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Oil Sector Denies High Court Waste Ruling Aids Climate Nuisance Suits

ExxonMobil and other large oil companies are rejecting arguments by state and local governments that a recent Supreme Court ruling that some state waste cleanup suits are not preempted by Superfund law aids their push for climate nuisance suits against oil majors to proceed in state courts.

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Watchdog groups urge Wheeler to reverse policy limiting OIG

The groups want the EPA administrator to end what they say is his double-standard policy of shielding political appointees from probes by the agency’s inspector general.

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Environmentalists Cite Maui To Push For Stricter CWA Permit Enforcement

Environmentalists who are urging a federal court to reject a draft enforcement agreement between EPA and a steel company for being too lax are citing a recent Supreme Court ruling to argue that the pact fails to address contaminated wastewater that seeped into groundwater and made its way into navigable waters just a few feet away.

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EPA launches PFAS treatment research effort

The “PFAS Innovative Treatment Team” includes researchers from a variety of disciplines and will research ways to expand methods of testing, removing and destroying contaminated materials.

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EPA Suggests Dropping Plan To Regulate Perchlorate In Drinking Water

EPA is signaling that it will likely pull back from regulating perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel and munitions, in drinking water -- an unsurprising action given the views of utility officials who have long indicated that state standards have reduced exposures and made it difficult for the agency to meet legal criteria for regulating.

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States Launch Facial Challenge To EPA’s COVID Enforcement ‘Discretion’

New York and eight other states are filing a facial challenge against EPA’s controversial policy promising broad enforcement “discretion” to industries amid the coronavirus pandemic, arguing the policy exceeds the agency’s authority and skirts statutory mandates to enforce environmental laws.

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Environmentalists Blast Proposal To Weaken Oil Pipeline Spill Rules

Environmentalists are blasting the Trump administration’s proposal to weaken rules governing oil pipeline spill preparation and response, suggesting they may challenge the measure and arguing the revisions would diminish key protections and let petroleum companies off the hook for failing to report many oil spills.

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Environmentalists Again Target EPA Refusal To Write CERCLA 108 Rule

Environmentalists are suggesting they may challenge EPA’s refusal proposal to forego writing a Superfund rule requiring chemical manufacturers to provide financial assurances to cover any potential future cleanup costs, despite an earlier court ruling that gave the agency significant discretion on whether to craft such rules.

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House Memo Says EPA Unable To Answer Key Queries On Science Rule

EPA officials are unable to answer fundamental questions about how the Trump administration’s controversial proposed rule limiting the use of some scientific studies in agency decisions would be implemented or legally justified, according to a memo Democratic staff prepared for lawmakers, intensifying criticism of the controversial proposal.

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EPA rejects industry request to pare back Portland Harbor remedy

EPA has rejected industry parties’ request to ease sediment cleanup requirements but it has renegotiated portions of the unilateral cleanup order at the site.

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