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Wheeler Acknowledges Slight Delays In EPA Work From Ongoing Shutdown

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is acknowledging that the government shutdown is slowing or threatening to slow a number of major EPA rules or policies, including publication of a proposed mercury rule and issuance of plans to manage perflourinated compounds, authorize summertime ethanol blends and address a toxic paint stripper chemical.

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Congress Urged To Include Water Funds In Pending Infrastructure Package

As Congress gears up to craft infrastructure funding legislation, dozens of industry, state, water and environmental groups are urging lawmakers to ensure that any bill funds a range of water and wastewater projects along with the transportation infrastructure it is widely expected to fund.

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Trump touts rollback of 'ridiculous' CWA jurisdiction rule

“We're saving farmers and ranchers from one of the most ridiculous regulations ever imposed on anybody in our nation: the Waters of the United States rule,” Trump told a major farm group.

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Environmentalists Expand Push For State PFAS Technology Standards

Environmentalists are petitioning officials in Michigan -- a state with extensive contamination from perfluorinated compounds -- to adopt technology-based drinking water standards for the entire class of chemicals, expanding on a campaign that has so-far focused on Northeast states.

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Appellate Court Backs States' 'Broad' Discretion In Setting CWA 401 Criteria

A federal appellate court has upheld Virginia's Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 certification approving a federally permitted natural gas pipeline and emphasized states' “broad discretion when developing the criteria” for such certifications, a ruling that could undermine efforts by GOP policymakers to limit states' discretion.

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Environmentalists Cite EPA 'Action' To Fight High Court Groundwater Case

Environmentalists say EPA's impending policy “action” on whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) applies to pollution traveling through groundwater to surface waters is justification for the Supreme Court to reject two pending cases on the question, saying the action could create a new “regulatory landscape” midway through complex litigation.

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California Moves To Limit Impact Of Trump's Bid To Narrow CWA's Reach

The California water board has released a final draft definition for “wetlands” and other state waters subject to regulation, a measure that observers say will effectively block the Trump administration's proposed rule to narrow the scope of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) in California.

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Judge orders military to produce stormwater fees policy

A federal claims judge is rejecting arguments that documents explaining why the Army Corps of Engineers has not paid municipal stormwater fees are subject to attorney-client privilege.

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County Asks High Court To Weigh 'Fair Notice' In CWA Groundwater Appeal

Maui County, HI, is asking the Supreme Court to weigh all aspects of its pending appeal over whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) applies to groundwater-borne pollution including whether facilities have the “fair notice” of CWA violations required to impose penalties, fighting EPA's bid to limit the case to whether the law covers groundwater pollution.

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EPA's McIntosh pledges collaboration, transparency

Prior to his Senate confirmation, William McIntosh told senators he planned to improve the agency's policies for consulting with tribal governments.

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