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EPA sends final coal ash ‘Part A’ rule for White House review

The rule will force unlined ash disposal sites to shut down even though EPA has already proposed exceptions to that mandate, and will also create new deadline extensions for facility closures.

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Wyoming, Montana rebut Washington’s claims in CWA 401 fight

The two states are faulting Washington state’s claims that Supreme Court review of a Clean Water Act dispute is unnecessary, telling the high court the coastal state’s assertions are wrong and unpersuasive.

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Energy Sector Cites Legal Flaws In Bid For High Court Stay Of NWP 12 Ruling

The energy sector is backing the Justice Department’s (DOJ) call for the Supreme Court to stay a district court’s vacatur of a federal Clean Water Act (CWA) general permit for constructing new oil and gas pipelines, citing numerous alleged legal flaws with the lower court’s ruling and claiming widespread harms from the resulting halt in permitting.

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Democrats Tout Infrastructure Bill With Major Environment Provisions

House Democrats are formally introducing a sweeping $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that includes numerous environmental and clean energy provisions, including a mandate to factor greenhouse gas emissions into transportation planning, extend clean energy tax credits and study whether EPA data could be used to impose future carbon fees.

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Judge Blocks WOTUS Rule In Colorado While Legal Challenges Increase

A federal judge in Colorado has blocked the Trump administration’s narrowed definition of waters of the United States (WOTUS) from being implemented in that state, hours after another federal judge rejected a nationwide halt to the rule and while legal challenges to the WOTUS policy increase from environmentalists and other EPA critics.

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Judge Denies States’ Bid To Block Trump CWA Rule From Taking Effect

A federal district judge has denied Democratic states’ bid for a nationwide injunction blocking enforcement of the Trump administration’s rule narrowing the scope the Clean Water Act (CWA), holding that the states have not shown that the rule is clearly unlawful and casting doubt on their chances of winning a decision on the merits.

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6th Circuit Grapples With Mootness Queries In Suit Over 2015 WOTUS Rule

Appellate judges appeared doubtful at recent oral argument that granting a request from Ohio and Tennessee for a preliminary injunction against the now-defunct Obama-era waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule could provide relief but grappled with what their instructions to a lower court might say if the case is now moot because EPA scrapped the rule.

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EPA announces 33 new members for revived rural affairs panel

The Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Committee (FRRCC), originally launched in 2008, had no current members before agency chief Andrew Wheeler announced the new FRRCC representatives.

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Judge Claims Power To Issue National WOTUS Stay But Notes Deference

A federal judge in California pushed back on Justice Department (DOJ) suggestions at a June 18 hearing that case law bars him from staying the Trump administration’s waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule on a nationwide basis, although he also said some of the merits arguments from the rule’s critics were hard to understand.

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Wheeler tours swing states to tout Trump environment record

“Given the polling, it makes sense Wheeler would be heading to battlegrounds to greenwash Trump’s abysmal record,” one environmentalist says of Wheeler’s recent visits to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

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