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CWA Rule Critics Launch Suits To Block Obama Rule In Democratic States

Ranchers and local-government groups are launching new lawsuits aiming to preserve or expand the current bar on EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers implementing their 2015 Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule in certain states, pushing back against new Democratic governors who have withdrawn from suits over the rule.

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Bay Program Weighs Private Capital For Funding Nutrient Cleanup

The Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP), a federal-state partnership, is preparing to decide how to respond to a 2018 report from an EPA financial advisory panel intended to improve access to private equity capital to fund reductions in nonpoint sources of nutrients and sediment, with one expert cautioning the report may not address the whole watershed.

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EPA Advisers Outline Policy Changes To Encourage Utility 'Regionalization'

EPA's financial advisory panel is recommending the agency take a number of steps to encourage the “regionalization” of water utilities, including examining whether a grant allocation formula creates disincentives for states to promote beneficial consolidation of water systems and how to use the permitting system to bolster the effort.

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Ohio county renews litigation bid for Lake Erie TMDL

Local elected officials from an Ohio County adjacent to Lake Erie are asking a federal court to require EPA to develop a nutrient cleanup plan for the lake.

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District judge allows Flint residents to sue EPA over ‘negligence’

A federal district judge says plaintiffs affected by the city’s lead contamination crisis can proceed with their suit seeking damages from EPA, because its response “cannot be justified” as a matter of policy discretion.

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Industries Float Legal Defenses For CWA Rule, Urge EPA To Narrow Scope

Industry groups are offering legal defenses for EPA’s proposal to narrow its Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction standard compared to an Obama-era rule on the law’s reach, but they are also urging the agency to restrict jurisdiction even further than planned by placing new limits on regulating “traditional navigable waters” (TNWs).

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Draft EPA FY20 Guidance Floats Plans For New Water, Enforcement Metrics

Draft EPA guidance for implementing its pending fiscal year 2020 budget includes plans from the enforcement and water offices to craft and track an array of new compliance metrics they say will provide more details on the extent of environmental violations and other factors, which will lead to more-specific policy goals for core agency programs.

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EPA finance chief notes workforce challenges

Chief Financial Officer Holly Greaves told an EPA advisory panel April 18 that rising employment costs combined with a limited budget makes maintaining an adequate workforce challenging.

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Chamber Targets As ‘Job Killer’ California Bill To Protect Obama EPA Rules

The California Chamber of Commerce is targeting six state environmental bills, including a pending measure that would lock-in Obama-era rules from EPA, as part of its annual list of “job killer” measures, a list aimed at pressing lawmakers to weaken or kill the proposals, though two of the bills have already stalled due in part to business opposition.

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Advisers Debate Role In Helping EPA Boost Stormwater Funding Availability

EPA financial advisers have agreed to serve as a congressionally mandated panel to give the agency advice on stormwater infrastructure funding, though some of the advisers are raising concerns about their ability to provide independent advice when EPA will use the group's recommendations in an upcoming report to Congress.

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