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Industry, Municipalities Back Wastewater 'Blending' But States Urge Caution

Municipal and wastewater industry groups are urging EPA to drop any Clean Water Act (CWA) limits on wastewater “blending” and claiming any rule to limit blending is beyond the agency's statutory authority, but states are taking a more cautious approach that backs blending while calling for regulatory safeguards against possible abuse.

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As Statewide Races Remain Close, GOP Critics Of EPA Appear To Fade

Key gubernatorial and Senate races remain close days before critical midterm elections, though several leading GOP critics of Obama EPA rules appear to be fading in their efforts to win higher office, including the attorneys general (AGs) of Michigan and West Virginia -- each of whom successfully sued to block EPA power plant rules.

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Democratic states vow stricter air, water rules in face of EPA rollbacks

Five Democratic governors pledged to strengthen their states' air and water standards in line with “sound” science regardless of the Trump EPA's deregulatory agenda.

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Facing Hurdles, EPA Steps Up Push For 'Good Samaritan' Mine Cleanups

EPA and other Trump administration officials are stepping up their efforts to secure more “Good Samaritan” voluntary cleanups at abandoned mine sites that have been difficult to advance because of strict legal liability that often dissuades such voluntary parties from signing up to remediate the sites.

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EPA Eyes Logistical Requirements For Expanded Drinking Water Monitoring

EPA has begun exploring how best to implement a new statutory requirement to expand the universe of drinking water systems that are required to monitor for emerging, unregulated contaminants, data the agency uses to determine if new enforceable drinking water standards are needed.

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PEER Calls On EPA To Enforce Florida CWA Permit But Eyes Gillum's Help

A group representing public employees is urging EPA to enforce a Florida wastewater facility's Clean Water Act (CWA) permit and claiming the state has ignored numerous violations at the site, but if EPA rejects the move the union hopes the state might enforce the permit if Democrat Andrew Gillum wins Florida's gubernatorial election next week.

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High Court Suit Seeks More Power To Sue EPA Over CWA Permit Objections

A Michigan county roads commission is asking the Supreme Court to let it sue EPA over its objection to a proposed state-crafted Clean Water Act (CWA) permit, charging that the agency's intervention amounts to a “veto” and asking the high court to further expand property owners' power to sue regulators over CWA permitting decisions.

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District court judge rejects CBD's suit over utility ELG delay

The decision marks environmentalists' latest loss in their bid to challenge the delay in district courts, rather than the appellate court already hearing suits over the effluent rule itself.

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EAB questions EPA’s bid to stay permit case linked to ‘sue-and-settle’

EAB is posing questions for EPA and environmentalists over how it could proceed with a challenge to the CWA permit for the Four Corners Power Plant despite the agency's request for a stay.

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EAB Wrestles With Test For EPA To Loosen CWA Permits After TMDL Change

EPA's Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) is wrestling with the correct test for EPA to justify rolling back Clean Water Act (CWA) permit limits after it loosens the terms of a waterbody cleanup plan, with the agency claiming broad discretion for such changes unless stakeholders can show “new information” that softer permit terms would be improper.

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