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New Hampshire Declines Call To Set SDWA Technology Standard For PFAS

New Hampshire's top environment official is rejecting a request by environmentalists to set enforceable “treatment technique” standards for drinking water utilities to address the thousands of chemicals in the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) class, claiming it would contradict the state's statutory authority.

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Western states fight potential Trump limits on CWA 401 power

The Western Governors' Association says it opposes any Trump administration attempt to limit states' power under Clean Water Act section 401 to block energy projects.

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D.C. Circuit Blocks States' Bid To 'Indefinitely Delay' CWA Dam Certifications

A federal appeals court in a new ruling says two states violated the Clean Water Act (CWA) by delaying review of a dam decommissioning far beyond the law's one-year deadline to “certify” that a federal permit meets state requirements, a decision limiting states' future bids to “indefinitely delay federal licensing proceedings” for energy projects.

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4th Circuit To Weigh Scope Of EPA's Nondiscretionary Duty Under CWA

A federal appeals court is poised to consider next week whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) requires EPA to approve changes to a state's water quality standards after the agency indicates support for state efforts while the standards are being developed -- a position urged by a West Virginia wastewater utility but which a lower court rejected.

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California Water Board Officials Delay Vote On 'Confusing' Wetlands Rules

The California water board is delaying a vote scheduled for next month to approve a controversial new "wetlands" definition and new rules for discharging dredge and fill materials to state "waters" after agreeing with key stakeholder groups that many of the provisions are "confusing" and need additional clarity or even some changes in policy direction.

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Napolitano to head House environment panel

The longtime member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is the new chair of panel with jurisdiction over EPA's clean water programs.

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EPA's Stalled PFAS Groundwater Levels Stymie State Efforts At DOD Sites

The Trump administration's delay in issuing recommended groundwater cleanup levels for two of the most common per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is hampering state and local efforts to address contamination stemming from military bases as the Defense Department (DOD) resists compliance with state standards.

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Virginia coal ash bill wins industry, GOP support

Approval of the legislation with support from utilities and Republicans could set a precedent for environmentalists looking to strengthen requirements for ash site closures nationwide.

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White House Weighs CWA 401 Revisions Despite States’ Opposition

White House officials are considering crafting an executive order that would narrow states’ authority to review federally permitted pipelines and other projects under Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 in an effort to boost energy development, despite widespread state opposition to any limits on their authority.

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Corps asks 4th Circuit to remand pipeline permit

Following the appellate court's vacatur of a Clean Water Act permit for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Corps is asking the court to also remand and vacate use of the permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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