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Former officials see ‘serious flaws’ in EPA perchlorate plan

The group of former EPA officials is faulting the risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis of the agency’s proposed drinking water rule for perchlorate.

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Judges Suggest They May Override EPA Bid To Avoid Temperature TMDL

Appeals court judges are suggesting that they may reject EPA’s appeal of a landmark district court ruling that endorsed a controversial judicial doctrine known as “constructive submission” and required the agency to develop a plan to reduce the temperature of the Columbia and Snake rivers because states have not acted.

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Awaiting EPA Rule, States Outline Options For Lead Service Line Surveys

State drinking water regulators have developed guidance on how to identify lead-containing drinking water service lines ahead of the release in the coming weeks of EPA’s proposal to update its lead and copper rule (LCR) which is expected to require utilities to map the location of such pipes to help prioritize the most corrosive lines for replacement.

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California tightens PFOA, PFOS reporting guidelines

California is setting stricter notification levels for local water agencies to follow in detecting two commonly found perfluorinated chemicals and launching a process to craft enforceable standards.

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EPA rescinds 70 draft water guides, sets new deadlines

While it is not clear which draft documents are affected, EPA does not expect the policy “to affect documents that are critical to national program implementation because they were never finalize.”

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DOJ Narrows Use Of SEPs In Municipal Settlements, Eyes Further Limits

The Justice Department (DOJ) is further scaling back use of supplemental environmental projects (SEPs) in settlements with local government agencies, and signaling possible additional limits in the future, measures that are likely to draw opposition from municipal groups, who favor SEPs in consent decrees to mitigate penalties.

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In First, Court Faults Obama-Era CWA Jurisdiction Rule, Orders Fixes

A federal court in Georgia has, for the first time, found the Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule violates several aspects of the water law and administrative law, but rather than vacating the rule, the court is ordering officials to continue their plans to revise the rule “in light of the serious defects identified in this Order while leaving this Court’s existing preliminary injunction in place.”

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EPA Urges Regions To Step Up Actions To Reduce NPDES Noncompliance

EPA enforcement chief Susan Bodine is urging the agency’s regional offices to begin meeting regularly with states to develop plans to reduce significant noncompliance (SNC) with Clean Water Act discharge permit requirements, in order to meet a national goal of cutting in half the existing SNC rate of 29.4 percent by the end of fiscal year 2022.

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EPA formally declines to set CWA spill requirements

The agency rejected calls from state emergency responders and environmentalists who argue a rule is needed to prevent chemical spills like the one that closed Charleston’s, WV, drinking water system in 2014.

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Progressive Group Urges Congress To Hold Industry ‘Accountable’ On PFAS

Echoing a Democratic lawmaker, a network that links millions of local activists has gathered thousands of signatures for a petition urging Congress to “hold the chemical industry accountable” for the alleged damage it has caused by continuing to produce per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) even though manufacturers knew it was harmful.

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