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Environmentalists Resist EPA's Court Bid To Kill Controversial TMDL Theory

Environmentalists are seeking to preserve a lower court ruling that upheld the controversial judicial doctrine that requires EPA to develop cleanup plans for impaired waters when states decline to act, pushing back on a recent Justice Department (DOJ) effort to kill the doctrine or at least limit its reach.

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EPA, NRC Craft MOU To Clarify Powers To Regulate Uranium Mining

EPA and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) officials are discussing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would clarify the agencies' authorities to regulate uranium mining, signaling EPA may give further concessions to the NRC that could limit the agency's power to set groundwater protection standards for the sector.

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Quote-Unquote: House testimony on PFAS legislation

The testimony is aimed at helping lawmakers make the case for a series of bills addressing PFAS.

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Texas rules raise questions on benefits, harm from oil and gas sector

“If we're going to see change, it has to be a new rule,” Bo Vizcaino, an engineering tech with the Texas Railroad Commission, said at a recent discussion about drilling in the Permian Basin.

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House Appropriators Propose To Boost EPA's FY20 Funds By $672 Million

The House Appropriations Committee is floating increases to EPA funding in its fiscal year 2020 spending bill for the agency, laying out a plan that would reverse years of proposed and actual decreases in EPA funding and which sets up further negotiations with the GOP-controlled Senate and White House.

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First-Time Survey Shows $7.5 Billion Annual Stormwater Funding Gap

As policymakers ramp up their efforts to fund infrastructure projects, a first-time survey of municipal stormwater systems estimates a $7.5 billion annual funding gap in the sector -- the only growing source of water pollution -- to fully implement their programs and meet community goals, a figure that adds to the already large water infrastructure needs.

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Rep. Kildee, Key Task Force Leader, Details Path For Advancing PFAS Bills

On the eve of a key legislative hearing, Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI), the Democratic co-chair of a bipartisan task force aimed at addressing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), is detailing the path he and other lawmakers plan to take to advance PFAS legislation in the House though their effort still likely faces a rocky path.

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UARG’s Demise Shifts Focus To Utility Waste, Water Groups’ EPA Influence

The demise of the long-time Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) that litigated many EPA air rules for the power sector and imploded following congressional scrutiny over its ties to the agency’s current air chief is shifting focus to other utility sector groups that are involved in legal challenges and advocacy on waste and water regulations.

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EPA Faces Legal Test Over Reversal Of Washington Water Quality Standards

The Trump EPA's decision to revise Obama-era water quality standards for Washington state, over the objections of state officials, tees up a legal fight over whether the Clean Water Act (CWA) allows such changes in the absence of a state proposal or a formal finding that new standards are needed to comply with the act.

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Carper seeks five GAO studies on climate impacts

 The Democratic senator is urging the Government Accountability Office to prepare five studies examining how climate change threatens waste storage, energy infrastructure, chemical facilities and flood-related infrastructure.

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