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Top Senate Democrats press EPA, DOD on PFAS groundwater guidelines

Many of the 16 senators who signed the letter are ranking Democrats on key committees.

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Setting States' Path, New York Eyes First Dioxane Drinking Water Standard

New York's health department is preparing to propose the nation's first enforceable drinking water standard for 1,4-dioxane, a ubiquitous contaminant at waste sites and in drinking water systems, likely setting a path for other states to follow as one industry attorney says it may be the next “headline chemical.”

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Despite FY20 Infrastructure Cuts, Wheeler Calls Drinking Water Top Priority

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says he will make drinking water improvements a top priority for the agency, including infrastructure upgrades and measures to boost the quality of water supplies, even as he is seeking to cut funding for many EPA infrastructure programs and is downplaying climate change as a water supply threat.

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5th Circuit schedules argument in power plant ELG case

The appeals court will hear environmentalists' challenge to the Trump EPA's two-year delay of the effluent limits on May 1.

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To End CWA ‘Patchwork,’ Industry Seeks Quick Rulings On 2015 Standard

Industry groups are making a fresh push for district judges to decide their long-standing challenges to the legality of the 2015 Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule in order to end the current “patchwork” of policies on the law’s reach, even as some newly inaugurated Democratic governors are pulling their states out of those suits.

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Small-Business Groups Back Narrower CWA Rule But Seek Greater Clarity

Small-business groups are broadly backing EPA’s plan to narrow the Clean Water Act’s (CWA) reach but appear split on whether the agency’s proposal achieves that goal, with some speakers at a March 19 listening session urging EPA to make major changes to the rule in order to provide more clarity on its scope and other provisions.

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DOJ-New York City deal extends SDWA deadlines

The proposed consent decree sets new deadlines for the city to construct a cover for a drinking water reservoir, as required by an EPA drinking water rule.

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4th Circuit upholds EPA water quality decision

The appellate court has strongly backed EPA's discretion to reject site-specific West Virginia water quality standards for copper.

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Scientists Back Use Of 2007 Risk Approach For EPA Perchlorate Standard

A team of scientists in an article accepted for publication in the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology is backing the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) call for EPA to rely on a 2005 risk assessment in crafting a perchlorate drinking water standard that could spur a weaker limit than use of an alternative approach.

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EPA raises procedural, substantive bars to EAB fracking permit case

The agency says challenges to a hydraulic fracturing permit in Michigan suffer from serious procedural flaws and should be rejected even before reaching their merits.

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