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Industry Warns Of Grid Danger If Judges Scrap EPA Ash Site Closure Delays

The electric power sector is warning appellate judges against scrapping EPA’s extended deadlines for utilities to shut down many of their coal ash disposal sites despite a 2018 decision holding that the original rule was already too lenient, arguing that vacating the extensions would force widespread utility closures and endanger the electric grid.

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Doubting RCRA Waiver, Navy Eyes Court's PFAS Medical Monitoring Order

The Navy is asking a federal appeals court to reconsider its precedential ruling allowing residents near two military facilities to pursue medical monitoring claims after they were exposed to pefluorinated compounds, arguing the court erred when it found that federal waste law unequivocally waived sovereign immunity to allow such a remedy.

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Environmentalists tout Trump's 'abysmal' deregulatory court record

“The untold story of President Donald Trump’s environmental agenda is that he’s losing,” says a report by the group Earthjustice, touting its victories in blocking the administration's environmental rollbacks.

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Trump renominates Wright to lead EPA waste office

The Senate will have a second opportunity to consider former Dow Co. lawyer Peter Wright to lead EPA's waste office.

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Industry launches alliance to end plastic waste

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) include 30 global companies that make, use, sell, process, collect or recycle plastics.

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New Hampshire's Proposed PFAS Levels Underscore Patchwork Approach

New Hampshire's recently proposed safe drinking water standards for several perfluorinated compounds at levels somewhat less stringent than other recent state proposals underscore the continuing patchwork of safety levels states are creating for the emerging contaminants in the absence of federal drinking water standards.

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Judge rejects EPA request to stay coal ash rule suit due to shutdown

A federal district court case says EPA can propose a briefing schedule in the suit and submit other mandatory filings without using 'substantial' resources during the government shutdown.

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Democrats, GOP retain key Energy & Commerce leadership slots

The committee's environment and energy panels will see the same top Democratic and Republican lawmakers as the prior Congress.

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After EPA Vow, House Group Intensifies Push For PFAS Superfund Listing

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers from Michigan is intensifying its push for EPA to list all per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law, a step that would give the agency authority to compel cleanups, weeks after EPA agreed to list two of the most common PFAS substances.

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Environmentalists Expand Push For State PFAS Technology Standards

Environmentalists are petitioning officials in Michigan -- a state with extensive contamination from perfluorinated compounds -- to adopt technology-based drinking water standards for the entire class of chemicals, expanding on a campaign that has so-far focused on Northeast states.

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