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States Fear EPA’s Groundwater Policy Could Undercut Permit Programs

States, drinking water utilities and environmentalists are raising concerns that EPA’s recent “interpretative statement” declaring pollution releases to groundwater should never be subject to Clean Water Act (CWA) permit limits could open the door to challenges to existing state permits and increase pollution.

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Dischargers Back EPA Groundwater Policy But Urge Formal Rulemaking

Groups representing a variety of industry sectors subject to Clean Water Act (CWA) discharge permits are backing EPA’s recent policy statement declaring that pollution releases to groundwater should never be subject to permit limits, though many of them also urge the agency to strengthen the policy through a formal rulemaking.

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Permit challenger says EPA avoided equity review with ‘blatant lie’

One of the residents challenging an EPA-issued permit for an oil and gas drilling operation says the agency’s justification not to consider environmental justice impacts is at odds with reality.

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Water Utilities Fight PFAS Superfund Listing, Fearing Waste Disposal Liability

Wastewater and drinking water utilities are raising concerns about some lawmakers’ efforts to force EPA to list a whole class of perfluorinated chemicals as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law, saying it could create cleanup liability for systems that have land-applied their biosolids or disposed of waste from drinking water treatment.

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TVA asks high court to wait on groundwater petition

The Tennessee Valley Authority wants the Supreme Court to first resolve a pending Hawaii case on Clean Water Act liability before deciding whether to accept a petition for review in a similar suit.

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NIEHS’ Birnbaum says EPA’s PFAS levels unprotective

New NIEHS health effects research on one of the most commonly found perfluorinated compounds indicates the safe exposure level for drinking water could be as low as 0.1 parts per trillion.

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EPA staff union faults agency review of state’s mine permit

An EPA staff union is faulting the Trump administration’s oversight of a Minnesota mine permit, after the agency’s Inspector General announced it is launching an investigation into the permit review.

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EPA defends limited EJ review of UIC permits

EPA says its finding that an underground oil and gas injection well poses no threat to drinking water supplies should remove any need for an environmental-justice review of the well permit.

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Senators ‘Hopeful’ Defense Bill Will Include Superfund PFAS Measure

A bipartisan group of senators say they remain hopeful that legislative language requiring EPA to designate perfluorinated compounds as “hazardous substances” subject to liability under the Superfund law will eventually be included in the fiscal year 2020 defense authorization bill, which is slated for consideration later this week.

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Utilities Provide Cautious Response To Senate PFAS Bill Ahead Of Markup

Drinking water utilities are declining to take a position on bipartisan Senate legislation addressing contamination from perfluorinated chemicals through a variety of environmental laws, though they are concerned that the measure, slated for markup June 19, could set an adverse precedent by preempting EPA’s statutory process for setting standards.

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