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EPA Expanding Validated Testing Methods For PFAS In Various Media

As public concerns about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) mount, EPA has updated and expanded its validated test methods for identifying the chemicals in drinking water, a move that will help laboratories determine which PFAS compounds are present in drinking water.

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Utilities Urge EPA To Fix SDWA Constitutional Concern In Perchlorate Rule

Rural water utilities are suggesting that a provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) that gives the EPA administrator “sole judgment” to determine new contaminants may be vulnerable to a constitutional challenge under the “non-delegation” doctrine, and are urging the agency to address the issue in an upcoming rule governing perchlorate.

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High Court Urged To Stop EPA 'Tyranny' Of Vetoes Blocking CWA Permits

Supporters of a Michigan roads commission's request for the Supreme Court to let it sue EPA over the agency's “objection” to a state-crafted Clean Water Act (CWA) dredge-and-fill permit say the case is a vital effort to prevent the agency's “tyranny” in vetoing permits for state land use actions without facing judicial review of such decisions.

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Environmentalists Cite Health Fears To Fight EPA Water 'Blending' Policy

Environmentalists are threatening to sue EPA over any rule that authorizes wastewater treatment plants to “blend” partly- and fully-treated effluent during wet-weather events, warning in written comments that the state of research into potential health harms from blending is too thin to support a rational rulemaking process.

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EPA, environmentalists clash over latest CWA rule delay order

Environmental groups and EPA are staking out competing positions on the logic behind the Nov. 26 court order that scrapped the Trump administration's delay of the Obama-era jurisdiction rule.

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Environmentalists seek 9th Circuit oversight of EAB permit case

Environmentalists say the appeals court must set a deadline for EPA to finish any revisions to a contentious power plant Clean Water Act permit in a case linked to the “sue-and-settle” doctrine.

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6th Circuit lets RCRA suit stand despite state cleanup plan

The appeals court is letting environmentalists sue over “imminent and substantial endangerment” from a Kentucky power plant already subject to a state-crafted plan addressing leaks to groundwater.

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As EPA Weighs Plan, Rural Utilities Urge Wheeler To 'Resist' PFAS Limit

As EPA prepares to consider its long-awaited plan to address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a group of rural utilities is urging acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler “to resist calls for a national” drinking water standard for PFAS, asking the agency instead to focus on alternative methods to deal with contamination rather than regulation.

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CBD sues EPA over climate-related ocean acidification

The lawsuit is part of the center's long-running push to force increased controls on carbon dioxide.

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Wheeler sees PFAS plan, lead rule in 2019

The acting administrator said he delayed issuance of the lead and copper drinking water rule as he sought a system to prioritize which pipes to replace based on a ranking of their corrosiveness.

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