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Water Utilities Ask Congress For CERCLA Exemption For PFAS Residuals

As lawmakers gear up to resolve differences in their pending defense bills to address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), water utility groups are, for the first time, detailing joint principles, including asking for a liability exemption for PFAS-containing residuals if the bill requires EPA to designate the chemicals as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law.

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EPA Proposal Seeks To ‘Clarify’ Timeline, Scope Of States’ CWA 401 Reviews

EPA has issued its proposed rule under Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401seeking to update and clarify states’ substantive and procedural requirements for reviewing and certifying that federally permitted projects, including hydropower dams and energy pipelines, will not harm state water quality standards.

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Minnesota court blocks CWA permit for controversial mine

The state appeals court’s stay is in effect while a state trial court determines whether it was unusual for state regulators to keep out of the public record EPA’s critical comments about the permit.

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EPA Eyes NPDES Delegation For Key States To Permit Oil, Gas Discharges

AUSTIN, TX -- EPA is preparing to delegate Clean Water Act (CWA) discharge permitting authority to Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico for onshore oil and gas extraction, a move that could eventually shift how produced water is handled in the arid, energy-rich region where many have been pressing the agency to make it easier to reuse the water.

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CBD threatens to sue EPA over SDWA aquifer exemption

The Center for Biological Diversity claims EPA should have conducted endangered species consultation and broader environmental review before approving the exemption to aquifer protections.

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EPA’s Ross sees ‘transformative times’ from CWA battles

Three pending rules and legal fights related to the scope of EPA and states’ power under the Clean Water Act could “dramatically change the scope” of the law, EPA water chief David Ross says.

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EPW Democrats query Wheeler on order to slash advisory panels

Democratic senators on the environment committee are asking the EPA administrator to explain how the agency plans to implement an executive order to eliminate one-third of federal advisory committees.

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Trump-Appointed Advisers Back EPA Bid To Ease Strict Cancer Risk Method

Trump administration appointees to EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) are bolstering agency efforts to scale back use of a conservative risk assessment method that assumes no safe level of exposure to certain carcinogens, clearing the way for a less-strict approach that could help justify eased rules for industrial chemicals and nuclear radiation.

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EPA, other agencies offer tips to states on drought resilience

A new set of “priority actions” was crafted by the National Drought Resilience Partnership, an inter-agency group created by the Obama administration to address damages from climate change.

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Democratic AGs Urge Congress To Act On PFAS But Omit Key Proposals

Nearly two dozen Democratic attorneys general (AGs) are urging Congress to approve a series of plans to regulate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in pending House and Senate defense bills, but the officials omitted calls for lawmakers to approve several contested measures, including plans to require EPA to craft water rules, highlighting the difficulty they face as they seek to resolve their differences.

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