contamination from per- and polyflouroalkyl substances (PFAS), citing a new study that suggests levels at many military bases exceed a federal health agency's draft risk values.

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Creating Appellate Split, 6th Circuit Rejects CWA Liability For Groundwater

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in two new decisions is rejecting Clean Water Act (CWA) liability for pollution that travels through groundwater to surface waters, breaking with two other circuits that have allowed CWA penalties for groundwater-borne pollution and boosting the odds the Supreme Court might have to resolve the split.

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Florence Sets Off Spills At Ash, Waste Sites, Bolstering Calls For Strict Rules

Environmentalists are pushing for stricter EPA and state controls on power plants' coal ash ponds after a North Carolina plant's cooling water dam breached Sept. 21 due to flooding from Hurricane Florence, submerging a nearby coal ash pond and raising prospects for further spills after an earlier ash pond breach at the same facility.

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Bipartisan House bill encourages federal facility PFAS cleanups

The bill generally mirrors a recent Senate measzure though the House bill also requires EPA to regulate some PFAS under the Superfund law.

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EPA Expected To Ease RCRA Rules To Address Millions Of Recalled Airbags

EPA's waste office has sent an interim final rule on managing recalled airbags to the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) for review, a measure that is expected to ease waste handling and disposal requirements for the millions of defective Takata vehicle airbags that have been recalled.

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OIG launches reviews of EPA Harvey spending, pesticide oversight

EPA's Office of Inspector General is launching more reviews of agency programs, less than a month before Inspector General Arthur Elkins, Jr. plans to leave EPA.

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