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Wastewater Group Claims EPA 'Fraud' In Bid To Revive Blending Policy Suit

A municipal wastewater group is charging the Obama administration committed “fraud” when it told a federal appeals court it had made no final decision on its policy for regulating wastewater “blending” and convinced the court to reject the group's suit over the policy, urging judges to recall the mandate in the case and restart the litigation.

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Despite Scientific Uncertainty, ATSDR Chief Backs Strict PFAS Risk Levels

The head of a federal health agency that earlier this year recommended stricter risk levels for perfluorinated chemicals than EPA's told a Senate hearing that regulators face significant scientific uncertainty assessing the substances' risks, and raised doubts about whether federal agencies will be able to reach agreement on the risks.

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EPA Decision Could Limit New Mexico's Options To Address Produced Water

EPA and New Mexico have released a draft white paper aimed at facilitating the use of produced water from oil and gas drilling in the state by identifying regulatory or policy gaps, but the state's ability to make any changes outlined in the paper could be limited by EPA's pending decision on how to manage wastewater from onshore oil and gas extraction.

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In Reversal, EPA Agrees To Bolster Scrutiny Of States' LCR Enforcement

In a reversal, EPA has struck a deal with its Inspector General (IG) to conduct annual reviews of state compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) and is crafting a National Compliance Initiative (NCI) for drinking water, though environmentalists say the effort will take significant resources that the Trump administration may not be willing to provide.

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Report: Elections Could Drive New Efforts To Address Lead In Drinking Water

EPA's limited response to the Flint, MI, drinking water crisis has prompted several states in the Northeast and Midwest to enact state laws to address lead contamination in municipal water supplies and schools, and while these state actions still fall short of what is needed, the results of the recent election could drive new state and federal efforts to address the issue, a new report says.

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EAB weighs bid to stay CWA permit case seen as 'sue-and-settle' dodge

EPA, environmentalists and a power plant owner are sparring over whether an Environmental Appeals Board water permit case seen as an attempt to avoid “sue-and-settle” talks should proceed.

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Supreme Court Puts Fight Over CWA Groundwater Liability On Fast Track

The Supreme Court is fast-tracking petitions over whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) limits groundwater pollution that flows into surface waters, setting a Nov. 30 date to consider whether to take up the two pending cases testing the issue within hours of the parties filing their final briefs.

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EPA's perchlorate deadline extended -- at least to December

A federal judge will hear briefing through the end of November on EPA's request to extend its court-ordered deadline by 6 months.

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New EPA Policy For Reviewing State Programs Calls Intervention 'Last Option'

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has quietly issued new guidance that limits agency oversight of states' delegated programs and calls federal intervention a “last option” even when states allow for significant noncompliance, an approach that is drawing criticism from environmentalists who say it ignores statutory mandates to review some permits.

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EPA Declines Growing Calls To Set Surface Water Standards For PFAS

EPA is facing growing calls from states and other stakeholders to set surface water standards for perfluorinated compounds, but the agency currently has no plans to establish such standards, an EPA water official told state waste managers recently.

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