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Bipartisan Group Seeks To Address PFAS But Faces Industry, GOP Hurdles

A group of House lawmakers Jan. 23 announced the formation of a bipartisan task force to push legislative, funding and other measures to pressure EPA and other agencies to clean up growing contamination from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), though the group is likely to face pushback from industry and some Republicans.

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Mayors Urge Vigilance On EPA's Adoption Of CWA Integrated Planning Law

Mayors who were instrumental in the push for the newly enacted law allowing municipal water utilities to address their Clean Water Act (CWA) wastewater and stormwater requirements on a pollution-reduction priority basis are cautioning their fight is not over and that cities must be vigilant to ensure EPA and states implement the law as intended.

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States say shutdown delays may affect drinking water rules

Drinking water regulators are raising concerns that the government shutdown could stymie EPA efforts to regulate several high-profile contaminants, including lead, copper and perchlorate.

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Justices Defer Groundwater Suits, Extending Uncertainty For EPA Policy

The Supreme Court took no action in its Jan. 22 orders on a pair of closely-watched Clean Water Act (CWA) suits testing liability for pollution that travels through groundwater to protected surface waters, deepening the uncertainty surrounding EPA’s planned change in its policies governing such discharges.

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Environmentalists tout Trump's 'abysmal' deregulatory court record

“The untold story of President Donald Trump’s environmental agenda is that he’s losing,” says a report by the group Earthjustice, touting its victories in blocking the administration's environmental rollbacks.

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Utilities Warn California's Water Toxicity Test Sets 'Troubling' Precedent

A national organization of municipal wastewater utilities is urging California to drop its plan to adopt a new method for assessing toxicity of effluent discharged to surface waters, arguing it “will set a troubling national precedent” if California adopts the controversial, EPA-backed method.

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States Urge EPA To Drop Plan To Curb CWA 401 Powers, Citing Pledges

A coalition of state groups is urging EPA's top water official to drop plans to narrow states' authority for reviewing federally permitted pipelines and other projects under the Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 authority, arguing changes are unnecessary and would contradict the Trump administration's commitment to cooperative federalism.

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High Court Urged To Resolve Series Of Court Splits On CWA 401 Approvals

Environmentalists are asking the Supreme Court to resolve a set of splits between and among federal appellate courts on when states' Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 certifications for natural gas pipelines are final and subject to judicial review, creating new legal uncertainty for the authority just as EPA and GOP lawmakers weigh possible reforms.

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Grappling With MCL, EPA Eyes SDWA Emergency Power To Address PFAS

EPA is weighing its rarely used emergency powers under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to address perfluorinated compounds, a potential alternative authority the agency could use to quickly require cleanups of the chemicals at local hot spots given its reticence to craft national cleanup standards.

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New Hampshire's Proposed PFAS Levels Underscore Patchwork Approach

New Hampshire's recently proposed safe drinking water standards for several perfluorinated compounds at levels somewhat less stringent than other recent state proposals underscore the continuing patchwork of safety levels states are creating for the emerging contaminants in the absence of federal drinking water standards.

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